NO DCCC: Obama Has Betrayed His Progressive Base

I just received a form letter from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asking me to sign their petition supporting Barrack Obama. As my readers know I am to the left of Obama on most issues. I voted for him in 2008. What a let down. I urge you to only vote for a Progressive Democrat and if you cannot find one on your local ticket then vote Green.

Obama lost the House but did not take responsibility. Now he lost the Senate. Instead he continued his “celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle” with his incessant looking the other way as corporations:

  1. Undermine the economy of this nation
  2. Pursue the creation of a society where wages are so low and benefits nonexistent that citizens will work for anything to stay alive while CEOs grow even richer.
  3. Flood our elections with their money raised from our purchase of their products to slant elections.

My Letter Of Response To The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

“Jobs are going to China. Obama’s answer to NAFTA – why TPP! That is not “change we can believe in”. What happened to his support for the working person? What happened to pushing unionization via signing a new union card? No FAST TRACK for unionizing but FAST TRACK FOR TPP! When we needed him in Wisconsin did he come or show support? No at the last minute he sent a WHOLE TWEET! Oh Obama we Progressives are just not worthy of you!

Job growth is PATHETIC. Who wants to work in Walmart or McDonald’s. Thanks to the Clintons my computer job is off shore and Hillary wants to increase H1-b while I waste my college degree driving a bus! Where are the convictions or at least indictments for the Wall Street banksters that got us into this mess?


I hope the GOP does IMPEACH THE WIMP! All he did was “turn the page” on the Corporations destroying our economy and Bush pushing us into Iraq. I thank GOD I voted GREEN in 2012 and 2010.

First the WIMP Obama looses the House. Oh but that not his fault those mean nasty Republicans. Well why didn’t the WIMP stand up to them? Now we lost the Senate.

As a white guy I would like to Thank Obama for bringing the races together.

You see I used to believe only a white guy could be a sell out and a CORPORATE SHRILL. Thank you Barrack Obama for showing this white guy that a black man can be just as much of a WIMP in standing up to corporate power and betraying his base.




DCC Take Note The Base Is Not An Automatic Given

The Democratic Party must come to realize that “change we can believe in” does not mean voting Democratic just because we are afraid of Republicans. Then looking the other way as the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to pander to their corporate sponsors!


We need a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state. This amendment must go BEYOND rolling back the last two Supreme Court decisions. As bad as those SC decisions were this nation was still under the control of the corporations even BEFORE they occurred.

Members of Congress are working huge blocks of time just to raise money from the 1% and cannot address the issues of their constituents. Some Republicans even realize this.

Barrack Obama has been a corporate enabler and I will not sign the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s petition to support his celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle.