Not Only Palin But McCain Don'T Understand The Bush Doctrine

John McCain has demonstrated that he also does not understand the “Bush Doctrine”. Telling the whole world our intentions assists the military deterrence of the Bush Doctrine! Both the Monroe and Bush doctrines receive their power if a contingency is being made public by the US Government and we have the capacity to follow through!  If a foreign power does X we will respond with military action! In the case of the Monroe Doctrine if a nation involves itself in the western hemisphere we will attack! This is public knowledge and the fact that it is public is what gives the doctrine its deterrent capability! With the “Bush Doctrine” if a nation is preparing to harm us or allows others to use their territory to harm us then we will attack first. Again this contingency is only potent if an adversary knows we will attack and that we have the capacity to attack! Obama understands this and that is why he made his statement about using force in Pakistan against Al Qaeda targets if the Pakistani’s don’t take action first against Bin Ladin.

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In the video above John McCain shows he understands the Bush Doctrine then in that he states before the Iraqi War we will attack. No problem here with “telegraphing” your intention! Why then does he criticize Barrack Obama when Obama stated he would attack Al Qaeda inside Pakistan if the Pakistani Government was unwilling or unable? The whole premise of the Bush Doctrine is that the potential adversary knows up front and in public that we will launch a pre-emptive strike! John McCain does not understand the Bush Doctrine! Actually McCain wants to repeat the “misapplication” of the Bush Doctrine. By closing our eyes to the growing threat of the Al Qaeda Homeland on the Pakistanni – Afghan border and instead continueing to focus on Iraq he is undermining the Bush Doctrine!

Again I actually AGREE with the Bush Doctrine! I disagree with the wrongful use of it! Let me repeat an important axiom that some of my fellow Democrats seem to forget and that gives the Re publicans fuel for elections!

When dealing with terrorists and the enemies of America you either KICK ASS or you are percieved as an ASS KISSER! There are nasty folks out there who don’t care what type of karma they are creating by using a dirty nuke on our cities! Thank God Barrack Obama seems to understand this completly and is, in my opion, stronger on national defense than John Sydney McCain!

John McCain and his fellow traveler George Bush have undermined the military deterrence of the United States by this vast wild eyed Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq! Years after the declaration of the accomplishment of the Congressional Mandated Mission, Bush and McCain have changed the mission and hence destroyed our military deterrence! Let me explain.

The best use of force is the threat of that force! But our threat of force is undermined by this vast wild eyed social engineering experiment in Iraq! We do well with fast “shock and awe” rather than extended occupations which we do not have the heart for. Besides how can we move on to the next enemy if we get sidetracked by an extended stay in Iraq? Our perceived capacity to use force is thus diminished. If we celebrated “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” then our enemies would fear our “Shock And Awe” military technology. That is if our CUT AND RUN Corporations don’t sell it to America’s enemies!

John Sidney McCain just does not seem to get it! He is wasting our troops, financial resources and our credibiity with America’s allies by this fixation with the SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq!

  1.  Rogue regimes do not fear being overthrown and converted to democracies! They simply fear being overthrow!
  2. What message are we sending Iran if we say we will not allow them to have nuclear weapons yet we are building a Missile Defense shield in Eastern Europe whose sole purpose is to protect Europe from a rogue state having a few nuclear missiles! The very premise of the missile shield is that we are going to allow Iran to have nukes!

John McCain shows even more bad judgment in that he would not meet with potential enemies! We spoke to the Soviet Union. Besides we can always cut off talks if they do not bear fruit. But the purpose of meeting with them is that they can see our willingness to fight if they cross the line. Also it is a means to give an adversary a face saving mechanism to change their course! Finally it gives us creditability with our allies who can help us bear the cost should war be needed!

John Sydney McCain and Sarah Palin just do not have the judgment to defend the United States!