November Election Loss – Loose The House?

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, being the “Troika Of Impotence” in advancing the progressive agenda, are now beginning to realize we may loose control of the House! Maybe they can take a break from singing Komb Bye Yah and making nicey with the Republicans to actually listen to the Democratic Party base. Reid is even scared for his own senate seat!

So how are those campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry working out for you now Senator Reid? Thanks for destroying the Public Option!

Naturally they want us liberals and progressives to stand by them after they:

  1. Denied us the Public Option in the so called Health Care Bill. Note I would “settle” for a strong public option but I want a single payer health care system.
  2. Kept the bailouts for the giant corporations but did little for Main Street.
  3. Did nothing really to end “To Big To Fail” except create a small insurance backup fund so the rich can continue to play their gambling and bizarre practices. Why not break up the banks?
  4. Stood by while the Supreme Court gave corporations the right to inject more money into our elections process. We need a constitutional amendment to end ALL corporate infections of the decision making processes of our society. Let our representatives use the eloquence of their logic to advance their thesis not money forcefully raised from the Silent Majority by added costs to our consumer products and services that these corporate collectives produce.
  5. Allowed a so-called Financial Reform Bill to pass without regulating credit card usury.

November Election Loss Means Republicans Go On Witch Hunt

Below is a clip from the Keith Olbermann Show. Keith Olbermann reports on what the Republicans have in mind should they gain control of the House! They will go on an endless string of hearings into the Obama Administration! But then Obama being the wimp that he is deserves this since he would not investigate the Bush Administration for their sending Americans to die in a worthless war in Iraq!

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In the clip above Rep. Debbie Wasserman tries to do a tap dance about Democrats being strong advocates for job creation! Yes I understand she is trying to make the situation better but it will not sell. While REAL DEMOCRATS who follow FDR and want to fight the interests of ORGANIZED MONEY are for job creation, most Democrats have spent the last year and a half singing Komb Bye Yah with their corporate sponsors and the Republicans.

Sure we had the Health Care Issue to face but the real issue is:

Corporate Control of our elected officials both Republican and Democrat! Fact: You need money to wage a political campaign. Corporations give to Republicans because they advance their agenda. Corporations give to Democrats so they will “play liberal” but like good little children do it in the “sand box”. Good little democrats don’t raise that nasty issue of the class warfare that is being waged against the middle class!

So just listen to Congresswoman Wasserman do her little tap dance about job creation. It is not going to sell with the American people. Heck many liberal commentators are attacking Obama for the same reasons I have! We gave more money to AIG alone then we did to infrastructure rebuilding! Sure it takes time for a “real stimulus” to effect the economy but this was not a real stimulus and we should have capitalized on the economic discontent the Republicans created.

What the Troika Of Impotence Should Have Been Doing to Prevent A November Election Loss!

Obama, Reid and Pelosi should have been advocating a strong Tariff to defend not only American blue collar jobs but high tech white collar jobs as well. You cannot train blue collar workers for white collar jobs that are being off shored and/or filled by legally imported H1–b workers to undercut the salaries of America’s Middle Class. Americans should not have to compete with slave labor! Yet the bleeding hearts of the Republican Party whine that the Bush Tax Cuts will expire. We should eliminate not only those tax cuts but the Reagan Tax Cuts as well! We need to go back to when Eisenhower was President with a 90% progressive income tax.

But the Democrats will not because they can only play “liberal” inside the restraints that their corporate masters have set for them. They attack us progressives and now want us to bail them out! They fear a November election loss and they should!

When Republicans under Bush had problems they would “entertain” the masses with a side show scaring them about Blacks or Gay Marriage. Why cannot the Democrats have some testosterone and now wage the class warfare issue? Oh dear now did I say something so nasty? Have you noticed the sucking sound as all the high tech jobs are leaving this country and those that remain are being filled by imported H1-b workers? I have as I was one of those replaced!

Instead we have even telling myself and other supporters to write Harry Reid a thank you e-mail for making the most luke warm gestures to support the weakened Health Care Reform Law.

Don’t we Democrats have any guts! TIME TO LOCK AND LOAD! Maybe if we had advanced a real Democratic Party agenda we would not be facing a November election loss!

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  1. Mr. Dobbs, we are kindred souls. I very much enjoy your blog and you might enjoy taking a look at mine about the decline of the middle-class in America. Keep up the good work. We need to keep screaming until people start to take notice of the decline that is happening in this country.