Obama And Pelosi: Charge Of The Castrati Brigade Defending SS

The Huffington Post has reported that Nancy Pelosi has joined Barrack Obama in betraying the legacy of FDR. I am so happy that I voted Green and did NOT vote for that pathetic mealy mouth wimp Barrack Obama. Now Nancy Pelosi has joined Barrack Obama in the “Charge Of the castrati brigade” to destroy Social Security. Tell me folks is this “Change We Can Believe In“? Stop making excuses for Barrack Obama! I am fed up with the Democratic Party and it’s betrayal of Progressive values.


You should be so proud to be a Democrat.

  • I take great pride that my computer career has been shipped overseas with the blessings of Bill Clinton who opened wide the doors for globalization.
  • Then there is our glorious holy mother Nancy Pelosi. This winner took over the House of Representatives two years before Obama became president but did not have the guts to use the constitutional “power of the purse” to end the Iraqi War! But she does have the will to cut Social Security. Speaking of which….
  • We now have our dear beloved President. The darling of the Democratic Party who is the reason the Republicans gained control of the House in 2010. We would not have this fiscal cliff problem if Barrack Obama had some testosterone and pushed for REAL ACTION to end the job losses we now have. Instead he gave us last year yet another free trade deal. Now he wants to cut Social Security. Obama never stood up to the Tea Party. Well you could not expect him to notice the rise of the Tea Party as Obama’s face was up Joe Liebermann’s ass so much for the first two years of his presidency!

When the Word “wimp” Is Mentioned The First Person Who Comes To Mind Is Barrack Obama

This pathetic excuse for a Democrat has betrayed liberal values from the get go when he took office. What is even more pathetic is how some Democrats continue to defend this wimp who never gave us a real stimulus nor financial reform.

Financial Reform that preserves “usury” is not financial reform. But then what would you expect from Barrack Obama who was the 2008 Goldman Sach’s PAC contribution winner!

Is there a force for “Change We Can Believe In”? Yes it is called the “Occupy Wall Street Movement! Stop making excuses for Obama.

The issue is not the lies that the Republicans used against Obama. Barrack Obama is NOT a Muslim – Atheist – Secular Humanist Commie Nazi who wants Gay Shari Law. No Obama is NONE of the above.

Barrack Obama is instead a pathetic mealy mouth, testosterone challenged WIMP and Democrats had better face up to this.

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