Obama Care: Why It Needs To Be Stronger

Within six months of Barrack Obama’s taking office I began to realize he did not have the fire in the belly to pursue President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Second Bill Of Rights“. But let us restrict our discussion in this article to his wimpy attempts at health care reform.

The issue is not simply that Obama failed to back the public option. The problem is our society’s decision making processes have been corrupted by corporate money, Democrats are part of the process and we are still sitting on a ticking time bomb. That time bomb is health care costs that will continue to rise and could then undermine the concept of intervention into the market!

Health Care is just one bastardized offspring of a perverse marriage in our system – the marriage of corporation and state! 

I will end by showing that we the 99% actually end up paying for the political ads of the entitlement class. This is taxation without representation and no one seems to address this issue! 

How Obama Failed In The Pursuit Of Real Health Care Reform

Before I even list my points consider the backdrop in which this debate is still taking place. FoxNews and their fellow travelers still whine that:

  1. The news media is liberal and that conservatives are not getting a fair shake! WTF!
  2. Obama is still seen as a Kenyan by these loonies.
  3. Many in the public believe it is a government take over of our health care system and that the death panels are coming.
  4. Fox believes that corporations are people and have a right to spend money on elections.

Corporate funding of candidates was a problem but now we have the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court. The marriage of corporation and state will grow stronger.

The accusation of a liberal news media is preposterous.

But I blame Obama for not standing up to FoxNews and confronting this lie. We do not have a liberal news media but a “corporate news-media”. It is liberals who do not get a fair shake.

Below members of MoveOn.Org have delivered a petition to CBS asking them to stop their anti-liberal news media biases against Obama Care. I applaud the people behind this video. But I still believe it is to weak. Obama Care has done some help but it is no where near enough. What is worse is that Obama Care could backfire. That danger is the focus of this article and how corporate money will take advantage of that danger.


Obama supporters will argue that Obama Care is a mere “starter house”! Yes I understand their argument but disagree.

But here is the problem:

If Democrats could not get their act together when they had a president in the White House  and control of both houses of Congress, as was the case in Obama’s first two years, then when will we have real health care reform? When we have 150 Democrats in a Senate of 100? – No Democrats with their corporate sponsorship would still find a way to destroy real reform. Notice I did not even mention the Republicans. This is a self inflicted wound.

Below author and columnist Steve Brill speaks to Jon Stewart concerning the folly of allowing a “market solution” to the health care crisis. I urge you to watch this short video. (NOTE: If you see just a bunch of white space hit your browser refresh button)

Mr. Brill makes the point that the health care is not like buying a regular consumer item. Obama Care did help the individuals he spoke about. They were charged ridiculous sums of money.

But here is the catch!

The costs under Obama Care remain absurd but are now picked up by the government especially if the person is poor. The corporations still make off like bandits just as they frequently take our military for a ride. The issue of ever rising costs is not addressed because doing so would step on the feet of corporations.

Rather than confront the health insurance corporations and their fellow corporate travelers who have a never ending sense of entitlement, Barrack Obama has even eyed medicare and social security as sacrificial offerings to the entitlement class of the 1%.

Our national debt will continue to rise because we do not want to return to the sound economics of the Eisenhower era when we had a robust inheritance tax, a progressive income tax of 91%, strong tariffs and robust unions! But with all that we still had millionaires because they contributed to society rather than turning our nation into a casino!

The Bleeding Hearts For The Entitlement Class

Now consider these three factors:

  1. Howard Dean has warned us that health care costs are going to go through the ceiling.
  2. Many Americans incorrectly believe Obama Care is a strong government intervention that constitutes a government take over of health care.  This is not true. It is really the government forcing patients into the greedy hands of insurance companies.
  3. If Obama Care does not address the issue of rising costs then the whole concept of government intervention and regulation is going to be discredited in the simple eyes of the public!

Author Steve Brill in the video above illustrated how the market fails the patient. Also the New York Times did a front page article “Patients’ Cost Skyrocket: Specialists Incomes Soar” that also lists other ways that the market approach is not only failing patients but rapidly causing costs to sky rocket.

Obama Care only mildly addresses those issues! Addressing those issues requires more than a public option although that would have been a good start.

Obama Has Failed To Address The Marriage Of Corporation And State


Right from the start I had problems with Barrack Obama. Even before the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United. Barrack Obama was sitting down with the heads of the insurance companies as if they were heads of state in negotiations!

First if we had a President who had some testosterone there would be no need to bargain as we had control of both houses of congress. We even had 60 senators but who cares we could have forced the issue my simple majority.


But shouldn’t the heads of industry have input?


Absolutely. Congress and the President should give them ample time to maker their power point presentations and persuade by LOGIC rather than MONEY. And worse than that by using our money to fund their political campaigns as I shall illustrate in this post. I have NOTHING against the rich! What I object to is the behavior of many of the rich.

Obama’s interaction with the insurance companies was not to solicit input from those who work in the target industry. That would be fine and even desirable. His interaction was motivated by fear of their ads and a testosterone deficient belief in their entitlement to put corporate money into politics.

But Obama had a motivation that went further.

He sat down with these “corporations” as if they were actual people before the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling!

But wait you ask didn’t he have to?

If Barrack Obama did not sit down with them then they would throw their money into ads against the law as they did when Clinton was president.

This is where we face one of the core problems in our society! Obama lacks the testosterone to push for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. But he can get his testosterone up to support fast track for TPP – amazing!

Fast track for TPP but no testosterone for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state is not  “change we can believe in” in my book! 


Corporations Are Not People And Have No Right To Make Us Pay For Their Political Agenda


If there is a small island democracy with 1,000 adult citizens and 50 of these adults form 50 corporations does this island democracy now have 1,050 citizens or still 1,000 citizens?

If in this island nation two laws were passed:

  1. Corporations could make logical presentations to the government but not make any money contributions directly or indirectly. They could only persuade by logic not money.
  2. Elections would be financed by a tax on the corporations.


If the two conditions above were met would the cost of this tax be passed on to the corporation’s customers?


Conservatives would say yes! I would respond “GOOD POINT”!


Now let me ask you a counter question? If we did not tax these corporations to fund our elections but allowed them to make contributions via PACS and Super-PACS would the cost for that activity be paid by those who purchased their corporate products?

That is my point! Corporate political activity involves a cost that is paid for by the consumer.

We pay for them to run ads against us!

Corporations force us into a situation of taxation without representation.  We would be financing the political ads by the corporate contributions via increases in the premiums!

If I believe in conservative values then I can stick my hand in MY pocket and write out a check to the GOP or one of their political committees. But I don’t want any corporations sticking their hands into MY POCKET TO PAY FOR THEIR POLITICAL AGENDA! That is taxation without representation! Tea Party folks don’t understand this.

Obama and the Democrats never mention this. They are in effect on the corporate payroll! Sure they can be somewhat liberal as long as it conforms to the corporate boundaries of their paymasters ! That is why you hear me repeatedly using the term:

Playing make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed sponsors!

That is why we need:

Elizabeth Warren For President In 2016! 

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