Obama Citing Teddy Roosevelt: Why Not Years Ago?

In a recent speech President Obama, citing Teddy Roosevelt, criticized  “those who want to fix our current problem and play the same old tune”. Nice I agree but why wasn’t he saying this two and one half years ago? As Dylan Ratigan mentions in the clip below, why didn’t he unleash Eric Holder, his Attorney General to go on a legal crusade and indict those who turned our nation’s economy and fortunes into their own private casino?

Well I believe the answer again is that Barrack Obama is merely playing liberal inside the moneyed confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX! I am sorry my fellow Progressives but just the sight of this pathetic wimp makes me want to vomit! Just look at this report from OpenSecrets.Org that lists the Goldman Sachs PAC giving Barrack Obama their biggest contributions!

That is not the case with Elizabeth Warren! Many of us Progressives have received emails from MoveOn.org and other groups asking us to help Elizabeth Warren because she is being opposed by Goldman Sachs money. Obama has been nothing less than a Tea Party enabler! Obama stated publicly he wanted to “turn the page” and he walked away from indictments of the crooked banksters.

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Barrack Obama OR Change We Can Believe In

Why is it that Goldman Sachs just loved Barrack Obama but not Elizabeth Warren? That is because Obama is a WIMP while Elizabeth Warren is a warrior for the middle class! 


For over two years we have heard nothing but pathetic whining from this wimp! By not using his office to generate attention to how our nation has been looted, this wimp of a President has betrayed the values of President Teddy Roosevelt whom he tries now to emulate. Obama has actually allowed the national agenda to be changed from “Change We Can Believe In’ to how best to surrender the goals of both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt!


Obama should be screaming from the rooftop to amend the constitution to outlaw corporate involvement in our elections! Now the “super-pacs” will make the past involvement by K-Street  look like the good ole days!

We are witnessing a class war being waged against the middle class while Obama and many Democrats just “meow”!

What financial reforms?

Usury is still running rampant. Oh but thanks to Obama and Schumer now when they charge 29.9% interest rates on credit cards they have to list it! Wow such progress. Oh yes this is change we can believe in! There is no real safeguards against leveraging our future while our social betters reap the rewards of our pain.

What stimulus?

Obama’s second testosterone free stimulus will be financed by making social security and medicare even more insolvent. Exactly what the Republicans want! They even have this wimp fighting to have the right to undermine medicare and social security. We should be repealing the Bush AND Reagan tax cuts instead!

What Health Care Reform?

Not only is there no robust public option but this will not stop the rising costs. The costs were going rise anyway but now thanks to Obama this will be blamed on Progressives! Meanwhile “Pharma Reid” and the Democrats joined Obama to stop the importation of cheaper Canadian drugs. With friends like this who is afraid of a Republican win next year? I am not!

What Reversal Of Offshoring American Jobs?

Both blue collar and white collar jobs will continue to be off shored while Democrats continue to “play” progressive inside the moneyed confines of the Corporate Sandbox! Obama the wimp even signed a new free trade agreement rather than stand up to his corporate masters.

The Real Atlas Is Shrugging!

College students are up to their ears in debt! Why should students study computer science if those jobs are to be off shored! So they can have the privilege of being financial serfs? Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”. Is it any wonder that students will shy away from college when there are no rewards! The real Atlas is shrugging and it will damage our future. We must value the income from a “pay check” over the grandiose sense of entitlement from a “dividend check” that goes not to middle class retirees but the top 1%.

Stop felling sorry for this wimp Obama.

He deserves to be treated as the wimp that he is. Two and one half years of appeasing corporate interests while turning his back on the people who put him in office!

We need Senator Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean for President and Vice President in 2012! Just say NO to the wimp Obama!

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