Obama Delivers: A GOP Senate – Is That Change We Can Believe In?

Great work President Obama! How anyone could take a clear mandate for change and pig headedly undermine the Progressive Agenda as has Barrack Obama is beyond belief.

Well what do you expect from the role model of the “testosterone free political lifestyle”?

Oh but those mean nasty Republicans said such horrible things about him. So what? The issue is Barrack Obama stood by while the idiocy of death panels was broadcast day and night by FoxNews and their fellow travellers.

You would think today Barrack Obama would be yelling from the top of his lungs “so where are the death panels””

Oh no that would be to much to ask from our champion of “change we can believe in“. Barack Obama was a failure almost from day one. He never appointed real Progressives to any post. Except Elizabeth Warren and then he backed down because he would lose a kum-bye-yah hug and kisses moment with the Republicans.

What do you expect from a President who got a Nobel Prize for doing NOTHING! Two years ago I posted an article “Barrack Obama And The Karma of Testosterone Deficiency“. I stood by it then and I stand by it now.

If Barrack Obama were White we progressives would not have re-elected him. Do you honestly doubt that?

But we do have  a debt to Obama. Thank you Mr President! Thank you from a White guy. Mr President you showed that we are all alike. I used to believe that only a White guy could be a pathetic mealy mouth corporate butt kisser and betray Progressive values. Thank you Mr. President for showing me that a Black male can be just as pathetic as a White guy.

Oh yes Thank you Hillary Clinton for showing us that a woman can be just as much of a corporate shrill as a man.

I would not want to leave out our beloved lady of NAFTA!

How Did Obama Cost Progressives The Senate?

Americans have a self identity as being “ACTION FIGURES”. They will even vote against their own “self interest” but not against their own “self concept“. Americans want change – ANY CHANGE! They want action not the celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why is the news media labeled “pro-liberal” when in fact it is corporate?
  2. Why is the term “stimulus” a bad word?
  3. Why are all taxes lumped together with the progressive taxation of the rich being considered an attack on the middle class? This is “trickle down identity” and it maintains trickle down economics.
  4. Why is the so called “free market’s” rush to the bottom of ethics labeled “freedom“? This rush to the bottom  means the creation of a society of necessitous citizens not freedom except for the corporate bully! Obama’s answer? Why TPP!  Yet most Americans are not even aware of TPP.
  5. Why are Americans ready to rush to fight ISIS when no one asks “who is going to pay for this”?
  6. Why is income generated from dividend checks  losing the label of “unearned income” as it had under FDR?
  7. Why is there no massive push for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state?

Barrack Obama is not the fault for these wrongs in our society.

However Barrack Obama is at fault for not mounting the bully pulpit and waging a round the clock campaign to change the perceptions and values of American society. Isn’t he supposed to be a “great orator”?

That is why Barrack Obama is a WIMP. Not because the House blocks him. Barrack Obama believes it is to beneath him to use the bully pulpit as did FDR, Nixon and Reagan.

Below our beloved champion of “”Change We Can Believe In“, Barrack Obama stands up to the corporations.



Cenk Uygur On Obama’s Leadership Style

In the video below the Young Turks’ Founder Cenk Uygur comments on remarks in the Huffington Post about Obama.


Basically Cenk quoted a Huffington Post writer that Obama believes if he made one speech then he fulfilled his promise to work on a particular reform!

Obama, according to this theory has his “preferences” and he does not want to make that into a “demands“.

This sounds like Dr. Albert Ellis who believed we elevate our preferences into demands. According to psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis the switch from preference to demand is the foundation of psychopathology!

Well that might be true in psychotherapy but not national politics. At least not when it comes to ending globalization. If Lincoln made the removal of slavery a “preference” instead of a “demand” then Obama would never be President. Yes I know Obama is not the dedescendantf a slave but none the less Blacks would be blocked from office if not for the reforms begun by Lincoln’s “demands“!


But even Obama’s “preferences are against progressive and middle class values.

Obama wants to increase globalization with TPP and he already signed a free trade agreement with some South American countries.

The legacy of Barrack Obama is that many of the young will believe that voting is hopeless. Why re-elect Democrats when most are corporate shrills? That is why I am so proud that I did NOT vote for Obama again in 2012 I voted GREEN just as I did in this election.

I did not cause the loss of the Senate. That is because most are no longer Democrats but corporate shrills and I will not vote for a corporate shrill nor will I stay home on elcection day.

I voted GREEN and I am proud of it even if means the loss of the Senate. The Democratic Party lost the Senate by turning it’s back on the ideals of FDR.

Barrack Obama has to mount the bully pulpit and use the oratorical skills that Conservatives feared when he took office. Instead of being a Carl Rogers “facilitator” he must be the Pontifex Maximus and define the issues instead of allowing the Tea Party to do so.

But Barrack Obama will not. Instead he will try to create a “grand compromise“. Yes this is the legacy of a wimp! Even his ObamaCare which is no more than Romney Care will be a failure.

Why do I say that?

  • Health care costs are skyrocketing and they are predicted to go much higher and faster in the next few years. This had nothing to do with ObamaCare.
  • The problem is ObamaCare became a celebration of testosterone free change we can believe in because the public option was removed from the plan.
  • Without a public option the predicted rise in costs will occur anyway and now the concept of government intervention into healthcare will be blamed.

This is the legacy of Obama! The waiting monster in the health care system which Obama did not create but he did not contain will rise it ugly head and Progressives will be blamed. Globalization will be increased due to Obama’s active support of TPP and America’s youth will become infected with Obama’s trickle down testosterone deficiency syndrome.  Why?

Because Obama never waged a all out crusade against corporate power. He became their enabler. He never confronted they myth of a balanced budget by austerity. Our youth will come to believe:

“Change we can believe in” – No we tried that and it did not work! WRONG Obama and the Democrats did not work for Progressive ideals.

No this is not “change we can believe in”! Stop making excuses for Obama!