Obama Discovers The Income Gap

President Obama appears to have read the “tea leaves” and the oracle points to the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” rather than further appeasement of the Tea Party! Amazing the GOP accused him recently of being an appeaser! Obama’s correct response was to tell his accusers to ask Bin Laden and the other terrorists who have gone to collect their 7o virgins!

However we Progressives know that Obama is indeed an appeaser! Only it is not the external enemies of America that Obama bends his knees to but the Republican Party and his own financial contributors on Wall Street.

Sure Obama gave a great speech recently about the income gap in America. What I liked even more is that he correctly made middle class Americans understand that they are the target of the top 1% not simply the poor in America.

But it is too late and the question is will he keep it up and demand a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state!


Progressives Versus Liberals: The Definition

Under Richard Nixon, for those old enough to remember, liberals took a severe beating. We were too doctrinaire and did not “sell” well to what Richard Nixon coined the “Silent Majority”! Liberals actually did sometimes practice masochism but I will not go into that here. By the way I am a Euro Social Democrat and proud of it.

The reason why Social Democrats in Europe could be further to the left of American liberals AND be open about it is they know how to sell to the center and make them self identify themselves as lefties! And in that selling being a leftie demonstrates potency! (Get it Obama, someday maybe you will!) 

The fact is that while most do care about the poor they still want to know “what’s in it for me”! Ergo: Liberals redefine themselves as “Progressives” in America! The term “progressive” has more potency as an image, rightly or wrongly. The Progressives talk to the “silent majority” or in 21st century lexicon the “99%”! The problem is will Obama with his self inflicted image of “impotency” because he rarely till now uses the bully pulpit, smear the image of being “progressive”?

That is the issue I wish to discuss here.

The Income Gap: Is This Change We Can Believe In?

Yes I know many Democrats are just a buzz with warm and cuddly feeling toward Obama that he “finally” is coming back home to the party that elected him! I ask you to review what I wrote in red  in the paragraph above. (Oh dear me was that a slip of my true colors?) Sorry to raise your existential anxiety but Obama is not our man!

Change We Can Believe In is founded on two factors:

  1. Potent legislation pushed and passed. Some compromise is acceptable but the FDR “New Deal” must be advanced not rolled back even if compromise is accepted.
  2. Legislation pushed even if not passed. The issue here is not the changing of the 60 votes to break a filibuster but the rise of a MIDDLE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS! For those old enough I refer you to the “Greening of America” and it’s “stage three”!
The last factor is the most important for enduring change we can believe in! Obama has failed miserably in both. Must I review his impotency yet again here?
Financial Reforms: 
Banks repaid their bailouts via usury rate loans. Where was the outlawing of usury? Why cannot middle class Americans have eaiser access to bankruptcy? This protection was taken away from us and Obama has not fought to restore it!  Wow but now when banks charge usury rate interest you can see it more clearly in the mandated new reports they must show. Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In”!
Health Care Reform:
The Simpson – Bowles Commission, that Republicans love to quote, actually recommended a strong public option. Without it Health Care Costs will continue to rise. Now Democrats will take the blame for the rising costs! The the Democrats outlawed cheaper Canadian drug imports while allowing the Walmartization of America from China! Oh yes “change we can believe in”. The point is even if we did not get a public option Obama should be screaming for the need of a public option to change the public’s perception of the issue. He also should have sided with the middle class instead of the big pharma to keep cheaper Canadian drugs off shore like our jobs! Stop making excuses for Obama!
Off Shoring Blue And White Collar Jobs:
Yes I know some of my fellow Democrats want to kill me for cracking their mythology about Barrack Obama. But the fact is only a few weeks before he gave this great speech about the “income gap” he signed into law yet another so called “free trade agreement”!
Corporate Personhood And Super-Pacs:
Where the hell is Obama? Why isn’t he calling for a constitutional amendment to end corporate interference in the political decision making processes of a free society? The issue is not if he could get the votes! The issue is “Change We Can Believe In”! Soon corporate super-pacs will undermine all political advertising. Barrack Obama is the President. He has the bully pulpit. If he is not willing to use this power to place this issue before the American people then our democracy is up for sale! go after public opinion and the votes will follow. Even if latter.
If Obama fought like FDR and talked day and night about the “economic royalists“, the forces of “organized money” and called for a repeal of not simply the Bush Tax Cuts but the Reagan and Kennedy Tax Cuts then I would be behind him. I would back him even if he failed because he would set the stage for a future president. This is how “change we can believe in” takes place. Just look at his second stimulus package. It is still to weak and is financed by weakening social security and medicare. Playing right into the hands of the Republicans who will not point to an even bigger imbalance in the social security/ medicare balance sheet. This stimulus should have been two years ago and financed by a repeal of the Bush, Reagan and Kennedy tax cuts.

Democrats Should Face Their Existential Anxiety

Barrack Obama is a wimp! – PERIOD! I will vote third party or a write in vote for Bernie Sanders but I will not support the destruction of the Progressive ideals of FDR. Obama will “pair” impotency with progressive ideals in the minds of young voters and put the middle class into a sleep of Barrackeyan Impotency!
Wake up middle class America and let’s take our nation back from both the Republicans and the shrills who make up most of the Democratic Party!
We need Senator Bernie Sanders for President and Howard Dean for Vice President in 2012 to fix the income gap!
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