Obama Gets Lesson On Turning The Page

Like most progressives I was enraged when Obama gave the prior administration a free pass in terms of intensive investigations of Bush’s putting this nation into Iraq. Next Obama pussy footed with the bankers and their rape of our national economy. Iceland did not allow their bankers to get off so free. While our bankers were cuddled by the bleeding hearts in both the Republican and Democratic Party, Iceland sent theirs to prison!

Obama’s Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Lifestyle Now Haunts Him

I agree that the Republicans are on a witch hunt but at the same time I believe Attorney General Holder made a bad judgement call with his guns program. Rather than just face the music both he and Obama are trying to cover it up!

But wait didn’t the Republicans also do things they tried to cover-up?

Yes absolutely! furthermore some of their decisions were not simply bad judgement calls but could be criminal. Also their fellow travelers in the banking industry not only made bad judgement calls but probably passed over the line into criminality! (To see the video below you may need to hit your browser’s reload button.)

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The real issue is not that the Republicans are two faced. We all know that. The issue is Barrack Obama is an arugula eating wimp who does not realize he made a mistake with his “turning the page” approach.


Republicans Smell A Wimp When They See One: Do you?

The real issue here is that Obama wanted to “turn the page” on the bankers and the Bush administration. Now he is learning the Republicans don’t respect wimps and progressives shouldn’t either!

  • Obama has allowed the Tea Party to change the issue to budget deficits rather than the income gap and unemployment. We need a real stimulus not Obama’s celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle.
  • By “turning the page” Obama denied Americans some red meat and the chance to pull out the pitch forks and change this nation for the better.
  • When Republicans witness Obama, the successor of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt not defending the unions in Wisconsin but instead sending a “TWEET” they know they have a wimp they can bully. Frankly they are right.
My advice to my fellow progressives is don’t get caught up in the “drama of Obama”! We need to do the things Obama has wimped away from. Such as advancing issues rather than the candidacy of Obama.
So Mr. President where has all your wimpy overtures to Republicans gotten you? What a wimp! The middle class cannot allow our agenda to be tied up with the fortunes of a wimp!


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