Obama Gets Testosterone – I Wish!

Speech by President Obama

President Obama "PLAYING LIBERAL" inside the monied confines of the CORPORATE SAND BOX!

Sorry to disappoint my fellow Progressives but Obama’s recent stronger rhetoric covers up a compromise that is unacceptable. Read this article it is very important that you understand this when you discuss Obama with friends! Obama is not acting stronger!  The problem is you did not listen closely to Obama’s speech and your covert desire to believe in the second coming of Camelot is interfering with your judgement! FireDogLake.com writer John Walker also noticed this weakness in Obama’s so called tough sounding speech! However I disagree with him that his speech contains a sign of hope!

Obama said in his speech:

“…And I will veto any bill that changes benefits for those who rely on Medicare but does not raise serious revenues by asking the wealthiest Americans or biggest corporations to pay their fair share!”

Democrats are cheering because they have no faith in themselves or the rights of the producers in this country to a secure retirement! Who are the “producers” I talk about? The American Middle Class is the answer! As I have mentioned before in prior posts,  the Fidelity Investment Corporation did a study of millionaires. The poor dears do not feel secure! That’s right, 47% feel they will out live their resources! They feel they need 7.5 million to feel rich! Well then what about middle class Americans? How are we to feel in our golden years with far less if 47% of millionaires don’t believe they will outlive their resources?

Obama is STILL willing to throw Grand Ma under the bus if Republicans will then accept taxes on the rich!

Grand Ma’s pain is Obama’s gain!

This blog and others like myself will serve as “certificates of creditability” by Obama. Since we on the left oppose throwing Grand Ma under the bus, Obama will use our opposition to “prove” he had to make the “hard” choices to balance the budget.

By giving middle class Americans a “Longevity Gains Tax“, that is to say making us work longer to receive Social Security and Medicare, Obama wants to appear as the “Grand Compromiser”! Cuts in Medicare and Social Security are a possibility in Obama’s view if you read his speech that is excerpted above.

The pussy cat President’s idea of “Change We Can Believe In” is to make Grand Ma eat cat food so she can pay for her doctor. That way the rich may give some back in taxes! This is called “Change We Can Believe In“! – Obama style!



Senator Bernie Sanders defends Social Security and Medicare in the video above!

Obama Will Cut Grand Ma’s Medicare IF GOP Taxes Rich Also

Oh what a great comprise! Obama the new Solomon! Now I have an idea!

No cuts to Medicare or Social Security – PERIOD!

Who the hell are these people at the top to make millions per year and to have golden parachutes with extensive millions in pensions. Yet these effete snobs of privilege get these golden parachutes even if they fail while Grand Ma has to choose between seeing a doctor or buying cat food for her meals!

The problem isn’t Grand Ma buying cat food to survive that has the sense of entitlement! The problem is these effete snobs of privilege living in their corporatist nanny state where they are shielded from their actions that are killing American’s jobs, our retirements and our nations future.

These effete snobs of privilege are sucking the life blood out of the American middle class sending both white and blue collar jobs overseas while they call this “innovation”! Their “freedom” to do this is termed an “entitlement” with out question,  while Grand Ma is to receive the ‘dividend” of their corporatist playground actions!

This is the “hope” that Obama talks about!

The of building a nation of necessitous citizens under the rule of politicians who “play” liberal inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox! Why isn’t Obama and the Democrats screaming for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state? ……”meow….Meow…..MEOW”!

“Throw Grand Ma’s Social Security and Medicare under the bus?” – Obama says “YES WE CAN”!

Hell no! We need Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean for President!

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