Obama Goes Eye To Eye With Osama

Republicans could stand to see their ace issue, “national security” being stolen from them, when President Barrack Obama had Osama Bin Laden killed.  In reality Obama correctly utilized the “Bush Doctrine” while Bush misapplied his own doctrine! Instead Bush sent us off on a costly detour to make the world safer for Halliburton profits!


The video below gives illustrates how the Republicans have failed America! McCain even ridiculed Obama for saying he would strike at Al Qaeda and Bin Laden if Pakistan did not act!

Maybe McCain forgot the Bush Doctrine? Sarah Palin whined that asking her about the Bush Doctrine was a trick question!



What I fear is that the news media may allow the Republicans to get away with undermining Obama’s victory by not educating the public! Also it is very important that conservatives not be allowed to perpetuate the myth of a liberal news media! Did the news media ever do follow ups on the so called “Death Panels”? That is why Progressives must press the news media!


Sarah Palin And The Celebration Of Stupidity

Most Americans could not place their fingers on a map and say “This is Pakistan, this is Iraq and this is Afghanistan”! Since George Bush got America involved with his diversionary costly right wing Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq, Americans seem to generalize the Progressive opposition to the Iraq War as translating to opposition to the War in Afghanistan.

That is why Sarah Palin initially did very well as she called for a national celebration of stupidity!

Obama actually did the opposite and sent more troops to where they should have been all along!  That is to say in Afghanistan! But this fact is not really understood by most Americans who suffer from “Palin Syndrome”!


We must face facts! Americans don’t want to engage in nation building.  We don’t have the resources and it simply is not worth it unless it is a World War II situation.

A General knows his strengths and weaknesses! We excel at “SHOCK AND AWE” but do not have the stamina for extensive occupations!

As the video above by Bill Maher illustrates, Sarah Palin is in no position to advocate staying for the long haul! She did not stay and finish the job she started, being Governor of Alaska!


Obama Shows Testosterone

I have been very critical of Obama for not supporting the Progressive Agenda and the people who elected him. But I am impressed and I have no problem with the killing of Bin Laden! What I would like to see next is helicopters landing on Wall Street and their CEO’s taken to prison for using our lives as a casino bet!  Oh yes since “water boarding is not torture” we could have a nice chat with the Wall Street execs in a private prison! Let these execs lie down and take a water boarding break!

Maybe we liberals should talk like Michelle Bachmann but only from a left prospective! Maybe the CEO’s on Wall Street should be shot and the “Tree Of Liberty watered with blood!” Imagine if Progressives spoke like Michelle Bachmann. But these right wing nut jobs seem to believe they have license to talk about spilling blood. They believe they have a sense of entitlement!

This is why Obama needs to show more testosterone in attacking them and why some of our fellow liberals, like Michael Moore, have to shut up and stop attacking Obama for killing Bin Laden! This only plays into the Republican script! But more about that in another post!


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