Obama And GOP Obstinance On Merrick Garland: Silly Season

Mr. President is this still “Silly Season“? When people kick sand in your face for years and all you do is say “aw shucks” then you deserve what you get!

Barrack Obama has conducted a marathon seven-year celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle in his relations with Republicans. I am fed up with making excuses for him.

We lost both the House and then the Senate because Barrack Obama just stood by and refused to use the immense power of the Presidental Bully Pulpit to change public opinion and advance Progressive Values. But then again that assumes that President Obama is actually on the side of Progressives rather than Wall Street.

Because Barrack Obama resigned as the national Pontifex Maximus and refused to use the Bully Pulpit we lost the House and then the Senate. In this era when corporate money and the wealth of the donor class is ruling our airwaves, the only real resource we Progressives have is that our President is “supposed” to be one of us.

The reason FOXNEWS feared him was because Obama was supposed to hold progressive values AND be an expert at speech making. Thus a Progressive and a marketer for those values! Instead, all we got from him is a pathetic “MEOW” and oh yes TPP!


Sorry Mr. President you brought this all on by yourself.

  • You meowed at the lunatic Birthers,
  • Never confronted the idiots who spoke about “death panels“,
  • Allowed the right wing to numb us from remembering the lessons of history. Bush gave us not only a near depression but 8 years of deficit spending. Sure Obama mentioned it but he never went on a campaign to lay the blame on Bush or prosecute the banksters. Meow… Meow….Meow!

What was Barrack Obama’s answer to 8 years of Bush deficit spending?

Let’s have a GRAND COMPROMISE and cut Social Security, Medicare and the entire FDR program while we all sing “KUM-BYE-YAH”!

President Obama Is Reaping The Karma Of “Silly Season” Talk

Yet with all his pathetic testosterone free meowing he still found the energy to push for TPP!

Americans wonder where Donald Trump came from? At least, Trump supports a 35% Tariff and is against TPP.

Americans want their jobs back from China not:

  • Change corporations can believe in” nor
  • “The audacity of impotence!”

Well before my fellow Progressives get all worked up supporting Barrack Obama take a look at this video by Obama before he became President. But at least he showed some testosterone then.

The Senate finally did allow votes for all nominees to the Supreme Court.

The issue is not GOP opposition to a SCOTUS nominee.

I would expect Republicans to do exactly what Democrats did when they were in a similar situation (see video above).

The issue is Barrack Obama is a WIMP when it comes to standing up for Progressive Values. I do NOT care that Republicans are being obstinate. I do care that Obama has caved into Wall Street and is not using his rhetorical skills to change the political landscape. THAT IS THE ISSUE.


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