Obama Is Playing Make Believe Liberal In The Corporate Sandbox

President Obama is advancing some gun control ideas along with immigration reform. But as my favorite TV commentator Cenk Uygur has pointed out that these issues, while important are not as important as jobs and keeping money out of politics.

I will add that if Obama where to launch a national crusade to keep corporate money out of politics then everything else would fall into place. But Barrack Obama instead wants to play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of the party’s donors. That plus the fact that Barrack Obama has a masochistic dire need for approval from Republicans.


Barrack Obama did not stand up to the Tea Party since it’s formation. Indeed Barrack Obama did not stand up to Joe Lieberman. Americans want “action figures” and Barrack Obama did not fight for “change we can believe in”! This gave us the losses in 2010 which resulted in John Boehner replacing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House!

The entire fiscal cliff crisis is because Barrack Obama squandered the Democratic Party control of both houses of Congress to celebrate the testosterone free political lifestyle! We would still have a control of both houses of Congress if we had demonstrated ACTION. But Obama preferred to “meow” instead. The stimulus was a joke.

Far to weak and financial reform that allows to big to fail and usury to continue is not financial reform. Stop being dishonest to progressive values by making believe the opposite!

Let’s stop making excuses for Barrack Obama! Sure the Republicans have fought him. But Obama never turned up the volume. He even said we would “turn the page” on how Bush got us into the Iraq War that cost thousands of American lives. Now Republicans rant about Libya and want an investigation! Republicans have no problems with interrogating  Chuck Hagel. Yet Democrats just gave the prior administration and the banksters a free pass!

Barrack Obama Has Projected Weakness From Day One

I don’t care if Obama did not get even one piece of legislation passed. That is not the issue.

The issue is he did not use the bully pulpit to change American attitudes! Where is the crusade for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state? Why have no corporate heads been jailed as in Iceland? Why is too big to fail still the norm with usury running rampant? Because Obama did a meow we lost the House of Representatives in 2010 and many state races. The GOP was now able to redraw districts due to the losses in 2010! Yet Obama still continues to look for a Kum-bye-yah with the Republicans!

Some of Obama’s supporters even blame progressives!

Like we are supposed to provide leadership. No President Mousey Ears is supposed to do that! His lack of leadership has demonstrated that there is a mouse’s brain in between those mosey ears! Stop making excuses for Obama else you will then spread the false belief that change is impossible.

Change is possible if we had someone who would rally the nation. Change has to first come by a change in values and RAGE at the corporations. But Obama would prefer to play “make believe liberal” inside the boundaries of the corporate sandbox of his donors.  This while he appoints many Wall Street types to key posts. Oh yes this is “change we can believe in”.

President Obama in effect, resigned as President by giving the Tea Party control of the bully pulpit. Doubt me? Then why is the issue our national debt rather than creating good paying jobs and reversing income inequality?

The answer is simple:

Barrack Obama is a mealy mouth wimp who is going to destroy the work of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR pushed for a “Second Bill Of Rights” that our great hero of “Change We Can Believe In” should have taken up as his fight. But Obama would rather cave in. First to the corporate Democrats when we had a majority and now to Republicans.

Pay careful attention to what Obama has said. He said he could not ask seniors to take a hit without first getting the rich to pay more taxes. That means cuts in social security, medicare and any new stimulus are to be offered up as a sacrifice to the Tea Party! That is NOT “change we can believe in”! I will not make excuses for this wimp. That is why I voted for the Green Party in the last election.

The sight of Barrack Obama running over a stage doing a “jog” makes me sick. FDR could not do so because he was in a wheel chair. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was even a member of the 1%. Yet I will take FDR over Barrack Obama any day!

FDR quoted an old English judge who said,

“Necessitous men are not free men”!

We are witnessing the Walmartizatization of the American workforce! America is becoming a nation of “necessitous citizens“. Pensions are disappearing. Both blue collar jobs and technical white collar jobs are being off shored and this is called “innovation”. Yes it started way before Obama but signed an additional “free trade agreement” in his first term. This is not “change we can believe in”!

As Cenk Uygur points out Obama is not even pushing for job creation. Obama talks about infrastructure repair but we paid more to AIG than for infrastructure repair when the stimulus was enacted.

The call of this new guided age is:

“Let’s see middle class Americans fight each other for a PAYCHECK while the corporate elites collect the DIVIDEND CHECK from our pain”! Republicans are building a nation of “necessitous men and woman“. Only they call it a “Business friendly environment”. While our hero Barrack Obama becomes their enabler! Is this “change we can believe in”?

Where the hell is Barrack Obama?

Notice he only really raises issues that will allow him to play liberal inside the corporate sandbox of his donors.

Rich People Don’t Care About Guns They Care About GOLF!

They laugh at the gun lovers even though these people support the Republican Party. When working class people feel insecure and scared about the world around them they turn to guns to feel powerful while the real power brokers network playing golf! Shooting a hole on the golf course not a bulls eye at the firing range is the target of the power elites.

Supporting gun owners is fine with the 1% but it is not a core issue. Obama will have powerful opposition to gun control but not from the power elites as it is not on their radar.

Sure there are some exceptions. None the less those who are powerful network playing golf and sailing their yachts not collecting guns!

The same is true for immigration reform.

Corporations will suffer somewhat of a set back with the loss of cheap labor but what the heck America is turning into one big Walmart anyway! Besides we all know what happened after the last amnesty now don’t we?

There will be strong conservative opposition to Obama on gun control and immigration reform. But my point is that the 1% don’t really care about these issues and that is why Obama will advance the liberal agenda on these donor safe issues!

“MEOW” is not “change we can believe in!”

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