Obama Meows And Backs GOP Wall Street Give Away

President Barrack Obama has backed a give away to Wall Street to avoid a Government shutdown. Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders have the guts to say no but not Barrack Obama.


Once again Barrack Obama has shown he is incapable of being the heir to deceased President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR wasn’t young when became President as was Obama. FDR wasn’t Black  like Obama but White. FDR was rich but was not afraid to stand up to the 1% of his day. Listen to a short excerpt of an FDR speech in the right hand corner of this site.

FDR called for a “second bill of rights”. He wanted to pursue this when WWII ended but his death cut that dream short. See the video below.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are FDR’s legitimate successors not Obama. That is why we lost the Congress because Obama failed to lead and to attack the underlying assumptions that the GOP uses against liberals.

Below is a real progressive. He also stated he welcomes the hatred of the corporate rich. Obama instead kisses the butts.


Barrack Obama is no FDR. Barrack Obama is a WIMP and a CORPORATE SHRILL just like Hillary Clinton.


Nothing annoys me more than to see Barrack Obama do his athletic hop up to the podium yet fail to lead this nation as the physically paralyzed  FDR did. In this era when organized money has gained even more  power  because of two Supreme Court decisions we need the President to fight back. We need the President to use one of the few means we have left to rally Americans – the bully pulpit. But Obama, the pathetic wimp, will not. FDR was a cripple but a giant of a liberal. Obama is a mealy mouth pussy. He “turned the page” on Wall Street and how Bush got us into Iraq.

Barrack Obama’s Legacy: GOP Congress, TPP And Turning The Page On Wall Street


We lost first the House then the Senate because Barrack Obama would not campaign:

  1. Against Wall Street and economic inequality. The result is America will try anything rather than nothing. Even if that means more austerity and trickle down economics.
  2. He meowed while the nation needed to learn why a stimulus is important. He would not attack Wall Street as he had his head up their ass so long it was hard for him to talk.
  3. He would not explain to the American people their jobs and opportunities where being shipped off shore so the 1% could draw the dividend checks from our pain. Oh dear that would sound like class warfare.But is is ok for the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS to ship our jobs to China as long the 1% gets their money.
  4. He sat back like a coward and would not push for a public option. Now insurance will continue to skyrocket and the GOP will blame it on the concept of universal health care.
  5. Now the word “austerity” is a good word but “stimulus” is a bad word. Americans need to be refresshed about the great depression and the concept of increasing aggregate demand.
  6. Dark money is becoming stronger. The battle of ideas is waging. We need a President who understands half his job is to be Pontifix Maximus of the nation and define the issue and set the landscape. Barrack Obama has refused to lead this nation and advocate the Progressive agenda. That is why we lost the Congress.


Americans will vote against their own agenda but not against their own self concept of being ACTION FIGURES! That is why they will experiment with Republican trickle down economics because at least it is an ACTION. Obama is a WIMP. Face up to it my fellow Democrats. Stop running from the truth.


The issue is not simply “trickle down economics” but as I have posted TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY. We need a President to confront the assumptions that “what is best for the 1% is also best for the rest of us.

We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrren (either order) in 2016!