Obama Questions If Republicans Have Amnesia

While we are all happy that President Obama finally found “some” testosterone he just does not want to take responsibility for his lack of mojo over the last three years! Obama seems to have amnesia when it comes to the progressive agenda. Well until now! Recently he gave a speech (see video below) where he questioned how some could have “amnesia”.

“After everything that’s happened, there are people in Washington who seem to have collective amnesia. They seem to have forgotten how we got in this mess. They want to go back to the very same policies that got us into it. Same policies that stacked the deck against middle class Americans for years”.


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Currently I am reading a box called “Pity The Poor Billionaire” by Thomas Frank. The author raves that unlike 1929 when the nation was on the brink of revolt; today people actually seem to believe the real issue is how we can best help our social betters!

Mr. Frank’s bewilderment is almost the same as President Obama’s! The answer is simple!

Americans are stupid! Yes I can say that I am not running for political office! Our society not only suffers from “trickle-down economics” but the parasitic schema of “Trickle Down Identity”.

But how can this be after the debacle of 2008! Everyone knows that the Republicans took us from a budget surplus under President Clinton to ruin as National Guard deserter George Bush played field marshal in Iraq!

Why Our Nation Has Amnesia

The first reason is that most Democrats don’t want to face their own cognitive dissonance and accept the fact that our party has joined the Republican party to serve the corporatists agenda! Republicans outright while Democrats play liberal inside the corporate sandbox! Bill Clinton was part of this and we have to stop closing our eyes!

Bank deregulation and globalization advanced under President Bill Clinton and then exploded under George Bush. Congress is bought! When both parties go to bed with the CUT AND RUN CORPORATISTS that off shore our jobs, technology and future to our future military rival China, and no party stands up to this the answer is simple!

Democratic politicians have “testosterone reduction induced Amnesia” from “playing liberal” inside the moneyed confines of he corporate sandbox! 

Stop making excuses and looking the other way while Democrats play this game! Obama’s re-election will not solve this problem! We need a birth of “Middle Class Consciousness” in America! The silent majority needs to stand up to these effete snobs of privilege! 

Our corporate news media don’t challenge us but instead look the other way while the right wing continues the false charges of a pro-liberal news media bias!

As ST Augustine warns us that our decision making processes are corrupted!

One does not decide to commit a major crime outright! First smaller decisions are made and these then skew the evaluation processes to go further down the wrong path making worse decisions possible.

Democrats have started us down this faulty road by looking the other way as K-Street influenced the political decision making processes of our society. “Amnesia” – yes because even today most progressives don’t want to face the facts that our hero Bill Clinton was a part of this processes! Our society also has to face that some of our assumptions are wrong.

The “free market” does not always translate into “our freedom”! But instead we sit back and accept the bromides to lull us into “amnesia”!

The Schema Of Trickle Down Identity

As I have said in a prior post our nation does not simply suffer from “trickle down economics” but “trickle down identity”.


Our society perpetuates certain trans-generational parasitic belief structures!

  1. The well-being of our social betters, the so called “job creators”, must be our prime concern!
  2. Their freedom to receive dividend income from the work of their ancestors and/or their current lavish employment compensation’s translation into stocks, must come over the security of our income from paychecks!
  3. The right of my social betters to enhance and increase their dividend income steam by off shoring and increasing the competition for American jobs pre-empts my right to a paycheck income!
  4. The “innovation” of sending Apple jobs to China where some workers have committed suicide because of low pay, seven day work weeks and unsafe work environments is a the mark of a true entrepreneurial spirit! If you don’t like this then you can vote with your meager dollars for other products! This is called “FREEDOM”! Yes indeed the FREEDOM TO SERVE OUR SOCIAL BETTERS! To believe otherwise is unpatriotic!
  5. Our social betters have the right to put their dividend incomes in the Cayman Islands and Swiss Bank Accounts! Maybe if we middle class Americans would just know our place then they would bring their dividend incomes back to America and grace us with minimum wage jobs!

The above are the values that have been internalized and accepted by most Americans! These assumptions must be exposed in the light of day! They can never be as long as Progressives do not face their cognitive dissonance and existential anxiety that Bill Clinton was a part of this along with George Bush!

The Democratic Party has “played liberal” inside the moneyed confines of the corporate sandbox long enough! All of the above is historical! Now the reason why the meme of “Trickle Down identity” continues! The answer is  BARRACK OBAMA!


Barrack Obama Contributed To The Amnesia He Complains About

Barrack Obama was the 2008 winner of the Goldman Sachs PAC! If dollars are votes then Barrack Obama was their guy in 2008. Dear reader stop practicing amnesia. Click on the link above I have provided from opensecrets.org!

Barrack Obama did not push for real investigations into the Federal Reserve and the banking cartel. Barrack Obama spoke about “turning the page”! Three years into his presidency is a little late to begin initiating an investigation!

Barrack Obama chose to resign from the Presidential bully pulpit and allowed instead the Tea Party to control the definition of issues and the battlefield.

The ONLY reason he now shows some testosterone is because of the Occupy Wall Street Movement!

Barrack Obama has been the champion of Amnesia!

He has served his masters in Goldman Sachs well and played liberal while never really pushing for “change we can believe in”! Barrack Obama has just discovered people are suffering from unemployment. Even if the trickle rate of growth continues it will be YEARS before we are back to before the crash! I know he is not God and I do not fault him for the economy. I fault him for “playing liberal” instead of being liberal.

We never had a real stimulus and now information challenged Americans believe that Keynesian Economics does not work because Obama:

  1. Never gave us a real stimulus package three years ago.
  2. Surrendered the bully pulpit to the Tea Party who have now defined the issue as debt reduction!
  3. Tea Party rage has become the “model” for change as Obama was to busy being a Rogerian Facilitator instead of being an FDR style leader for “change we can believe in”!

Don’t get amnesia friends! Remember we were told that the PRIOR stimulus had shovel ready projects that would turn the nation around! Yet we spent more money on AIG than infrastructure!


President Barrack Obama has forgotten his base and has forgotten about “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! Because he did not remind Americans day and night about the “lessons of history” we now have amnesia concerning how Keynesian economics got us out of the depression!

We cannot have “change we can believe in” unless the assumptions I listed above are brought out in the open and challenged. To do so does NOT require a super-majority in Congress! It requires only one person! That person is the President of the United States! He alone has the bully pulpit!

Barrack Obama has failed also because he did not become an “ACTION FIGURE”! Americans will always choose the action figure over the wimp. Even if the action figure advocates positions that are against people’s interest! Why? Because Americans see weakness without testosterone!


But wasn’t Ronald Reagan successful while being nonaggressive? Yes Reagan was friendly in his speeches but he was active! Reagan constantly pushed his message. Obama is passive!


Again I repeat. I don’t care if Obama did not get one law passed!

Why I am angry at Obama is because he did not even try! He did not rally the nation to attack the assumptions that I have listed above! Barrack Obama spent years being a Rogerian Facilitator kissing Joe Liebermann’s butt and making nicey to Republicans when he should have been out in the streets as a 21st Century FDR!

I refuse to vote for Obama simply because he is the better of the two. Actually if we had a Republican President then Democrats in Congress would be tougher! My God what will Obama give away if he is re-elected? Senator Bernie Sanders was correct in the video clip I showed in the prior post. He noticed that Obama was speaking about cutting Medicare and Social Security! For Christ’s sake pensions are becoming a thing of the past! When Obama started there was talk about expanding union memberships by legalizing the “card check method”.

Now because Obama has demonstrated such weakness we now see unions fighting for their very existence!

“Change We Can Believe In” starts with a shake up of the underlying assumptions that prevent it. Legislation is merely the after glow!

Barrack Obama resigned from the most important de-facto position of the presidency! That of “pontifex maximus” to define the issues. To use the bully pulpit. Obama valued playing liberal inside the corporate sandbox and being a rogerian facilitator instead of using his feared oratorical skills like FDR did. Obama choose to have testosterone reduction induced amnesia and forgot about “change we can believe in”!

Yes it is fine that Obama got Bin Laden. But domestically I want Obama to fire a cruise missile targeted to go up  Joe Liebermann’s ass! Let’s make some Santorum froth splash all over the Tea Party by a direct cruise missile hit on Liebermann butt! 


God damn it I am sick of Tea Party folks thinking they have a monopoly and an “entitlement”  on rage! Obama should have called for an investigation of the banks years ago and pushed to break up the financial cartel. Instead we got wimpy financial reforms while banks paid off their federal loans by continuing the practice of USURY!

I will not practice testosterone reduction induced AMNESIA! I will not call this “Change We Can Believe In”!


Do you really think that the winner of the Goldman Sachs Pac campaign funding of 2008 is really going to push for a serious investigation of the financial cartel or merely a dressing down of their CEO’s!

Obama needs to get a fire under his butt and apologize to his base! Even better do the patriotic thing! Step aside and let Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean lead the party to victory in 2012!

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  1. Alene Feltus says:

    We do not have a choice for president that is not a supporter of vulture capitalism. The idea that anything useful would be given by the wealthy to the working class is this country is fallacy documented by the history of this country. The only way the people got anything was through unions and struggle (oh but the unions were corrupted by greed). The acutal history of this country is very different from what is parroted by politicians!!!