Obama Resigns Bully Pulpit While Koch Dark Money Flows

Cenk Uygur wrote a post in the Huffington Post, “What Has Obama Done For You Lately“? In his article he correctly assails the President for not being a Progressive and abandoning his base. I agree with Cenk Uygur. I would like to add more details.

We had control of both Houses of Congress for the first two years of the Obama presidency. President Obama could have pushed to over turn the filibuster.

I will argue that Obama’s celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle is what cost us the House and may cost us the Senate this year. If Obama took a lesson from Republican Richard Nixon and used the bully pulpit he could have changed the political landscape. Nixon not only used the bully pulpit but along with his side kick Spiro Agnew, created the unchallenged “Myth of the liberal news media“.

President Barrack Obama has in effect resigned from the most important aspect of the presidency – the role of “Pontifex Maximus“. To “define the issues” and “ask the questions”. He has chosen to be a responder rather than an initiator!

This colossal failure by Obama comes at a time when we need a Progressive in the bully pulpit to counter act the Koch brothers and their dark money.

President Obama  just does not understand. Even if the Progressive Agenda cannot get through Congress the times DEMAND that he use his power as Pontifex Maximus in the style of Nixon to reshape the political landscape and to simultaneously attack (yes attack) the news media for being pro-conservative and corporate.

Obama’s standing by while the Tea Party rose to predominate the news cycles and allowing the deficit to become the issue rather than income inequality and off shoring is a sign weakness.

As I stated in prior posts:

The answer to the above is that liberals have forsaken class warfare while the Republicans have not. Conservatives are not afraid to up the rhetoric. Liberals are worried about “bad karma” if we should up the rhetoric. Our nation is paying the price as we slid into the status of third world living standards.

America in this crucial hour does not need a corporate shrill nor a Rogerian “facilitator” as president. We need a Pontifex Maximus in the tradition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Instead Barrack Obama continues his masochistic celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle while Tea Party and Koch dark money reign supreme.

Obama’s greatest failure as a president is that many citizens will simply choose not to vote when they should be voting third party. These citizens will believe that we tried “change we can believe in” and nothing happened.

No we did not try “change we can believe in” rather we choose a wimp for President.


We need a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. We also need to have some type of campaign financing where by there is a ceiling on how much the rich can give. Since campaign costs are high small donations can be then super-charged 10-100 times upwards from a fund raised by taxing corporations and from an increase in tariffs! The Supreme Court rulings of the past few years have made the situation worse. But it was horrible even before Obama. We need a Democratic President who will make such an amendment the focus of his efforts day and night.

Below is a very short speech by President Obama containing  rare footage of Obama actually standing up to the corporations!

Ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States standing up to corporations!

Thank you President Obama for standing up to corporations!

  1. I just cannot wait for TPP!
  2. Thank you for your last minute “tweet” of support to Wisconsin’s union workers!
  3. As a 64yr old I have the honor of working till 66 instead of 65 for my social security because we would not want to raise the capital gains tax.
  4. As I approach retirement I am just so happy we live in an America where pensions are becoming an endangered species! Further with old age and rising medical costs I am so happy that with Obama as President we can long forward to a “grand compromise”!

But most important of all Mr. President:

Thank you for uniting both Black and White. As a White guy I used to believe that only white males could be corporate shrills.

Now thanks to you President Obama I know that Black males can be just as much a corporate shrill and a weakling in standing up for what is right as a white guy.

Thank you Barrack Obama!

Thank  for bringing both White and Black together and showing us that we all can be the same no matter what the color of our skin. I guess that is “change we can believe in”! 

Americans Do Not Want A Role Model Of Impotence

As Cenk Uygur mentioned the issue is not simply laws that are passed but the need for a “advocate” to fill the air waves. The issue is not simply that Obama blew his first two years when we had both Houses of Congress. The issue is not that the Republicans made him out to be a Kenyan Muslim which he is not. The issue is that he has acted as a corporate shrill and at best as a Rogerian facilitator rather than a dynamic leader.

Americans feel alienated and powerless they will do anything and accept the most stupidest beliefs to improve their lot in life.

Americans will vote against their own self interest but they will not vote against their own self concept!

Americans want “action figures” not Carl Rogers style facilitators. Obama by not standing up to the birthers, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin has acted against the self concept of the average American who lives in powerlessness but value “action figures”. Even if such action figures go against their own self interest. He has become a role model of impotence. Americans want red meat. FDR would have given it to them but Obama lacks the will.

In Wisconsin ,when he was needed, all Barrack Obama did was to send a last minute”tweet”. – Oh Obama we  Progressives are just not worthy of you! The ratio of CEO compensation to the average employee has sky rocketed and all we get from Obama is a pathetic “MEOW”! One or two speaches is not enough. We need him to go on a crusade. The issue is not only blue collar but white collar jobs are being off shored as we build a nation of necessities citizens.

What is Obama’s answer? TPP! No this is NOT “change we can believe in”! Stop making excuses for the wimp!

College students are training for jobs that are off shored. America is bleeding in the service of the 1%. It is not just blue collar workers. High tech jobs are being off shored. This is called “innovation”!

We need a president who will stand up for the middle class.

To hell with corporate shrills that pine they believe in the American blue and white collar employee’s ability for  being competitive with the rest of the world. Translation: work for less money, with no security, and little if any vacation and benefits.  We don’t need their “belief” in us. We need to stop the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS from being moochers and abandoning the nation that gave them birth, protection and profits.

Let’s expose the real “competition”!

That is to say competition between “paycheck recipients” vs “dividend check recipients“. The latter bring about the reduction of paychecks then cry “moocher”! Dividend  check recipients are not even entrepreneurs who took the real risks and did the real work to create companies! Sure we need investors but the issue is balance and priorities. The issue is fair play.

Yet College students are going into debt while the big banks get handouts. We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2016 not another corporate shrill like Hillary Clinton follwing in the footsteps of Barrack Obama.



Building A Nation Of Necessitous Citizens: The Corporate State

Where the hell is this wimp Obama? We witness the never ending sense of entitlement by the super rich. Just look at the Cayman Island where these “corporate persons” vacation from their responsibility to the nation and society that gave them profits and protection.

  • We subsidize the Tobacco industry while we fight lung cancer.
  • We subsidize the oil industry when we need to develop alternative energy!
  • We enrich Haliburton yet this CUT AND RUN CORPORATION leaves our shores to place it’s HQ in Dubai. They even had a subsidiary in Iran which furnished mines that blew off the limbs of our military Iraq.

Yet the bleeding hearts in the GOP and their Democratic Party lackies continue to pamper these moochers!

Americans are working longer and giving up their leisure time to the service of the leisure class. All this while these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS extract our wealth, technology and jobs to ship overseas as they profit from building up communist China! One day Communist China will be our military rival. That is no concern to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who sing their new hymn with their fellow travelers in Beijing – “The Globalization Internationale“!

Their sense of entitlement to mooch off the middle class and America knows no end.

They get away with this due to what I call the “Trickle down identity meme“. They make some middle class Americans believe that because they own stock they are part of the elite. When in effect they are just one job loss or hospitalization from ruin even if they own stock.

They are building a nation of necessitous citizens who will work for lower compensation, little or no vacation time and health benefits.

As FDR said: “A necessitous person is not a free person! “

Their formula is to set one group against the other.

  • White vs Black.
  • Native born vs. Immirgrant
  • Straight vs Gay
  • Union worker vs  non-union
  • White Collar vs Blue Collar
  • Middle class Americans who own stock vs those who do not.
  • Senior citizens vs the young and college students.

Below is an example by Elizabeth Warren in how to deal with the agenda of the 1%.


Their Formula For Building A Nation Of Necessitous Citizens

As they ship our white and blue collar jobs overseas along with our technology, frequently to America’s enemies they repeat their formula of “freedom”!

I want you and you and you and YOU to all compete with each other for less jobs, smaller paychecks and less vacations and benefits! While I sit back with my entitlement to enjoy the dividend check from your pain!”

Yes my fellow Americans this is called “INNOVATION”! This is the “FREEDOM” that their Goddess Ann Rand wants to impose on America. If you disagree with their definition of “freedom” then you are labeled a “moocher”! 

During the Obama presidency he tried to answer the “issue” of how best to balance the budget and create a humane austerity! Social Security and a “Grand Compromise” are slated to be Obama’s answer to that question!

Instead the “questions” should be:

  1. How to best repeal not just the Bush but also the Kennedy and Reagan Tax Cuts?
  2. How high should we raise the capital gains tax?
  3. How high should the inheritance tax be raised on estates over 1 million.
  4. Why not a wealth tax on wealth above 1 million in addition to a progressive income tax? This would force investors to put their money into job creation instead of sidelining it. Some loopholes could be given for investment in the USA rather than abroad.
  5. How much should the banksters pay for the damage they caused and what should be the length of their jail time?

But Obama and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party were to busy serving the interests of the corporations while they played “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their donors.

Democratic Party Politicians Are Running Scared

I am being bombarded by emails from the DNC and other Democratic Party groups for money. We may loose the Senate!  Manny correctly raise the issue of the Koch brothers and dark money influencing our elections. Yet we in the Democratic Party have a golden resource that has not been used to advance the progressive agenda without cost.  If the DNC does not want to use this “free” resource what right do they have to pick my pocket. What is the resource you ask?

Barrack Obama! As President he can be the nation’s Pontifex Maximus as FDR was.

FoxNews were terrified of Obama when he took office as supposedly he two qualities that they feared.

  1. A progressive agenda.
  2. Great oratory skills to advance that agenda.

Well then why am I being bombarded with requests from the DNC and other party groups for money when Barrack Obama has resigned the bully pulpit. We need to remake the Democratic Party or support a third party.

We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2016!