Obama Still Playing Liberal Inside Corporate Sandbox

As a Progressive I refuse to get caught up in no drama Obama’s “Me or the evil Republicans drama”. Sorry I refuse to join Obama in the celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle. Cenk Uygur redeemed himself with this liberal in his recent program where he listed the hypocrisy of Obama in not doing anything to support the progressive movement in Wisconsin. In the video below Cenk Uygur attacks Obama for being a hypocrite. Note: You may have to hit your browser’s reload button to make the video visible.

Almost every liberal commentator cannot seem to break with Obama but Cenk Uygur does his best to point out Obama’s shortcomings. Yet once again Barrack Obama is preparing another “free trade deal” despite all his rhetoric to the contrary.

When will Democrats learn that you cannot continue to allow this charade to go on? Barrack Obama is a dismal failure. Not because Republicans did not pass his legislation. Obama is a failure because he did not use the bully pulpit to preach to the nation the values of FDR. Instead Obama is prepared to sacrifice these core values in search of his “grand compromise”.

I would rather see our party loose the election then to allow our party to become the party of corporatism! The patriots of occupy wall street are America’s only hope in the fight against corporate plutocracy.

The very sound of Obama’s weasel voice giving his economic speech in Ohio makes me sick.

  1. Where was this mealy mouth weasel Obama when we needed him in Wisconsin? As Cenk Uygur mentions in the video above, Obama had the time to do multiple stops to campaign and raise money for himself. He wants to defend his job and is willing to sacrifice my job to do it.
  2. Where was Obama when the Tea Party mobilized and he did nothing to push for a robust public option? Now he expects my vote and for me to volunteer for him? – NO WAY!
  3. Where was Obama when usury protection was left out of the so-called financial reform package?
  4. Where was Obama when we needed someone to stand up to the banksters and he instead decided to “turn the page”. I guess he did not want to anger his donors at Goldman Sachs.
  5. Where was Obama when we needed him to fight globalization and instead he signs more free trade deals. Worse he intends to sign even more free trade deals according to Cenk Uygur.
  6. Where was Obama when the middle class needed a REAL STIMULUS but our testosterone challenged arugula eating hero charged to the center only to be rejected by the Republicans.


America Needs Bernie Sanders For President


The time has come for Bernie Sanders to answer the call. Make no mistake about it when Republicans whine about protecting our children from big debts they have another agenda!

“We must remember that if we are thinking about our children do we want them to live in a nation that has a third world infrastructure and living standard? 

That does not bother the Republicans and their corporate shrill allies in the Democratic Party.

No Republicans are not worried about your children. The effete snobs of privilege want to insure that your children will live their lives like you, as wage slaves serving their children! This is the great “shining city on the hill” that they see for themselves while your children toil in the valley below! 

The Democratic Party is now becoming obsolete. We need a new political party based on true progressive ideals.

We need Bernie Sanders for President!

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