Obama: Fast Track For TPP But Not On Amendment To Separate Corporation And State

Our nation is suffering from the destruction of it’s middle class. Yet Obama wants to follow in Bill Clinton’s free trade footsteps by giving us the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This has been called NAFTA on steroids.


Barrack Obama can talk all he wants about income inequality, unemployment and the loss of opportunity for American blue collar and white collar employees.

But Obama’s words are meaningless unless he is going to support:

  1. Repeal of NAFTA, free trade and withdraw TPP
  2. A constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state and campaign to put this amendment on a FAST TRACK.
  3. A pledge to increase Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid instead of flirting with a grand compromise.
  4. Returning to the good ole days of President Dwight Eisenhower when we had a robust inheritance tax, a progressive income tax of 91%, strong tariffs and unions!
  5. FDR’s Second Bill of Rights.

Instead our hero of hope and change, who already signed into law his own Free Trade Agreement is now ready to fast track  and sign TPP!

The details of this treaty are known to the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS who off shore American jobs. But the information is to be denied to our Congress under fast track. The decision making process of society is being usurped to serve corporate interests and you would think that it is a Republican that is our president. No instead it is a Democrat!

My fellow Progressives take your heads out of the sand! The Republicans can be as wacko as ever but the reason why our nation is in this situation is because we don’t have a political party that will stand up for the middle class and those who aspire to be middle class!

The majority of Democrats are playing make believe progressive inside the corporate sandbox of their corporate donors! Do you think Hillary Clinton would be any better?

Many Republicans are against the TPP treaty and this link proves it.  Their perspective is different from mine but I welcome their support.

Once again this cancer of corporate influence on our democracy shows it’s ugly face. Democrats are just as much a part of the problem as Republicans.

Stop Making Excuses For Obama And The Democratic Party


Here are some questions for you!

  1. Why is Obama supporting “FAST TRACK” for the TPP but does nothing to advance a constitutional amendment for the separation of corporation and state?
  2. Why is he not demanding the return of corporate assets that the “takers” or CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have parked in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying American taxes? Yes he made lip service to this in his re-election. But did he take to the bully pulpit and demand the cut and run capitalists return their profits to the nation that gave them birth, protection and profits?
  3. Why did the Goldman Sachs PAC in 2008 make Obama their highest monetary recipient? Just look at the financial advisers that Obama has surrounded himself.


TPP And NAFTA: Let Us Build A Nation Of Necessitous Citizens


I am tired of making believe that Obama and most Democrats are one of us! I am fed up with the majority of the Democratic Party. They have betrayed the legacy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said:

“Necessitous men are not free men! “

Obama is a fellow traveler with those who want to build a nation of necessitous men and woman! They are building a nation where:

  • Opportunity is being exported in the service of the entitlement class of the 1%.
  • Pensions are becoming extinct.
  • Social Security and Medicare are under attack.
  • We are retiring latter while Republicans set the young against the old.
  • When seniors find their retirement in jeopardy they will have to work even longer. Thus competing with younger workers and driving down the salaries of all

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton had us look the other way so they could fill their campaign chests with corporate dollars. They are looking the other way while the “takers in our society” carry out their agenda. Both our blue collar and white collar high tech jobs are being off shored and out sourced while most of the politicians in the Democratic Party look the other way and become whores to the corporations! This is not what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted for America.

FDR who was rich and yet was the greatest friend of the middle class wanted a Second Bill of Rights. Yet you never hear of this in the news-media or in our schools. Why?

That is because there is an agenda at work in our land. And many Democrats are looking the other way.

The elitists’ have an agenda and a message to America! It is clear:

The Entitlement Class Manifesto To America

“I want you and you and you AND YOU to compete with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks! While I sit back with my entitlement to enjoy the dividend check from you pain! – We are the entitlement class!”

We are entitled to ship American jobs and technology overseas! Yes even to China! Even if doing so enables China to become a military threat to America! What’s that you say? National Security? No our portfolio security comes first! – We are the entitlement class! “

“WE THE ENTITLEMENT CLASS HAVE OUTGROWN AMERICA! But we will be back if China does start a war as there are buck$ to be made, while your sons and daughters die to make our sons and daughters rich! – We are the entitlement class!”

We are now even in Vietnam, walking on the graves of America’s fallen sons singing our Globalization Internationale! We are here to make money planting your factories over the graves of your sons to make our profitswe are the entitlement class!

“We shall sing our Globalization Internationale while your nation rots into decay, your pension funds exhausted in the service of our toxic funds, while your waters become toxic from our wastes! We shall sing our Globalization Internationale while your infrastructure, like the dreams of your children fall to pieces. But what is that to us? America has served our purposes and it is time to move on! – We are the entitlement class!”

Where is Barrack Obama while the cut and run capitalists continue to rape America?

Actually our beloved President Obama, the champion of “change we can believe in” has made a rousing speech demanding a “constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state“! You can see it in the EXCLUSIVE video below where President Barrack Obama  bravely stands up to the corporate “titans of entitlement” who would undermine the work of former President FDR!


Obama made this rousing speech right after he kept his promise to support union workers in Wisconsin!

At the very last minute before the recall vote on Governor Scott Walker, when union workers needed help the most, Obama came through! While Obama did not march with the unions as he said he would he sent an whopping 140 character “tweet” of support.


Blessed Obama We Democrats Are not worthy of you!


I am fed up with Democrats playing ostrich and putting their heads in the sand while our own party screws us. Our blue collar jobs are being off shored while they sweet talks us about the need for advanced education. Yet American white collar jobs are also being off shored thanks to the work begun by Bill Clinton.

President Obama, according to reports is going to address the issue of income inequality when he gives the state of the union address. I am sorry Mr. President but five years into your presidency is a trite to long! I wonder is he also going to be calling for the TPP and fast track in the same speech? 

Let me make clear even if Obama never got a single bill passed into law I would still support him! But only IF he had used the bully pulpit to push for the five points I listed earlier in this post.

Obama has been a role model of impotency not because the Republicans stonewalled him. They would never have been able to stonewall him in Congress if he had used his first two years in office as a leader.

Sometimes that means using hot rhetoric. Americans want ACTION FIGURES not wimps. That is why we lost in 2010. We had control of both houses of Congress and 60 votes in the Senate.

Sure some Democrats in the Senate were corpocrats. But if Obama had used his great oratorical skills to push for “change we can believe in” Americans would not have voted the way they did in 2010.

While I do not like Chris Christie, many Democrats in NJ did before the current scandal. Why was that?

Because while Barrack Obama was kissing Joe Lieberman’s ass, Chris Christie would kick the butts of his opponents. Americans want ACTION FIGURES! We need a  Chris Christie of the left not the Carl Rogers style “facilitator” we have now as President.

I wish we had Bernie Sanders as President but he is not technically a Democrat. Hillary Clinton would not be as big a push over as Obama but we need a real progressive.

We Need Elizabeth Warren For President In 2016!

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