Obama To Go Full Force Against Romney

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Politico did a report that Barrack Obama is going to run a testosterone driven campaign against Mitt Romney! Chris Matthews on his MSNBC show “Hardball”, examined this strategy in the video below. Apparently President Obama is going to label Mitt Romney as “weird” and go close to using Romney’s Mormon religion to undermine him with Christian Fundamentalists.

According to this report in Politico it is going to be very personal. While Mitt Romney’s religion is of no concern to me it could be  to many Christian Fundamentalists. I will discuss that aspect latter in this article.


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Swift Boating Mitt Romney: An Analysis From A Progressive

Would I love to live in an America where we did not engage in “argumentum ad hominen?” Yes but we don’t live in such a world. The Republicans have used “swift boating techniques” against John Kerry when he ran for President against George Bush.

They labeled President Obama as “weird” by attacking his name, insinuating that Barrack Obama is a Muslim, communist, nazi, euro-secular elitist. The fact that these terms are contradictory is no problem to the informationally challenged!

My problem with Obama’s new found testosterone is this:

  1. Yesterday in Wisconsin Democrats failed to recall enough State Senators to make Republicans lose control of the Wisconsin Senate. Where was Obama? Why didn’t he campaign in Wisconsin to help in the recall effort?
  2. When Republicans demanded that the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich should be extended where was Obama and why didn’t he show any testosterone to stand up to the wealthy?
  3. When the issue was the Public Option where was Obama’s testosterone?
  4. When he started his administration where was his testosterone to give us a REAL jobs stimulus bill?
  5. Where was Obama and his new found testosterone when the Supreme Court granted corporations personhood and allowed them to collect money from us to support their favorite candidate? When corporations fund K – Street the cost for that support comes from an increase in their cost for their goods and services. Where is Obama on a Constitutional Amendment to ban corporate involvement in our election processes?
  6. Where was Obama’s testosterone when he created the watered down stimulus package?
  7. Where was Obama’s testosterone when the Tea Party caged us into not being able to fund a second REAL stimulus?

I could go on and on! When the issue is defending the middle class Obama has no testosterone at all! Imagine four more years of Obama giving in to every Republican demand. What is worse is that informationally challenged Americans will start to believe that we had a stimulus package and it failed when in truth we never had a real stimulus.

As a Progressive Euro-style Social Democrat I am fed up with Obama. I will not make excuses for him anymore. If we Progressives cannot mount a third party challenge  that pushes Obama out then I would prefer a President Michelle Bachmann. At least Democrats would then get some guts to talk up.

I find Obama to be the biggest wimp going who does not deserve re-election! This is not “Change We Can Believe In“. Where is Obama and his new found testosterone when the issue is the corporate buying of our Congress?

President Obama has done nothing of substance to create jobs in America. I hope he does swift boat Mitt Romney but I will not be voting for either. If we don’t have a viable third party candidate I will place a write in vote for Bernie Sanders.

Mitt Romney Is Weird But Obama Is A Wimp

Again I would love to see Mitt Romney or any Republican candidate swift boated. I just don’t want to pay the price of four more years of destroying Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, college assistance to the middle class,  jobs being off shored all in the name of “Change We Can Believe In’ while the top 400 individuals own more than the bottom 150 Million! (Robert Reich, NYT 8/7/11)

Believe it or not we can better defend the New Deal if Obama is not our President and even if a Tea Party Republican takes the presidency!

Did you ever hear of a “filabuster”? Gosh golly you know it isn’t restricted by the constitution to be used only by Republicans!

Have Democrats gone so wimpy testosterone soft from Obama and Trickle Down Testosterone Deficiency that we cannot even stand up to defend the New Deal of FDR? Must be all that extra weight from the corporate financing of Democrats re-election campaigns. Just ask Wall Street Chuckie!


How To Exploit Romney’s Weakness

Finally let me as I promised at the begining of this article to list some way we can swift boat Romney. I have no problem with someone being a Mormon. But Christian fundamentalists do and we can exploit that by pointing out the differences.

Mormons believe:

  1. In additional scriptures.
  2. That they are the chosen and only their baptism is valid.
  3. God the Father has a wife who is also divine and our “Divine Mother”.
  4. God the Father also with Jesus Christ where at one time not God but mortals living in a different universe worshiping another God. They rose to good standing and were sent forth to found their own universe and be the God’s of this universe.
  5. The God that they served was also at one time a mortal serving an even more distant Deity on and on.
  6. All of us, if we become Mormons, not only can go to heaven but  with our wives become the Gods of a new universe on and on.
  7. Thus Christianity is merely the “retail religion” of this local universe.

Hey I am a mystical pantheist Christian. I have no problem with New Age Religions but BAPTISTS and PENTECOSTAL voters do! Get it!

Romney was also the creator of Romney Care. Hey I like him for that but will his base?

Romney was a job killer and took over corporations to stream line them not to save workers. Do I have a problem with Obama exposing him?

Hell no! I just am fed up with Obama only willing to show testosterone when the issue is his own election. But then again we Democrats had a blind eye to his relationship with Goldman Sachs and their political action committee.

Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In“! No way we need Bernie Sanders for President and if he will not run then Howard Dean.

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