Obama vs Joe Wilson

Well after his attempt to turn the hallowed halls of Congress into a Town Hall Meeting, Congressman Joe Wilson will not apologize! In fact many in the media are blaming his reaction on racism! I believe it goes much further. Joe Wilson was attempting to emasculate the liberal message in the halls of Congress as his fellow travelers have been doing in the town halls and streets of America. (See Video Below)

President Barrack Obama has been called:

  • An elitist.
  • A mere Celebrity.
  • Muslim
  • White hater.
  • Communist
  • Fascist
  • Noncitizen
  • Death panel advocate
  • The New Adolf Hitler
  • Seducer of children’s minds
  • The Anti-Christ

Yet despite this he continues to stick to his idealism that political debates can be civil. Yes I read his book and I understand the idealism he wants to serve. But these are Republicans and they have no values! These are the people who have attempted to switch the nation’s attention from the war and economy to the “great threat of Gay Marriage”. The time has come to hit back hard. Why haven’t Democrats attacked Sarah Palin for her connections to the Alaskan Independence Party? I am so tired of writing on this issue that I will not repeat the same information over and over. But just imagine if Barrack Obama had even half the connections that Sarah Palin has to the Alaskan Independence Party but with a Black separatist party!

QUESTIONS: Where is the news media? But then again were was Barrack Obama assaulted his character? Where were the Democrats when John Kerry was being hit by the Swift Boat gang while George Bush never finished his National Guard commitment and no one in the Democratic Party seemed to care that he was the Commander In Chief?

ANSWERS: Liberals and Democrats have become soft wimps letting Republicans get away with murder! Why not just roll over and “meow” like a pussy cat?

The time has come to go on the attack. Do like the Republicans – play to people’s greed! We need to focus the population’s attention on the fact that America’s wealth has become skewed! No one is against people becoming millionaires. But the Progressive Income Tax is just reality saying hello to the vast sense of “entitlement” that many (not all) of the upper 2% have.

We need to focus on:

  • Middle Class Americans working a year for the compensation  paid to a Corporate Executive in one day or less! Instead of letting Conservatives telling us to pay attention to what day into a new year our taxes are finally paid, we need to focus on how many days do we have to work to equal just one day of a CEO’s pay. What do they do to merit such compensation while the President of the United States makes a mere $400k yet has world responsibilities!
  • Why should we allow corporations to finance the Tea Party and Anti-Health Care movements! Why should they have their hands in my pockets with higher premiums and/or lower benefits. This constitutes “Taxation Without Representation”!
  • We need to stop the corruption of democratic processes in the service of the Corporate Collectives!

I do not believe we should over focus on the race card as that will be turned against Democrats. We are assisting the Republicans by not being forceful and going on the attack! We Democrats need to not just go on the defense but launch a massive CLASS WARFARE counter attack!

The time for acting like wimps is over. What do you expect when:

  • Bush gets away with his National Guard cut and run commitment
  • John Kerry can be swift boated without a strong counter attack.
  • We Democrats had control of both houses of Congress in the last two years of Bush’s administration and yet we did not end the war! -WIMPS! “Meow”!

As I said in prior posts, Americans love action figures! We Democrats have not been action figures in most areas. The time to get some testosterone is NOW or loose the Congress in the next election. President Obama and our Democrats in Congress must remove the word “meow” from their vocabulary! Appeal to the greed of the average American while the effete snobs of privilege whine about their sense of entitlement! The time has come for America’s Silent Majority to stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of privilege! (I love to use Nixonian right wing lingo).