Obama Would Accept Super-delegates Overruling Popular Vote

Yesterday I got involved in a heated discussion with a friend concerning the scenario of Barrack Obama being denied the nomination by the super-delegates. As you most likely know the scenario runs this way. Neither Barrack Obama nor Hillary Clinton receives the majority vote but Obama has the majority of elected delegates from the primaries and caucuses that occurred in states under the Democratic Party rules. However Hillary Clinton is a close second and convinces the unelected super-delegates to vote for her thus winning the nomination. While I believe Obama should win if he has the majority of elected delegates from the primaries and caucuses, he has stated on MSNBC’s “Meet The Press” that he would then accept Hillary Clinton as the winner and would not bolt the convention! (See Video Below)

I salute Barrack Obama for his team spirit but I wonder if the Republicans are only going to use this to hurt him and the Democratic Party by trying to up Hillary Clinton’s votes in the remaining elections. Prior to the Texas and Ohio votes Bill Clinton even said that Hillary Clinton’s campaign would end if she did not win in those states. I am sure Rush Limbaugh is having a good time with this! Just look at what Rush Limbaugh and his fellow travelers in the Republican Party want to happen. (See Video Below)

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I think Hillary Clinton might make a good Vice Presidential candidate as she could be the mean spirited “Hit Babe” who in the words of one of her union supporters has “testicular fortitude”! Presidential Candidates usually try to leave the hard hitting nasty comments to their Vice Presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton might make an excellent choice!

One final note! Have you noticed that no one seems to mention the delegates from the other candidates who are no longer in the race! These are not super-delegates but elected and I do believe their votes do matter!

The Silent Majority wants this thing to end. We have a war in Iraq to end and a war in Afghanistan to win! Our economy is a mess thanks to Bush, his tax cuts for the rich and his SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq! The Middle Class must stand up and bring this nonsense to an end!