ObamaCare Computer Glitches Vs Windows 8.1

I was away on vacation and assisted my sister and brother-in-law in their upgrade from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1 It went ok but they had some problems with links on many websites. When I returned I upgraded my Windows 8 computer to Windows 8.1 —DISASTER!

The Dell technician tried several fixes but when they did not work I had to roll back my computer to the day I purchased it by reinstalling Windows 8. The technician said do not upgrade for at least a month to Windows 8.1! I could not get internet access except for a few of the new metro apps.

Thank You Microsoft For Showing That It Is Not The Dirty Hands Of Government

So the next time you hear right wingers whine about the ObamaCare website remind them of Microsoft Windows and it’s great track record.

But then again maybe if President Obama had insisted on using AMERICAN COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS on a American government website then this glitch may still have occured but at the least the money would stay in America!

Years ago when I worked for AIG I remember they gave out buttons to their employees  that read “Business Systems Planing – You Got To Believe”. This was a joke concerning the long time it took one of their computer systems to come on line. Funny thing about AIG is that they could afford the money for such stupid buttons while constantly doing a yearly “Re-Org” where employees where let go or dropped into their full time temporary worker status. Thus saving on vacation and benefits.

I am just so overwelmed at the concern that many Republicans feel that the Obama Care website was not up and running on day one. No doubt they want the uninsured to get coverage!

My problem with ObamaCare is that it does not have a public option and that it penalizes so called “Cadillac Insurance Plans” that many unions have. You know the kind of insurance that any self respecting Northern European would call “standard insurance“.  Actually I believe they would find many of our so called “Cadillac Plans” sub-prime.

Well now I have to hope my backups will work. Speaking of which I never had much success with auxiliary hard drives. They always seem to crash when you need them.

Computers are always screwing up. So why all the fuss about the Obama Care website that does not even have a public option? 

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