Obama's Approval Rating: Can An Ostrich Fly?

When will Obama learn that bi-partisanship is nonsense! President Obama’s approval rating is dropping like a stone in water. What happened to that great orator we elected? The way the Republicans where whining when Barrack Obama was elected I thought by now the Republicans would be slitting their wrists in our new Socialist Motherland! But Republicans unlike my fellow Democrats have testosterone. Republicans will do anything to preserve the rights of the top 2% over the needs of the Silent Majority of Americans.

We need a liberal President with some testosterone such as Senator Bernie Sanders or former Governor Howard Dean! Both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are too weak. Hillary Clinton, while an agent of job outsourcing, at least was a strong advocate for Universal Health Care.

Recently the guest host on the “Ed Schultz Show” blasted Obama saying that the weakened health care law would not survive to 2014 when most of its provisions would go into effect.  Ed’s guest host is from the “Young Turk’s” and gives a great analysis. (See the video below).

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I agree with Cenk Uygur’s points.

  • The Health Care Reform Law will never see 2014 when it’s major provisions go into effect. Thus even though the bill is weak the public will never see what ever benefits the law will produce.
  • The Health Care Reform Law is to weak to keep prices down.
  • The public is swallowing the Republican line about deficit spending  because Obama is not a fighter.

Now what was that about the health care law being a “starter house”? No it is a morgue! This is law is a dud.

What I really like about his analysis is that he recognizes that Democrats have no guts to pursue the Progressive Agenda for this nation. I have mentioned on this blog that the Democratic Party should have as it’s war cry mantra the word….”MEOW”. As I have mentioned time and again it is not just Obama but Pelosi and Reid, this “TROIKA OF IMPOTENCE”.

Nightmare Of The Democratic Party: Having The Majority!

Yes it seems that this is just to much for Obama, Reid and Pelosi! Can you imagine what the Republicans would be doing now if they had the leads we have in both Houses of Congress and the possession of the Presidency?

Why Obama’s Approval Rating Is Falling

As a liberal and Social Democrat let me list two reasons:

  1. Democrats are wimps just plain and simple! Sorry no one is buying the argument that it takes time to heal the economy while Obama hardly ever mentioned jobs or the need for a strong tariff to protect both blue collar job off shoring and white collar job off shoring as well. The stimulus was to weak and Obama should have “entertained” the public with his oratory by scapegoating the top 2%. Hell Bush diverted attention from his failures by scapegoating Gays and their desire for marriage and military service rights.
  2. Democrats want to be liberals but they need corporate money to be elected. Corporations gave vast sums to Harry Reid and so is it any wonder that we don’t have a Public Option in the weak health care bill that was passed? Democrats take the money and accept the limits imposed on them by their corporate masters. Democrats can be liberals but must stay inside the sandbox! Obama received vast sums from Goldman Sachs and from BP.

Obama is a looser plain and simple! No he is NOT corrupt but he has a leash on him! Gosh golly I wonder why we are being told that the majority of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico is no longer there? Nice isn’t that BP contributed to Obama and now under the change in the law when we buy gas at the pumps we can contribute directly to the agenda of our social betters. It just goes on and on for not only Republicans but Democrats as well.

When will the decision making processes of our Congress be governed by the sheer logic and eloquence of the members presentation rather than the campaign contributions of their contributors?

The Silent Majority must take back our Democracy from these effete snobs of privilege behind the corporate boardroom closed doors! Obama and the Trokia of Impotence may indeed get their wish for the Democratic Majority to disappear. But why should our hopes for the Progressive Agenda go down because they are so incompetent?

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