Obama's Health Care Speech

I wish the President came out more forcefully for a public option in his speech but none the less I am heartened that he dropped the “professor” style and came on more of a “pit bull”. In the excerpt below we see him attack the Republicans for their smear tactics. I believe he should have been even more forceful in his attacks on the Republicans. Being that he is speaking to Congress and should act “Presidential” he can still leave some face saving mechanisms for the Republicans but go on the attack even more.

I grew up during the Vietnam era and became painfully aware how Republicans can use the scare tactics. I believe we Democrats need to use the very language of Republicans but with a different twist. The best defense is an offence. We Progressives need to go on the offense. The President did to his credit mention that :

“We are not going to put a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor nor are we going to allow an Insurance Company bureaucrat to stand between you and your doctor”.

I believe that is a very important point. That insurance companies have been placing bureaucrats between patients and doctors. I believe he should have been even more forceful on this point and given examples from more peoples lives using the term “bureaucrat” and “framing” it with insurance companies and the Republicans!

The important point is to use “Republican Speak” with all their cliches and “re-frame” the terms to cast questions on Insurance Companies and Republicans. For example instead of merely countering that the Republicans are LIARS for the “death Panel” allegations against Obama’s insurance plan, liberals need to use the very term “death panels” and pair it to the decisions of Insurance Companies and Hospitals!

President Obama has condemned many of their behaviors but he must link the term “Death Panel” to Insurance Companies by calling them such. A sad death panel example is illustrated in the video below. I don’t mean to use this person’s death for political gain but my dad also died because of a “death panel” in the hospital would not take aggressive action to cure him after they infected him with “hospital resistant pneumonia”. I will not detail that in this post but latter as it is to emotional for me. But check the short video below it is just one example of how “DEATH PANELS” are at work in insurance companies!

Some of you may have noticed in my prior posts that I do this re-framing of “Republican Speak” all the time! For example I love to talk about “CUT AND RUN” Capitalists when refering to companies that seek off shore tax havens. When refering to Iraq I love to term it the “Republican Social Engineering Experiment”. When refering to how Corporations behave to individual employees I use the term “Corporate Collectivists”. In prior posts when refering to corporations and their “fellow travelers” in the Republican Party escaping their tax responsibilities I talked about this being a “Republican era of licentious permissiveness” and the need for “law and order” along with the term “Silent Majority”. These were Republican Speak terms from the Vietnam era! Those old enough may have had a chuckle while those younger may not understand the sarcastic humor I was using toward Republicans!

My point is rather than “just” counter the Republican lies we Democrats need to use their lingo with a new twist and frame. We need to be aggressive. One more example needs to be mentioned.

When talking about the “need for government intervention in some areas of society as being justified” instead use “Republican Speak”. Let me show you.

We need to protect the rights of the individual in this era of the massive corporations! It is a false notion that as governmental power decreases then individual rights increase! When the agent of a democratic society, which is the government, reduces it’s scope another power enters to fill the vacuum! That power is the Corporate BULLY! With their paid lobbyists from K-Street they effect the decision making processes of our society and force the individual to fiance their agendas by charging higher prices and/or reducing services. This is “Taxation Without Representation”. Where are the Republicans and their tea parties?” See my article “A tale of two Americas”.

It is bad enough that Corporate Executives have deeper pockets to give to politicians. It is even worse when they dip their hands into the pocket of the “Individual Citizen” to finance their agendas via higher prices and/or lower quality of goods and services! When a corporation funds K-Street operations and makes political contributions the money has to come from somewhere. It comes from us!

If we had a single payer Universal Health Care system then we could switch jobs easier! Our Individual Freedom would increase in relation to the corporation! But the effete snobs of corporate collectivism do not want that day to come in America! Instead in this era of licentious permissiveness we pander to the Corporations and their collectivist agendas!

By using “Republican Speak” we can not only undermine their arguments but go on the offensive. We must also appeal to the “GREED” of the general population. the Republicans have waged “Class Warfare” against the Middle Class. The recent Bush Tax Cuts being  just one example. We need to point out the extreme disparity of income and make people question why someone should make so many times more than they make.

What’s that your afraid of generating bad karma? Wake up the Republicans are appealing to greed all the time. They try to pit white collar employee against blue collar. Race against race. We liberal progressive Democrats help them when we talk about “workers”. No change the term to “employees”. White collar employees are being screwed by corporations also. I know I use to work for AIG as a computer operator!

Universal health care” – Just one more means to take back our country from these effete snobs of privilege!