Obama's Idealism: Presidential Asset Or Liability

I understand where President Obama is coming from! I just wish he would recognize he is facing Republicans not fellow Democrats. This is not “silly season in politics” when right wingers, in their arrogance of self entitlement, talk about second amendment solutions! Nor when the Texas Governor hints at secession! But then again we had a former Governor of Alaska give a speech to the Alaskan Independence Party just months before she became McCain’s running mate!

  • Where was the news media to attack Sarah Palin for this?
  • For that matter where was Obama and the Democrats?
  • Why didn’t Obama wave the flag in the face of secessionists?
  • Why didn’t Obama call for “law and order” in response to Michele Bachmann and her treasonous calls for rebellion against the democratically elected government of the United States of America?

Can you hear the “MEOW”?

When will Obama wake up? Change comes about in society not simply by passing laws but when the President acts as “Pontifex Maximus” of the nation. He defines the issues of our times as Franklin D. Roosevelt and JFK did and even Ronald Reagan though for Republicans! This requires that Obama not resign as “Campaigner in Chief”.

Analysis: Inside Obama’s Head

President Obama is idealistically and humbly awed by his office! He is an honorable man. But he must learn to realize Republicans are going to destroy him and “the change we can believe in” unless he mounts up to be Campaigner in Chief! Or as I like the term, “Pontifex Maximus”! He must throw red meat to the center! Why cannot we return to the days of President Eisenhower and have a progressive income tax of 91%? Instead the issue is how long should we extend the Bush tax cuts to the rich or even make them permanent!

I believe President Obama believes that by acting as a moderate and some who who will make deals, he will win the American people. That may occur sometimes but not now. Instead he is being perceived as a wimp! His idea that he needs 60 Senate votes is also wrong. That may well be to get laws passed but not to change public opinion! He needs to stop resigning but acting as “Campaigner in Chief”. He needs to play the Class Card! By giving the middle class red meat he buys time for the stimulus to work and to set the stage for more progressive laws!

In an era where Republicans will use fear of race and of sexual orientation to win and make middle class Americans forget their own class interests why not attack these effete snobs of privilege? If you are middle class and have SELF RESPECT then you must be enraged that someone makes millions per year while  you have to work like a dog and then they want you to retire latter to finance their tax cuts!

Yes “freedom” to serve our social betters! Every middle class person should not worry how many days into the next year he has to work to pay his taxes but how many days he has to work to equal just the first day of the executives of his company! We may finish the entire year and still not earn what the corporate executive “earns” on that first day of the year! Democrats must call forth the RAGE of the Middle Class!  Republicans have no problem making you enraged that a gay person wants to serve in the military!  George Bush played the “gay card” but cannot seem to discuss where he was during his six years in the National Guard!

Why Obama’s Idealism Could Cause A Global Melt Down

If the Republicans believe Obama is weak they may call him out and not authorize the extension of the debt ceiling! This would cause a financial collapse. Republicans learned Bill Clinton would not wink! But can you honestly believe Obama wouldn’t?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. If Obama stands by and allows himself to be called a Nazi, Communist, Marxist, Muslim and the killer of your grand mother what do you think foreign leaders will believe about his strength and willingness to fight? The issue is “perception” in a face off!
  2. What happens if we get into a trade war with China or worse? President Obama’s vacillation and lack of fight could cause serious consequences for both the Democratic Party in a show down with Republicans and for our nation on the foreign policy arena!

We cannot allow our economy to be held hostage by those who would sing “The Corporate Internationale”, while they profit and the middle class is forced to compete against low wage Chinese workers! There will be a tariff showdown with China as we must stop these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS from stealing our technology and jobs as barter to China for their corporate profits! What happens if the Chinese now believe Obama to be weak and in a trade war go all out maybe even to attacking Taiwan and our fleet?

The time has come to be honest! The stimulus, like Obama’s leadership has been far to weak! Perhaps it is time to turn the page on Obama and put a real progressive on the ticket in 2012 like Senator Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean!

The clock is clicking against our democracy! Our jobs and technology are being sucked out of our nation by these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS while they whore with communist China! At home our politicians are becoming more beholden to the ever growing power of corporations! No doubt if we get into a war with China, these same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will rediscover their American identity! That is if there is a profit for them instead of singing their “Corporate Internationale”!

I don’t see any rage for a constitutional amendment to stop corporations from stealing our elections! All I see is the whoring of the Democratic Party!

While the rich claim they need to be protected from “fear” of paying a mere pittance in tax increases, the silent majority – our great middle class live in FEAR of job loss and working longer years to serve the needs of our social betters!

President Obama: Is this “Change We Can Believe In”!

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