Obama’s Recess Appointment of Richard Cordray A Testosterone Epiphany?

Recently President Obama showed some evidence that he does have guts. Yes even I was impressed that he stood up to the Republicans and appointed Richard Cordray to be the director of the Consumer Protection Agency! The Republicans were attempting a de facto destruction of this newly created agency by not allowing anyone to be appointed to run it. If you remember Elizabeth Warren was the ideal candidate but she was unacceptable to Republicans!


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Elizabeth Warren is currently running against Tea Party GOP Senator Scott Brown!  Funny isn’t it that Senator Brown did not follow his fellow Republicans in completely condemning the Obama recess appointment of Richard Cordray! (See video above) But then again he is trailing the feisty Elizabeth Warren who may very well win the Senate seat back for Democrats. My only regret is that Elizabeth Warren is not running to unseat Obama! Oh dear I forgot I started this post praising Obama for showing some testosterone!

Question: Will The Consumer Protection Agency Fight Usury?

President Obama’s financial reform legislation now mandates that credit card companies and banks must be transparent with the conditions of their products and services! This  is  “so peachy kean” that it constitutes “change we can believe in” – or does it?

Will this new agency regulate the notorious practice of USURY out of existence?


All of us like the idea of transparency. Did you know that:

  • President Obama was the top recipient of money from the Goldman Saches PAC? Maybe that is the reason President Obama has not pushed to end the practice of usury!
  • President Obama makes nicey nice speeches about removing money from politics and protecting the middle class. Yet our beloved President  continues to play as the  “liberal warrior inside the corporate sandbox!”  How come President Obama is not raging mad calling for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state?
  • With all his new found testosterone, our corporate sandbox warrior for the middle class still signed a new free trade treaty that ships American jobs overseas to Columbia, Panama and South Korea!

The transparency of “Change We Can Believe In”!

While I would love Senator Bernie Sanders to run against Barrack Obama even to the point of a third party candidacy if Obama still won the Democratic nomination, I guess I have to face reality that Senator Sanders doesn’t want to do it.


Damn I was supposed to be lauding Barrack Obama, our dear beloved defender of the middle class, the inheritor of the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in this post.

I started this post with a mild praise for President Obama but:

  1. Then again Barrack Obama still has that foul smell that comes from keeping his head up Senator Joe Lieberman’s butt and not pushing the progressive agenda when we had a super majority in the Senate!
  2. Barrack Obama is the worsey warrior for the middle class and the 99%! Oh dear me I should be so grateful to Barrack Obama! I don’t think so. Why? Well if it were not for the Occupy Wall Street Movement this pathetic wimp, Barrack Obama would be compromising even more on job stimulus creation. Obama has allowed Republicans to win the “war of ideas”. People actually are more focused on the debt than the off shoring of both blue collar and white collar jobs. We have a massive trade deficit and yet Obama signed yet another free trade deal to please his mentors while he “plays” progressive inside the corporate sandbox!
  3. We should not be grateful for Obama but instead for the patriots of the Occupy Wall Street Movement!

Ed Schultz may want to grovel at the broken promises of “change we can believe in” but this social democrat will not!

Where is our worsey warrior for the progressive agenda when history demands he stop “playing” liberal inside the corporate sandbox and instead use the presidential bully pulpit night and day to secure a constitutional amendment that frees us from corporate collectivism?

That is why I recently made a contribution to   Governor Buddy Roemer in his fight to take the GOP presidential nomination.

Yes Buddy Roemer is a fiscal conservative. But the man has my trust because he will fight for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state! The most important issue facing our nation today is to get the corporations out of politics! Do that and all the rest will follow!

The bleeding of our economy by off shoring and the trade deficit were made possible by corporate power in the funding our candidates. When our economy is bleed by off shoring our jobs and we have record trade deficits then regular Keynesian stimulus packages are weakened and become ineffective. Gov. Buddy Roemer has a keen insight that most Democrats and Republicans will not face. See the short video below.


Again  Buddy Roemer is a fiscal conservative but the main issue in this election is saving individual freedom in the face of corporate collectivism by keeping money out of politics. Buddy Roemer has called for a constitutional amendment to do that! Where is Obama?

Buddy Roemer is also a populist! On the most important issues I agree with him and even where I do not,  I believe his motivations are totally sincere and honest! Gov. Roemer does not take corporate contributions and limits his individual donors to $100.00. Most give less and he understands that.

I urge my fellow progressives to contribute to Governor Buddy Roemer! I did! 

Congress can always be a watchdog on budget cuts. But if Obama is President it might be worse for progressives because he will continue to “play” progressive inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox! If you thought it was bad before just wait till the “super-pacs” take over our political landscape!

That is why I like Governor Buddy Roemer! The man has guts! I will be writing a post dedicated to him soon. But I had to praise him now! I just hope he finally gets invited to a Republican debate.  Without corporate sponsorship he does not have the war-chest so those who sponsor the debates did not invite him to the prior debates.  However he may be in the New Hampshire debates! Buddy Roemer will fight the corporations and to bring our jobs home!

Buddy Roemer represents “Change We Can Believe In”!

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