Obama’s Rogerian Approach And Our Economy

Let’s stop pretending that Obama’s job stimulus was strong enough! Just like everything he has done domestically he is a failure! This track record of failure is due to both his managerial style and the corporate sandbox that he operates in.  Below is a video clip from MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews. This clip exemplifies the blinders that some Democrats have concerning Obama! Yes we know that Bush destroyed the economy! The problem is that Obama’s answer was to continue the Bush Tax Cuts and not have a Testosterone driven stimulus package for this economy!

Testosterone Free Change We Can Believe In?


Just look at these examples of testosterone free “Change We Can Believe In”:

  1. For God’s sake the infrastructure part of the “Stimulus” package was around 45 – 60 billion. We gave AIG over 160 Billion.
  2. We have had a Green Technology company receive tax payer money in Massachusetts only to then not block it from going to China!
  3. President Obama did not push for the end of “usury” from the credit card companies and yet he still calls his law “Financial Reform”.
  4. This same so – called “Financial Reform Law” did not outlaw the get rich quick casino gambling practices of Obama’s friends at Goldman Sachs. It simply forces them to contribute to an “insurance fund” for their dangerous practices.
  5. The Supreme Court makes corporations persons with the right to tax us and spend the money to help their candidates. Where is the call for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn this? Where is Constitutional Law Professor Obama?


Obama’s Rogerian Facilitator Approach To Management

As I mentioned in a prior post, Barrack Obama is using his own adaption of psychologist Carl Rogers’ “Person Centered Approach” to management! He wants to “facilitate” a Congressional solution to domestic problems! The Democratic Party is so burden with corporate K-Street money to their re-election campaigns that you cannot “facilitate” a consensus among various fraction of the American populace but only the various corporate interests! We had similar weak Presidents in the last half of the 19th Century when corporations ruled America!

Even before the recent Supreme Court Ruling that gave corporations the right to take money from their  coffers and get involved in our election processes, K-Street was already destroying the political institutions of our democracy!

What Obama with his “Rogerian Person Centered Approach” does not realize is that in an era where corporations are “Persons” his use of the “Rogerian Facilitator” management style sets America up for a disaster. Obama’s testosterone free style is a formula for a “CORPORATE CENTERED APPROACH” because now CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE! Not just people but powerful rich people who can force us to contribute to their goals and values via the price we pay for corporate goods and services! It is not just the Republicans but our own liberal Democrats who play “progressive” inside the confines of the corporate sandbox else they don’t get their K-Street campaign contributions!

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Chris Matthews in the video above just does not get it. Stop making apologies for Obama! Michael Steele in the video is wrong also! He accuses Obama of being “European” in his orientation. Chris Matthews says this is covert racism! Nonsense! I wish Obama was a euro style Social Democrat! What is wrong with that? Why do we let the right wing “define” the boundaries of our democracy?

Why Michael Steele Is Wrong About Obama

Actually I say both Chris Matthews and Michael Steele are wrong! As I said,  I WISH OBAMA WAS EUROPEAN IN HIS ORIENTATION! I have had enough of the Democratic Party “playing liberal” inside the confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX! We need a President and Congress that is not simply “Democrat” but a European SOCIAL Democrat! My response to Michael Steele is “don’t try to make me feel good!

The time has come to say that no corporate executive deserves to be paid in one day what his employees have to work a year or more to earn! Some work a farm near the irrigation ditch and some work the same in a desert! It is not that the rich work harder than us or make a stronger contribution to society. That is why we need a strong Progressive Income Tax to correct the effects of the “situational market”!

If you are middle class and have SELF RESPECT then you have to question why anyone should earn more than three times your income and not produce a cure for cancer, aids or the energy crisis! When the President earns only 400K and has more responsibility than anyone on this planet why should any elitist in this country earn millions per year and not be subject to some “reality”!

I wish Barrack Obama was a European style Social Democrat but he is not! If he were then we would have a REAL Health Care Program, no usury and corporations would not be allowed to play casino with our destiny! We would have a protective tariff and a government that acted in the interest of all it’s citizens not  just the “corporate persons”!

But the problem is not just the Michael Steele types of the Republican Party but he Chris Matthew types in our own Democratic Party who don’t want to face the fact that Obama is a wimp inside the confines of the corporate sandbox. But then again so is the majority of the Democratic Party!

We need Progressive community organizing to counter act the right wing think tanks. But transferring  the Rogerian Person Centered Approach from psychology  to Congressional lawmaking  is a disaster! This is because the Congress is not a homeostatic mechanism of the nation but of corporations! We need a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate corporate corruption of our society’s political processes! CEO’s as individuals are citizens but not Corporations!

President Barrack Obama by acting as a “facilitator” has resigned from his role as “Pontifex Maximus” of the nation! President Obama has thus renounced his ability to use the bully pulpit to advance the Progressive Agenda and to “DEFINE” the issues! Corporations have filled the vacuum and sadly via our own Democratic Party!

We need Senator Bernie Sanders For President In 2012!

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