Obama's Secret Plan To Rescue The Public Option

Many of us are very dis-enchanted with the current situation concerning Health Care Reform and the lack of the Public Option! I am happy to report we have an EXCLUSIVE speech by President Barrack Obama to rescue the Public Option! Finally “Change We Can Believe In”.

Amazing isn’t it that after one year we Democrats woke up to discover we are the majority in both Houses of Congress and we have the Presidency! Why didn’t we ram forward with “reconciliation” when we were still hot? After a year of not wanting to appear pushy and breath takenly awaiting the latest whim of Senator Joe Lieberman, we have an answer!  Our beloved President, the father of “Change We Can Believe In” now addresses the Democratic Base that put him in office! (see below)

Below on this short exclusive video tape President Barrack Obama gives a fire brand speech in support of the Public Option! Please don’t be alarmed when you view that he has “handlers”. They are just the corporations that make up big pharma and the insurance cartel! After all they are now “persons” under the Supreme Court latest ruling!

Listen closely as  President Obama will call for a Constitutional Amendment to correct the Supreme Court  decision that makes corporations political persons in their own right! President Obama gives a rousing call to stop corporations from taxing the  average Americans to support their social agenda! We support their K-Street operations by the cost being passed on as increased costs of goods and services. Yes imagine we finance the Insurance Cartel to create ads against us.

Ladies and Gentlemen The President of the United States (and his handlers) giving a rousing speech in defense of a strong public option and the “Change We Can Believe In”! (His handlers find his speech cute – I don’t and am feed up)

This President is pathetic! He goes on Fox News and they constantly interrupt him! He should have asked them what would be their response if he were Sarah Palin? She got asked a “trick question” such as her evaluation of the Bush Doctrine and Fox went wild! By being a WIMP President Obama is setting the agenda of progressives back decades! I have had enough of just blaming the Republicans! What type of wimp takes a landslide victory, gets control of both houses of Congress then becomes afraid of their own shadow? Answer: The Troika of Impotence, Obama, Reid and Pelosi!

Please answer me this question? The insurance rates are predicted to go through the roof! Without a strong Public Option there is nothing to stop this! Now Democrats will take the blame! How the HELL are we going to strengthen this new watered down law? What conditions are going to be better than now?

Michael Moore gives a good evaluation in the short video below!

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Obama’s Secret Plan

  • Call a special committee comprised of Senator Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu to push for the public option.
  • Place Senator Joe Lieberman as that committees Chairman
  • Wait till after the November elections! As we all know Democrats are predicted to win even more record landslide elections increasing their share of the Senate to 70%.

FOR GOD’S SAKE WHAT TYPE OF IDIOTS DO WE HAVE LEADING THIS PARTY! Thank God for Michael Moore Thank God I am not alone. How are you going to strengthen this disaster of a bill when the best conditions exist now? We are going to be blamed for the increases in insurance costs that are going to happen anyway!

Mark my words! The Republicans will then start screaming to repeal this “socialist” Health Insurance Reform! They will scream to “unleash the dynamics of the FREE MARKET”! Liberals will be set back for decades!

Ed Schultz Joins The Castrati Brigade

Ed Schulz has now joined the “CASTRATI BRIGADE”. He called for the passage of this watered down bill saying we can fix it latter. Then he says the nation is tired of this issue! Gee ED then how are we going to fix the bill after it passes? I guess Ed Schultz is a follower of Obama’s secret plan outlined above!

Ed Schultz castigated Dennis Kuccinich earlier this week with Daily Kos founder, Markos Moulitsas! They even talked about the need for Kucinich to be challenged in the primary if he continued. Now he says that Kuccinich changed because the issue of Obama’s Presidency is at stake! Well if we don’t have a strong public option I don’t give a krap about preserving a wimp as President! When Dennis Kuccinich follows Ed Schultz’s advice he questions if Dennis Kuccinich has sold out! Ed Schultz also ranted that it isn’t about politics but what is right.  Yada yada yada!

No Ed it is you who have joined the CASTRATI BRIGADE! Can you hear their war cry? – MEOW…. MEOW…. MEOW!

Progressives in this country have had enough! If we loose big in November and Obama does not become a fire dog for liberalism then he must be challenged in the primary!

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