Obama's Speech Is A Start But Not Aggressive Enough

Frankly I am feed up with Democrats being so airy faery when it comes to taking on Republicans. Can you imagine that the Republicans were actually stealing the issue of being middle class defenders against big corporations and Wall Street?

Well it started before Obama with Pelosi and the Democrats having control of the House in the last two years of the Bush presidency. Yet the Democrats were to afraid to use their Constitutional power to play “Chicken” with Bush and de-fund the Iraq War. Not to mention starting impeachment hearings on how we were pushed into that war. Even if we did not fully impeach Bush the Republicans would be discredited if Pelosi lead the House to conduct intense never-ending  hearings into the process that lead to the war and the waste in contracts. The cost of this vast Republican Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq would be more closely linked with the Republicans. But instead we got a “MEOW”! This is why Obama faces a “party of no” because Pelosi showed the Democrats will not play “chicken” and face down the Republicans.

But there is more. Obama over learned the lessons of Clinton with his Democratic Congress. By being to laid back he failed to provide the dynamic leadership and Republicans linked the image of wimps with Democrats even more!

President Obama mounted the horse of middle class populist anger but if he does not charge with that horse he will ride into Waterloo! I think it is about time for Obama to charge and really put the Republicans on the defensive! Yes I liked his attacks on the banks. But it did not go far enough!

Mr President what good is forcing banks to pay back the money they owe us if they are just going to steal it right back and wreck the lives of middle class Americans in the process? Along with the fees on banks what about a Federal Usury Law? Banks are charging people on their credit cards 29.9%. Is this change we can believe in?

Let me list some issues and how a testosterone enhanced Democratic Party would respond:

  1. The Banks: In addition to forcing them to pay back let it come from their pockets not the middle class. We need a Federal Usury Law. Banks are charging 29.9% interest on many credit cards. That rate’s effect is to make one a perpetual slave of the banks rather than an insurance against a bad credit risk! If they feel that some folks are bad credit risks then why are they extending them credit anyway. What is happening is that middle class Americans received their cards with much lower rates then the banks raised them even on mainstream credit card holders!
  2. Home Owners: The banks profited from issuing dangerous credit and hence assisted the real estate market to explode. We need not only far more regulations but a change in personal bankruptcy laws to make it easier for middle class Americans to file for bankruptcy! George Bush and his fellow travelers changed the bankruptcy law to punish middle class Americans. If Americans can file for bankruptcy under better conditions then this threat will force banks to renegotiate the loan terms. Easing bankruptcy will also make credit card companies more reasonable. This will make the real estate market more rational in the future.
  3. Executive Compensation: Now here is where Obama missed the populist’s train. The time has come not to simply demand lower rates of compensation for corporate executives whose companies take federal dollars, instead the time has come to question why anyone should be making millions per year in any industry! What the hell are they contributing to this society?  This is why we need a more aggressive progressive income tax and inheritance tax. My God it’s not like we are taking money from people who earned it. The average American at the end of the year is not making what one CEO made on the first day!
  4. The Supreme Court Decision On Corporations pushing their way into elections: This decision must be over turned. John McCain who was against it joined the Democrats in chanting the “Democratic Party mantra, “MEOW … MEOW…MEOW”.  No we need more than laws to contain this decision but a Constitutional Amendment! Obama should have tapped into Middle Class Populist rage by demanding that Americans not be subjected to “Taxation Without Representation”. Because we are going to be taxed by the Corporate Collectives who will siphon off their K – Street costs on the consumer via increased costs for goods and services.

President Obama fails to understand that this is the national electorate not the primaries!

When President Obama relied on the public to see through the fear mongers he may have been right when the battlefield was the democratic primaries! But now he is facing Republicans and in the national arena appearing weak is going to make him loose. Below is a skit from The Daily Show concerning this issue. I wish the real world was as funny.

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(You may want to push the slider on the show up a few minutes past the introductions)

The time has come to go on the offensive. Americans must face that we are at the cross roads. Health Care, the banks, our economy are all symptoms of a much more fundamental issue!

Are we a society where one person = one vote or are we a society where one dollar = one vote! That is the issue all else is merely symptoms of  this underlying choice!

As I pointed out in my article “Tale Of Two Americas”, there are two competing schema fighting for the virility of our society.

Corporate Organized Money will win out against Individual Freedom by corrupting our political process or Individual Freedom will win against organized money! Yes we need capitalism to motivate people to innovate. Conservatives love to lecture us on “the lessons of history”. In the ancient Roman Republic when a general was paraded on his chariot with a golden laurel over his head and the mob cheered there was one person standing behind him repeating the phrase “remember you are only a man”.

Well I would point out to Conservatives that the time has come to learn the lessons of history. You see in the chariot of the 21st Century there still stands a force to remind the laurel wearer that there is a counter side to their acclaim!

In our modern society that person who stands behind the corporate rich is not a person but THE PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX and the INHERITANCE TAX! Because if you are middle class and have self respect, then you should wonder just what is anyone doing to earn that amount of money per year! I don’t care even if there was no TARP! No one deserves to earn more than three or four times the average American. We cannot set pay-scales but we can set the tax!

Welcome to reality Mr CEO and your fellow corporate rich! Remember you are only a man (or woman). You do not deserve millions per year. We suffer to allow some of this so there will be incentives. Yes it is fine for some one to save and invest to become a millionaire or even multi-millionaire. But who deserves millions per year? My God did they create a cure for cancer or aids? But we in the Middle Class – our nation’s great Silent Majority will not stand by while our meager income is taken from us to finance your K – Street operations to take our government and democracy away from us! The time has come to stand up for American Values! The Progressive Income Tax and Inheritance Tax are  just the “Producers”  way of saying “Welcome To The Real World”.

No one deserves that rate of compensation while our jobs are off shored and out sourced and you and your fellow travelers have the audacity to call this “innovation”. Americans will not stand by while you sing your “Globalization Corporate Internationale”!

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