Obstructionism On Steroids Vs Rogerian Facilitator Barrack Obama

This Sunday Senator Harry Reid stated on “Meet The Press” (video below) that President Obama has faced “obstructionism on steroids”! The senator then listed how the Republicans have gone out of their way to stop Obama and to undermine his presidency! Senator Reid is correct. Republicans are obstructionist. The problem is that Obama is trying to follow the management style of Dr. Carl Rogers who advocated that managers should not be leaders but “facilitators”!

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Carl Rogers took his “person centered approach” from the school of psychotherapy that he created. This approach has a non-directive leadership style. This style may very work for some therapy clients.

Exporting the Rogerian approach from psychotherapy, as a management style, may work for a “community organizer”! That is because you are dealing with volunteers who generally share your values. However this methodology does not work in running the United States of America! Especially now that “corporations are people”!

The Person Centered Approach Does Not Work When Those Persons are Corporations

Barrack Obama has lead us progressives down the road to impotency. Thank God for the patriots in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The Tea Party was shaping the definition of the battlefield. That is because Barrack Obama did not want to be a leader but a Rogerian “facilitator” instead! The Occupy Wall Street Movement is doing the job that Obama should be doing.

The problem is Obama weakly uses  the presidential bully pulpit to counter-act the money from corporations. (When he is not taking Goldman Sachs money)

While the #OWS movement has to use the “people’s microphone” instead. This involves repeating what the speaker said as they are not allowed to use electronic equipment. After all in this era of “change we can believe in” money is speech and corporations are people!  

Sure Barrack Obama had testosterone in going after Bin Laden. I agree. But would he stand up to Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson?

Let’s return to the comments by Harry Reid about “Obstructionism On Steroids”.

While the Republicans would have used this tactic they might not have done it so long or have toned it down except that the Democrats actually encouraged them all along the way by their pathetic lack of testosterone.

“Obstructionism on steroids” might have resulted in a powerful counter offensive. But Republicans correctly believed that the Rogerian facilitator, Barrack Obama would not do that as the president has a history of his head up Joe Liebermann’s ass kissing his hemorrhoids instead of speaking with steroids!

How can you throw away a 60 vote majority in the Senate and not do some serious arm twisting to advance the progressive agenda? Easy!

Barrack Obama and Harry Reid “play” progressive but they act progressive only within the constraints of the moneyed corporate sandbox that finances elections in this nation.

In the corporate sandbox good little Democrats will “play” progressive and not annoy their corporate mentors! Just like Charles Schemer and the so-called financial reform law. What a joke. They never outlawed usury! Now at least you can know up front what your usury rate will be! Wow “change we can believe in”. With the recent ruling of “Citizens United” it will be worse.

The Democrats just like the Republicans have to raise money from their corporate sponsors. Wow but at least the Democrats will “play liberal”  like good little kids inside the corporate sandbox while the Republicans (most) will do the corporate agenda even without campaign financing!

Why isn’t Obama screaming for the 28th Amendment that would separate corporation and state! Obama’s lack of testosterone in this matter insures that our democracy will be a “game” played inside the moneyed confines of the corporate sandbox while our jobs flow to China!  Sure Obama is starting to give nice speeches but why did he just sign yet another free trade deal?

Yes Obama did do some things right. But the banks should have been broken up.

Instead they paid off their government loans with the slave debt of usury on Americans via their credit cards and loans. These financial institutions can still use our economy as a casino parlor instead of investing in products and services of value! Yes we can thank the Republicans but stop closing your eyes to the part the Democrats played in this.

In 2008 Barrack Obama was the top beneficiary of the Goldman Sachs PAC. Harry Reid had strong ties to big pharma. In fact opensecrets.org says Bain Capital gave more money to Democrats then Republicans!

Ever wonder where your public option went?

The same place your jobs, pension and future went! All to the sponsors of the Democratic Party and the corporate sandbox into which these good little boys and girls play “make believe liberal”.

There is one final reason why Republicans got away with “obstructionism on steroids”!

The reason pre-dates Obama. Two years before Obama took office we Democrats took control of the House of Representatives! Did Nancy Pelosi dact as forcefully as John Boehner? We could have ended the war in Iraq by the House’s power of the purse. Instead all we got was a pathetic meow!

That is why the Republicans were so encouraged to practice what Harry Reid calls “Obstructionism On Steroids”! It could get worse. If progressives do not stand up to Obama he will give away everything in his second term.

Doesn’t any progressive realize that Obama is staying on with the same rationale that the banks used! “To Big To Fail”.  We are so afraid of what will happen if a Republican wins! I say we need REAL PROGRESSIVES in Congress and the White House!

That is why I will vote for a third party candidate or just write in Michael Moore if there is no progressive running an independent candidacy in November!

If Reid and Pelosi would role model John Boehner and Eric Canter then we could protect the progressive agenda from both the Republicans and the corporate Democrats. Yes I would prefer a progressive president but Barrack Obama is not that man!

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