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Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street Patriot

Where the hell is Barrack Obama as the Occupy Wall Street Movement is spreading all over the country? Why doesn’t he address the crowds? Yes I understand that he did make some sympathetic statements. But how about giving the Silent Majority who are behind the Occupy Wall Street movement a visit and talk to them directly just like he talked to the Medical Insurance Cartel! Why doesn’t Obama demand that these protesters be allowed to have microphones?

As I pointed out in a prior post, Corporations have the right to Super-PACs but the patriots at the Occupy Wall Street protests are not even allowed to have microphones!

Newt Gingrich sneered at Obama saying that the Occupy Wall Street protests are an indictment of the lack of leadership by Obama! I have to agree with Gingrich on this but for different reasons. Obama is a wimp.

We Progressives have a choice:

Continued support for Barrack Obama OR “Change We Can Believe In”. We need Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean to run in the Democratic Primary and if Obama wins then challenge him as third party candidate.

Obama can do his “meow” but we do not have to follow.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Represent¬† “Change We Can Believe In”

Below Senator Bernie Sanders lays it out. Why isn’t Barrack Obama doing this? Instead Obama repeats his endless castrati mantra…”Meow..Meow”! His new jobs bill will undercut the financing of Social Security and is a concession to Republicans. Yet they know they have Obama the wimp on the run! The issue is not re-election! The issue is doing the right thing and standing up for the “hope and change” that he preached for. If he looses then that is fine because he will have made inroads for future leaders! President Obama should be the “preacher in chief ” for change but all we have is a wimp!

Below Senator Bernie Sanders points out the income gap and the need to break up the banks.

Obama was the top recipient from the Goldman Sachs Pac in 2008! So much for “hope and change”! Do you really believe Obama would break up the banks or stop the practice of “usury”? All is Financial Reforms have done is to remove the fine print so that we can see that the banks are still screwing us with usury! We gave more money to AIG than to infrastructure repair.

We need a real stimulus but Obama keeps “playing” liberal inside the monied confines of the Corporate Sandbox! That is one of the reasons we are witnessing the #Occupy Wall Street phenomena in NYC and across the nation!

Obama should learn from the patriots at the Occupy Wall Street protests!

Occupy Wall Street Rage Is More Than Unions

Yes I am glad that many unions are now joining the movement but I don’t want them to run it. This latter day hippie still remembers the Vietnam War era when construction workers were beating up medical students in downtown Manhattan! Before the union leadership gets grandiose ideas of taking over this movement might I suggest that they first get their membership to stop voting Republican!

While I am a college graduate I am also a member of a blue collar union. The leadership may be Progressive but our membership has many Tea Party members! In this the aftermath of the Arab spring with Twitter and Facebook I hope our current young people take the lead of this movement.

What we are witnessing today in America is not simply the exporting of blue collar jobs to China and other nations, rather no one is talking about the white collar jobs that are being off shored. College graduates are finding that their careers are jeopardized because the 1% have this grandiose sense of entitlement!

Corporate plutocrats want Americans to fight for scarce paychecks and to compete with third world college grads overseas, while they collect the DIVIDEND check from the suffering generated by this competition. They call this “innovation”!

They have been using the same “innovation” against blue collar workers but the war on college graduates has not received the media attention it deserves. College graduates are defaulting on student loans because the jobs are not there! The American dream has been exported and the 1% collect the service fee!

We are becoming a nation unemployed and underemployed all in the service of our social betters! To serve the corporate collective is our role in life! – I say NO WAY!

Where the hell is Barrack Obama?

We need Senator Bernie Sanders for President in 2012! Thank God for the Occupy Wall Street protests!

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