Occupy Wall Street Protesters Denied Free Speech

Why aren’t the patriots who are attending the #Occupy Wall Street protests around this nation allowed to use electronic equipment like microphones? I guess the free speech of our new citizens called “Corporations” are more important than those who have to work for a living!

Just take a short look at this video where Deepak Chopra gives gives a meditation using the “people’s mic” as reported on Dylan Ratigan’s blog. When you first see it you might believe they are doing an “affirmation or slogan exercise”.

No this is instead an example of the “People’s Mic“! They are trying  to allow those in the back to hear the speaker, because electronic equipment is not allowed! Who is protecting the FREE SPEECH of the Occupy Wall Street Protesters? Why cannot they use electronic equipment, at least for several hours per day?


The same “People’s Mic” practice occurs at their Boston demonstrations. No microphones are allowed. When a speaker says something it is repeated out loud so those in the back can hear.


Imagine trying to listen to a speech this way? Our social betters however have a better method to amply their corporate voices! It is called a “Super-Pac”!

Corporations Make Us Fund Their Speech

Just tell any Republican that you have a way to finance all elections without costing the taxpayer a cent! What is that method they will ask?

Answer: Why tax the corporations!

The response you will get from your Republican friends is that you are being naive since the corporations will just pass the cost on to the consumer via an increase in prices for their goods and services!

My Point:

QUESTION: Really corporations will pass on the tax cost? Well then who is paying when corporations make contributions to superpacs?

ANSWER: We the consumers are paying to advance their agenda!

This is “Taxation Without Representation”! Why would a shareholder want to pay for this as they don’t even have loyalty to the organization that earns them money without work. If  the corporation becomes a burden they can just move their investment to another corporation. Many even do “day trading”.

The management of the corporation is riding this wave of wealth and forcing us to pay for their political agenda!

Corporations are NOT people. Just look at the short video below if you have any doubts and show it to your friends!


The Republicans and the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party seem more concerned for the rights of corporations!

Thomas Paine Would Join The Occupy Wall Street Protests

Thomas Paine, who was a leader in the American Revolution and the author of “Common Sense” warned us about the dangers of “economic royalists” and inherited wealth as an obstacle to creating a land of equal opportunity! We need a strong inheritance tax so the children of the rich can have a stake in this “land of equal opportunity” rather than live apart under the umbrella of “Nanny Trusts”!

No one is trying to stop middle class Americans from passing on their inheritance to their children. That is not the issue. But in this land of equal opportunity which is the hallmark of American Exceptionalism, we cannot tolerate millions in Nanny Trusts while jobs are shipped overseas in the service of dividend income!

An inheritance tax is not a death tax! Rather it is an “American Exceptionalism Preservation Tax”! We need equal opportunity in terms of free speech! The Occupy Wall Street protesters should be allowed to have microphones at designated hours!

When it comes to politics, Corporations should be seen and not heard!

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