Occupy Wall Street Protesters Vs. Corpocrats

The Democratic Party now has to make up it’s mind! Do they want to continue to “play” progressive inside the money lined confines of the corporate sandbox or are they willing to stand up for values! Recently while driving with my some of my family who are Republicans we went under a bridge where a makeshift banner was hung.

It said “Debt is slavery“!

What many just don’t seem to realize is that these Occupy Wall Street protesters are college students and recent graduates who are burdened with tuition debt. Meanwhile there are few jobs and many of their careers have been off-shored. Blue collar jobs are not the only ones to be off shored!

With that in mind just look at the performance of our glorious Democratic Party and our messianic President!

  • We have a financial reform law that does not address the leveraging and casino gambling that has taken place with our lives and careers but only forces the creation of a mere backup fund in case Wall Street needs another TARP.
  • We still have the practice of usury alive and well. But now thanks to Obama and Wall Street Chuckie we have a mandate that corporations must be up front about the interest rate charged! But the rate is still usury!
  • President Obama has proposed a second stimulus that is smaller than the amount we paid to just AIG. Further it is to be funded by cuts in the safety net and social security. Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”!
We are approaching the situation in the Democratic Party that we had in 1968! At that point we had a sitting Democratic President who alienated the left of his own party by his stance on the war which was the major issue of the day. Currently, in this era, war is not really the major issue. Jobs and the growing income gap are the major issues and those issues that surround theses.
What would Glenn Beck say if it appeared there was a  nation wide coordination of crackdowns on conservative rallies? Below Dylan Ratigan discusses the nation wide crack down n the Occupy Wall Street Protesters! Don’t they realize that in this age of Facebook and Twitter you cannot stop a real grass roots movement like this?

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#Occupy Wall Street Protesters The Downfall Of Obama?

I believe this may indeed be the case and frankly as a Social Democrat I hope so! Just imagine the further compromises and damages to the New Deal that this wimp could inflict on America if he is reelected?
But what if the protests turn violent? Well I hope it doesn’t but let examine some questions:
  • Why didn’t conservatives discipline Michelle Bachmann when she called for her supporters to be “armed and dangerous”?
  • How come conservatives can talk about the “tree of liberty being watered by the blood of patriots”?
  • Why can Rick Perry talk about Texas secession and the news media doesn’t fry him now that he is running for President?
  • Why can Tea Party nut jobs show up at rallies carrying rifles and that is ok? Imagine if the demonstrators had rifles at Zucotti Park when the police evicted them?

We have a President who completely lacks testosterone! The time has come for the Occupy Wall Street movement to urge the Democrats to DUMP THE WIMP!

The problem is that when you have a party of corporate sponsored pansy wimps you cannot expect them to challenge Obama! We need a third party challenge to Obama and a complete reformation of the Democratic Party.


The Issue Is Corporate Ownership Of America

Most Democrats would rather simply “play” progressive inside the corporate sandbox rather than risk their campaign donations and fear PAC attack ads on them. If the Democrats loose who cares? If Republicans try to destroy the New Deal then it will create a real backlash that might cause a constitutional amendment to outlaw corporate money in politics!

I expect the Republicans to act like corporate stooges. But I expect far more from the Democratic Party and Obama! The time has come to DUMP THE WIMP!

We need Bernie Sanders for President in 2012!


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