Occupy Wall Street – Tea Party Comparison

Despite their eviction from Zuccoti Park the Occupy Wall Street Movement has demonstrated they have guts and the Tea Party does not. The Tea Party was so self righteous for the past two years and hogged the news media! They exposed Obama as the wimp that he is, constantly caving into their pressures.

Michelle Bachmann recently got a taste of her own tea when the Occupy Wall Street protesters came to one of her town halls. See the video below. I love it!


Occupy Wall Street Tea Party Comparison

Lets compare these two movements:

  1. The Tea Party are sunshine soldiers who are “sooo” macho carrying around guns at demonstrations while the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators fight the police with their bare hands.
  2. The Tea Party hecklers at Health Reform town halls stand then sit fast to avoid arrest. The Occupy Wall Street patriots allow themselves to be beaten and pepper sprayed.
  3. The Tea Party members talk about being armed then go home to bed at night while the Occupy Wall Street patriots camp out on concrete all over the country!
  4. The Tea Party talks about the evils of Wall Street while the Occupy Movement does something!
  5. The Tea Party and their minions, such as Michelle Bachmann,  brag about the “Tree of liberty needs to be watered by the blood of patriots” yet I only see the blood of Occupy Wall Street members as the Tea Party is a bunch of wimps just like our President who constantly caves in to them!

Michelle Bachmann who once said she wants her folks “armed and dangerous” has no right to criticize the patriots in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Below Carl Rove also gets a taste of leftie tea!

Meanwhile where is our messianic President who was supposed to stand for “change we can believe in?” No one faults him for not passing laws due to Republican obstructionism.

However consider this!

While girls, priests, and an 80 year old woman are being beaten in NYC our “wimp in chief” Barrack Obama does not have the guts to stand up to Wall Street. Obama and his minions continue to “play progressive” but inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox that supports their re-election.

Obama the wimpy hearted should be going up and down the length of this land as FDR did and attack the power of  “organized money” and “economic royalists“. FDR used those terms to attack the enemies of the middle class. Obama is to preoccupied being a wimp and caving into them.


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