Oil Is Not Well At The Shining Casino On The Hill

The reckless behavior of our social betters could be birthing a new economic crash. They have linked the future of the United States to oil! Instead of using the time available to develop alternative energy we have pursued Sarah Palin’s advice!

“Drill baby Drill!”

We are to subsidize the oil industry while they are floating in wealth. While their mantra of “drill baby drill” was being chanted by BP’s mindless corporate bureaucrats, cost cutting took place that gave us the BP oil spill.

Our nation should have learned it’s lesson and attacked the alternative energy problem with the urgency of a 21st-century Manhattan project.

But the flow of organized money into Congress prevented that.

Instead, America gave a response to this urgent challenge with as much testosterone as Barrack Obama in responding to the false charges of the birthers and death panels. That is to say “MEOW.”

For a living organism to respond to a threat it must engage its decision-making apparatus. The problem with American society is that our political institutions are corrupted and addicted to corporate money!

While the Republicans and the corporate wing of the Democratic party did their corporate owners bidding wasting valuable time. So where was our beloved champion of “change we can believe in”? Did he take to the air waves and travel the nation night and day to use his office to effect real change in values? No,  Barrack Obama used the bully pulpit with as much gusto as a “castrati” in a whore house!

Stop making excuses for Obama. Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress when he began.

Barrack Obama’s practice of testosterone-free confrontation with Wall Street and the Republicans enabled the continued marriage of America to oil. If Obama used the bully pulpit change would have begun and investors would have changed the capital flow away from oil. But no Obama used the bully pulpit to cry “MEOW”!

Our Nation Is Linked To Oil Thanks To A Purchased Congres

If oil and gas prices go down at the pump putting more money in Americans pockets we should all be happy – right?

No instead these know it alls have engaged in a right wing social engineering experiment whereby pensions are almost extinct and retirement money is in 401K’s that are linked to the price of oil! Once again the TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY MEME at work.

We internalize and act on this stupid belief:

“What is good for my social betters is what is good for me and for America!”

Naturally it is the place of the Silent Majority, America’s middle class to comfort the comfortable of the 1% by slashing their taxes while they reward us by offshoring our jobs and outsourcing those that remain.

The Republicans want to run the middle class under the bus. But thanks to dear Hillary Clinton we might keep some aspects of FDR as long as we play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox that is set by organized money!

Oh dear, look over there! Yes a few high tech jobs have not been offshored that’s where outsourcing comes in. Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for supporting the H1-B Indentured High Tech Visa. That way corporations that could not offshore can outsource to Indian firms that bring the foreigner to us! Oh yes “yankee innovation“!

And why not?

Our purpose in life as the middle class is to comfort the comfortable of the 1%! Maybe one day if I believe in trickle down identity I will be worthy of being one of the “screwers” rather than one of the “screwed”.

Oh yes only in America! Let’s celebrate our FREEDOM TO GET SCREWED!

  • Who needs a pension anyway when we can work at Walmart till we drop dead!
  • Now thanks to the choices of those who guide this shining casino on the hill we can see 401K and pension funds invested in the fuel of the past rather than the future.
  • Don’t you just wish we had privatized social security also as President Bush wanted? Then we could see even social security subject to the stock market – the shining casino on the hill!
  • Who needs Medicare or ObamaCare for that matter. We need to get our priorities set. Let’s stop the fight against Cancer, instead, keep up the federal subsidies for tobacco farmers and let health care go up in smoke.

We in the middle class are just so happy to do our part by not receiving our full social security at 65. Instead, we have to wait till we are 66 or 67 because our job and social security should come after their dividend security!

The Shining Casino On The Hill: The Entitlement Class Placing Wild Profit Speculation Before Sound Judgement And Real Innovation

We are witnessing another stock market crash. Two factors are emerging as the cause. The first is China and the second is the lowering cost of Oil because the stock market has married this carbon harlot for earth killing profits.

The OFFSHORING CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have corrupted our government through campaign financing. This bi-partisan sanctioned corruption has resulted in two changes in our society:

  1. Laws have been relaxed to allow the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS to flee the nation that gave them birth, protection, incorporation and sales profits so they could speculate in China. Then they cry that they will be taxed if they bring their treasonous profits back to America, stashing them instead in the Cayman Islands. All this while the BLEEDING HEARTS in the GOP and corporate wing of the Democratic Party call for opening up the gates to a tax holiday along with TPP!
  2. Our planet is facing global warming. China’s capital has become a showcase of pollution. Our nation is in danger of returning to the days of Andrew Carnegie with industrial pollution.  Despite this, these effete snobs of privilege continue to stop our nation’s conversion to alternative energy. Due to geopolitical reasons, there is a glut of oil in the marketplace. The Silent Majority sees their cost of living temporarily drop due to reduced costs at the gas station. Yippy – RIGHT? Hell no the speculators at the GOLDEN CASINO ON THE HILL where speculation takes the place of work are all in a panic! They may have to reap the karma for their decision to invest in oil rather than alternative energy!

But not for them to worry as they have:

  • America’s pension funds and
  • bank accounts leveraged to their never ending sense of entitlement to speculate rather than do real capital innovation in America’s infrastructure and alternative energy!
  • Besides comforting the comfortable is the purpose of the silent majority. Who cares if we have social security deferred past 65? The important thing is they get their tax cuts and we pick up the tab for their reckless casino speculations. WHO TOLD THEM TO INVEST IN CHINA?

To Serve Our Social Betters In Their Vision Of America As The Shining Casino On The Hill Is Our Purpose in Life!

Our middle class works their butts off to artificially “compete” with offshore slave labor. This “artificial competition”  was induced by these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS when they purchased our government to change trade laws and not up the tariffs.

Their philosophy is simple:

I want you and You and YOU to all COMPETE with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks. While I sit back with my entitlement to enjoy the dividend check from your pain!

Combined with their spend thrift speculation in wars, derivaitives and the setting of white and blue collar employees into a fiece competion to the bottom, these effete snobs of privilege call this non-productive Anti-American enterprise “innovation.

But this “innovation” is bringing about the destruction of the well that fed them.

The aggregate purchasing power of our middle class is declining even if Barrack Obama is proud of his reduction of unemployment. What good is it if job creation is now walmartized?

Gone are the days when capital was used to invest in science, infrastructure and the virtuous echo chamber of the multiplier effect!

These parasites of privilege want to enjoy America’s “aggregate demand” while they undermine the virtuous cycle of the echo chamber that results from the multiplier effect! If I have a job that pays well I buy more stuff and that puts others to work while it correctly makes a patriotic investor richer! I have no problem with that!

Instead these effete snobs of privilege become CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS taking our jobs to foregin lands. Those rich that remain destroy the fire wall between savings institutions and investment institutions with a resultant rush to the dangerous styles of finacial leverage!

Instead of productive capital investment that deserves a good reward (I have no problem with that) they off shore or turn America into a high stakes leverage shining casino on a hill where derivitives and oil speculation are king! They have the Silent Majority to pay for their casino losses.

Their code of conduct is the hell with America that gave them birth and profits!

They want a casino and want to break the firewall between savings institutions and speculators.

These wild-eyed speculators in their Temple of Babylon have turned America into their shinning casino on the hill. They are not engaged in innovation but offshoring and leverage manipulation while the Silent Majority picks up the tab.

When our economy fails, and the tax base is hurt these effete snobs of privilege then cry crocodile tears that others should exercise “self-responsibility“! Yet they religiously avoid taking responsibility for their reckless behaviors such as:

  • Offshoring especially into China.
  • Oil investment instead of alternative energy investment. Then they want us to give oil corporations tax breaks.
  • Reckless speculation into weird magical leverage instruments, such as “derivatives” and junk bonds.
  • Doing this wild casino speculation they tore down the firewalls between savings banks and investment firms so they could raid the banks. If their speculation were in building America they things would work out. But these effete snobs of privilege have a never ending “sense of  entitlement” for fairytale profits which they project on to others. They expect society to pay for their recklessness of offshoring, oil investment and magical speculation investment in leverage instruments.

All of the above evils could be corrected in the long term where it not for the infestation of organized money into politics

Their worst behavior was to corrupt the decision-making process of our political institutions via  (1) issue ad financing and (2) campaign financing. This results in politicians needing a de facto license to run for office.

Politicians may or may not engage in a quid-pro-pro. They may honestly believe in what they vote for. The problem is politicians who do not believe in corporate welfare bear a heavy burden to get elected or re-elected. That is the modus operandi by which our society is corrupted. That and the fact that issue ads will be skewed to the interests of the rich.

Many have a belief that if they own stock, they are part of the elites when they are just one job loss or illness away from poverty.

But these middle-class stock owners are “throw-aways” to the effete billionaire class. When these middle-class people lose their job or have a catastrophic illness  they have served their purpose to comfort the comfortable by voting for Republicans or Corporate Democrats!


The 1% do not take responsibility for their reckless actions on our society by only caring about immediate profits, not the long term interests of the nation that made those profits possible.

All they care about is their entitlement to speculate and use our nation as leverage! Why not we are here to bail them out just as we did in 2008 under Bush and then in 2009 under Obama.

What to worry? Our purpose in life is to bail out these effete snobs of privilege with our enhanced incomes from competition with offshore slave labor that our social betters engineered for us. Oh yes, this is FREEDOM!

Time to take our country back from these effete snobs of privilege and restore the Silent Majority! Make a contribution below. I did!