On AIG – Do Not Let The Republicans Steal Populist Rage

I worked for these scum bags at AIG! They made the average white collar employee feel their job was on the line every year. Naturally right before Christmas. Just their way of saying “Merry Christmas”. AIG used a term called “Re-Org” which they did constantly. Employees would loose their jobs and get new ones soon after but the “Pension Clock” would start over. What I find amazing is that Republicans, who are the friends of these Corporate effete snobs, are now trying to “leverage” themselves as the champions of public and populist rage against this company that benefited from the Republican de-regulation frenzy!

I support President Barrack Obama as does the author of the video above. But we must really go after these bastards! No quarter for them and their like who would benefit from government intervention years ago to change the employment field for “white collar” computer professionals. There used to be a time when if you worked hard in America you had a future. Many of us took computer programming courses hoping to advance in a market that was favorable to the technology field. Now thanks to the H1–b Visa program computer programmers are actually “unionizing” because companies like AIG would hire outside firms to replace their computer programmers with foreign H1-b workers! Then the conservatives whine that no one wants to study computers in college! Reminds me of Ann Rand and her book/statement “Atlas Shrugged!”

Ah but AIG has such a heart! They let their employees train their replacements first then FIRE THEM! Every college grad who is reading this should know their profession can be next! When you hear nonsense about “Retraining Blue Collar Workers” to met the new needs of a technological society” I suggest you check the Programmers Guild website and blog along with affiliated organizations!

The upper class is waging WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS! Make no mistake about it. This is no longer just a blue collar issue!

  • How come the “Contracts” to AIG Execs are so scared yet “UNION CONTRACTS” to Auto Workers are not?
  • Why should anyone earn millions of dollars in just one year in a bonus when the President of The United States, who has far more responsibilities, earns only $400k? Note I don’t care even if these execs did not fail but where successful! Who are they to earn so much money then me or any member of this society? Did they create a cure for cancer, heart disease or aids?

The time has come to take our nation back from these effete snobs of privilege! AIG even had a “Socialist Countries” profit division in the 1980’s before the fall of the Soviet Union. “Profit before country!”

No one is against those who make innovations being rewarded! But April 15th is the day to check in with REALITY! Europe still has millionaires and even billionaires yet their nations enforce “social responsibility”. Oh I guess the law and order Republicans find the word “responsibility” distastestful! At least George Bush did when he never served the required time in the National Guard. But what the hell he is one of our social betters!



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