Operation Ragnarok: Give Rush Limbaugh His Own Medicine

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh - Operation Chaos

I would like to propose a DIRTY TRICK that we Progressives and Democrats can play on the Republicans! When Democrats where involved in our 2008 primary Rush Limbaugh told his disciples to launch “Operation Chaos” to damage the Democratic Party.

I believe we Progressives now have a perfect opportunity to perform a  “Rush Limbaugh” maneuver  back! In case you forgot let me explain how Rush Limbaugh and his fellow travelers wanted to play a dirty trick on the Democratic Party!

At the time Barrack Obama was just about to finish up Hillary Clinton but Rush Limbaugh wanted the fight to be extended as long as possible. In fact he wanted literally to have riots in the streets, with cars set on fire! View the short video below!



Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos”

Let’s reiterate Rush Limbaugh’s stated plan.

Many states allow voters to vote in any primary they desire to. But they can only vote in one party’s primary. Other states confine you to vote in the primary of the party you are a registered member. Others allow independents to vote once in the party primary of their choice.

When Rush Limbaugh announced his plan (see video above), McCain already had the votes he needed to win the Republican Primary. So Rush wanted Republicans and independents to vote for Hillary Clinton. Rush Limbaugh made it very clear that he was not supporting either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama. His stated goal was to have the fight between Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to divide the Democratic Party. He even wanted it to end with blood and riots. Don’t believe me then listen to him in the video above!

My Liberal Revenge Plan: “Operation Ragnarok”

“Ragnarok” is a term from the old Norse legends that refereed to the fall of Valhalla and it’s war like ways! Here is my plan for “OPERATION RAGNAROK”!

We need to support the most lunatic Republican to get the Republican nomination for President while blocking Mitt Romney, Ron Paul or John Huntsman!

This means we need to support one of these “Three Stooges” to become the GOP nominee:

  1. Rick Perry
  2. Michelle Bachmann
  3. Sarah Palin (if she runs)

This is so exciting! It is just so hard to choose!

But here is the plan!

If you live in one of the states that allow Democrats or independents to vote in the Republican Party then vote for one of the above who is given the highest chance to win against Mitt Romney! As of this writing that is Rick Perry!

I know some may say that Sarah Palin is even nuttier! But she most likely will not throw her hat into the ring and if she does, then voting for her may allow Mitt Romney to win the Republican Primary. We do not want Mitt Romney as no one knows what he stands for. His one good grace was his Medical Plan but he seems to distance himself from that.

What we as liberals want to see is a knock down fight in the GOP as to which candidate most hates evolution (evil-lution), social security, medicare, college tuition assistance and the social safety net. While at the same time who most wants to turn America into a theocracy that values the elimination of the minimum wage so that we can all live in an America that serves best our social betters!

We want this vision in front of America every night on TV!

However when the primary comes to your state, and if you can cross over, vote for the most likely of the three above to knock out Mitt Romney!

There Is One Down Side To Operation Ragnarok

The sad part of this is that it makes Barrack Obama look good!  This liberal is fed up with Barrack Obama. My ultimate hope is that Operation Ragnarok will make the Republicans so weak that a REAL PROGRESSIVE like Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean will launch a third party candidacy so that we can have “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”!

I urge you to watch the video above. Ask yourself what if a liberal had called for riots in the streets with cars burning! Even I do not want that!

My question to you my readers is this:

When conservatives like Rush Limbaugh show their true colors how can Barrack Obama be such a wimp? We need some one to fight back who has testosterone! We Progressives had better not just sit back. To hell with Obama!

Operation Ragnarok is one way to make it easier for Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean to enter the race as the Republicans will look weak. My feeling is that while we want to weaken the Republicans, and Operation Ragnarok will do that, we STILL must launch a third party challenge to Barrack Obama.

Imagine what damage Obama could do to the New Deal with four more years? Operation Ragnarok will maximize the possibility to elect a third party progressive but we need to launch a challenge to Obama regardless.

If Operation Ragnarok results in the re-election of Barrack Obama then the joke is on us liberals. I realize that Progressives fear the election of a Republican and thus will back Obama. I am hoping Operation Ragnarok will minimize the election of a Republican but regardless we must push for a Progressive candidate to challenge Barrack Obama!

By ridding us of Barrack Obama and his Goldman Sachs connections we can elect a REAL Progressive. If not then we will have a Republican and my response is “so what?”

They will then expose their corporate class agenda and Americans will vote them out in disgust. This will result in a constitutional amendment to ban corporations from our political processes!

Operation Ragnarok will win and when Valhalla falls our new and ever glorious Scandinavian Euro Social Democratic Motherland will arise on the ashes of the corporatists and their vile plutocracy!

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