Party Of No Vs Party Of Meow

To hell with Joe Lieberman, we need a single payer Universal Health Care system financed by the repeal of both the Bush and Reagan tax cuts to the super rich. My God you would think that these people actually earn their money the way they whine. While the Republican Party has turned into the “party of no” the Democratic Party has turned into the party of MEOW! Harry Reid now claims he is for the Public Option. But as Rachel Maddow demonstrates in the video clip below what Harry Reid supports is so watered down that it is practically worthless! (See video below)

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However it is far worse than that! We must remember some facts:

  1. America spends far more per capita on healthcare than the United Kingdom or Canada.
  2. Yet we are ranked 37th by the World Health Care Organization.
  3. All agree that if nothing is done the cost of health care will sky rocket in the next few years.

This last fact is very important and something the Democratic Party better take into consideration before falsely believing “passing any healthcare bill, no matter how weak, is better than none”!

The Democratic Party is turning into the “Party of Meow”! Since most Americans are not fully aware of what is going to happen in the next few years if nothing is done, the Republicans could be setting the Democrats up to take the blame for the cost increases when they happen! When the already forecasted healthcare costs rise the Republicans will blame it on the passage of a national healthcare care law! That is why we must have a strong Public Option!

They already have used this technique this year!

Just look at how the Democrats are taking the blame for the large budget deficits due to the stimulus bill! Yes the Democrats do counter that George Bush left Obama a deficit but the important issue is President Obama should have vigorously blamed the Republicans for the past deficit and the  “future deficit” as he started his term! No instead he stated he wanted to “look forward” and not to point the finger of blame!

Can you hear all the Democrats now with their new “mantra”. What is that “mantra”. The mantra is “MEOW”! Oh dear we don’t want to get negative now do we? Oh I don’t want to incur any bad karma! To hell with being nice! I want to point the finger and blame the Republicans! Time for some guts or does being liberal mean being a wimp?

The video below by www.MoveOn.Org illustrates the current frustration of Americans as we experience the high costs of healthcare! If we do not have a strong Public Option to keep the insurance companies in check then the costs will continue to sky rocket and we Democrats will take the blame!

Republicans will use the same techniques featured by MoveOn.Org in the video above to falsely blame the Democrats as healthcare costs continue to rise! The costs will rise if we do not have a strong public option to contain the insurance cartel!

Just look at the way Republicans are “stealing” Main Street’s rage against “Wall Street”. They are actually making us look to be the friends of corporate America! What is the Democratic Party’s response?

That response is one word: “MEOW”

My God we have the majority in both Houses of Congress and the Presidency! The Republicans have more potency as a minority then we have with our control of the government.

Meanwhile the insurance cartel continues to tax middle class Americans via premiums to subsidize their K – Street activities! When will corporate undermining of democracy be addressed by the Democratic Congress? How about a Liberal version of the Tea Party Movement! This is corporate America engaging in “Taxation Without Representation”.

Do we hear any outrage from the majority of Democrats?

No just a deafing “MEOW”!