Paul Ryan As VP: Corporate Collectivism Or Individual Freedom

Mitt Romney has not only placed his presidential dreams on an “austerity plan” but may have actually assisted Barrack Obama to finally get some testosterone!   President Obama and many Democrats have been to “polite” in not addressing the issue of wealth redistribution from the middle class to the top 1%.

Furthermore in recent years those at the top were increasingly not ethically successful but based on the “innovations” of off shoring, out sourcing, and turning this nation’s top 1% into a giant black hole of parasitism that preys on genuine entrepreneurship! This nation needs a return to entrepreneurship  that competes on an ethical platform and produces real goods and services of value rather than being a casino for the indulgent!

Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan could be a gold mine for Democrats!

  • But will Democrats stand up to these effete snobs of privilege and demand an end to this era of licentious permissiveness on Wall Street? 
  • Will Democrats stand up for the lessons of history and reestablish tried and true banking regulations!
  • Will Democrats stop playing “make believe liberal” inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox of their contributors?

The issue is the willingness of Democrats to really get down and dirty!

Time to  throw some red meat and stop pulling punches. The tea party has no such problem but Democrats do have a problem with getting some testosterone.

  • “Oh dear we might be called West European socialists!” (Yet these nations  are still democracies. They are the foundations of NATO).
  • “What would our corporate sponsors say”! Remember Barrack Obama was the favorite in 2008 of Goldman Sachs. That’s why we have Financial Reforms without removing “to big to fail” and so called reforms that still allow usury!
  • “But wouldn’t we be against Americans being self sufficient?” What amount of money makes you self sufficient? Can an employee of a small corporation make that amount of money? Can any member of the middle class survive in comfort in their old age? Many multi-millionaires believe you are not self sufficient unless you have seven million dollars. Yet the GOP and corporate Democrats would sanction off shoring jobs and lower pay for those jobs that remain. Then they wonder why people use the hospital emergency rooms because they cannot afford a doctor. It’s called “FREEDOM”!


Corporate Collectivism Vs. Individual Freedom

We hear this endless stream of right wing rhetoric extolling the virtues of “individual freedom” and “self sufficiency”!

However when we examine their concept of “freedom” it translates into the freedom of the effete snobs of privilege to an unending flow of dividend checks at the expense of white collar and blue collar pay checks!

In the video below a characterture of  Paul Ryan throws granny off the cliff. The issue is one of values and the short film pulls the issue of values out of the closet that scares Republicans and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.

(Note if the video does not appear you may have to hit the reload button on your browser).

Republicans Throw Grandma Off the Cliff

The value issue is:

Granny or the freedom of corporate dividend checks free of social contract obligations!

Granny and Grandpa served the corporation! They finished their usefulness to the corporate collective  so now they can be jettisoned! The more important issue is the free flow of dividend checks to our social betters.

They claim that with a “voucher” program you get “your money” so you have the freedom  to choose! The real issue is that Grandma and Grandpa were never paid their rightful compensation by the corporations and the social safety net is their last opportunity to get part of what they deserve!

Compensation is not based on reality but on the basis of power! Corporate elites can even manipulate their power free of market constraints. That is why we need a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state! We put up with the “illusion of market compensation justification” as we don’t want to have dentists fighting doctors and electricians fighting plumbers!

The progressive income tax and estate tax are just reality’s way of saying “howdie and welcome to reality!”

The market is not all wise. This is the issue that both Republicans and Democrats do not want to face that the real producers are the American middle class.

Progressives Must Wage Psychological Warfare

The  GOP went nuts about the video above that went viral a while back.  Yet they just waged a smear campaign concerning “death panels”. What I like about the video above is that it adds the dimension of “potency” to the advocacy of the progressive agenda!

We are engaged in psychological warfare with the right wing. It is not simply the “message” but the “potency” of that message as some Americans are informationally challenged. Many Americans do not have much of an attention span when the issue is politics. That is why “potency” of our political messages is so important.

Many Americans have been beaten down so badly by the corporate collectivists that the message is not so much important  as the “potency”. They want to identify with that “potency”! That is why the video above is so cool compared to a mere speech.

Barrack Obama never understood this. Funny when the issue is Obama’s job he discovers potency and testosterone in advocacy! But when the issue was a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state Barrack Obama had no such potency. When the Koche brothers poured money into Wisconsin all Obama did was send a “tweet” of support to the unions while the GOP waged the politics of envy against union workers who still had pensions and health care insurance!


By their use of the psychological techniques of “trickle down identity” they have some middle class Americans believing their fate lies with the top 1%!

  • “Do you own stock? Why then you are with us!” Sure and watch what happens when you loose your job or have a major illness! Watch what happens when the banksters get away with defrauding individual investors of their life savings so they can sell junk that they know is junk.
  • Do you work in a professional or semi-professional job?  Why then you are one of us in the 1% or will soon be.” – No your white collar job might be off shored or out sourced in the service of our social betters. Just ask a computer programmer. Even if you have a hands on profession your competition will now increase as new college grads adjust to the changing career market.
  • “But America is not based on the politics of envy! We should reward those who are productive”! WHAT! Don’t you have pride in what you contribute to America? Aren’t the 99% contributing to this nation!

Republicans Use The “Politics of Envy”

Besides no one wants to harm a doctor. The issue is not the doctor, small business owner or the lawyer. The issue is the CEO who not only makes in one day what the average citizen makes in one year but who wants to eliminate even that poor worker. He wants to ship his job off shore or out source it. Next is the CEO who creates toxic assets instead of real value.

The fact is rewards are not based on contributions to society but contributions to our social betters! Compare the compensation packages of the head of Medicare with a health insurance company! Now where is the waste?

Yet these parasites would wage the politics of envy on the few Americans who still have pensions and so called “cadillac health insurance“! Germans would not call it “Cadillac health insurance”  just “regular insurance! It is not a privilege but a right!

When the role of government is reduced in a democracy “individual freedom” is not increased! Instead with out a potent “referee” that is an agent of a free society, the vacuum is filled by the bully power of the corporation! This is the “freedom” that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan offer us!

Yes the joy and freedom to serve the corporation!

Push Granny off the cliff and push both the white and blue collar employee off the cliff! After all our purpose in life is to serve our social betters in the corporate elite!

Ship those jobs off shore! Frequently to America’s enemies while singing the “Corporate Internationale“! Yes indeed American exceptionalism! Invest in any nation except America! Then wave the flag and send middle class boys and girls off to fight wars while they invest in Halliburton stocks to profit! While the George Bush Jr. types aren’t man enough to  finish their National Guard commitments, time to wail about dem queers in the military!

Yes only in America!

This is the “freedom” that Mitt Romney and his fellow traveler and Vice Presidential pick Paul Ryan, want to protect! So sing the “Corporate Internationale” with their “entitlements” of off shoring and Cayman Island tax shelters  while throwing Grandma off the cliff!


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