Pelosi Now Learns About Republicans

Nancy Pelosi has been a first rate wimp over the last two years as Speaker of The House. She did not want to pursue the impeachment of Bush or Cheney! Despite all the lies about the facts leading up to the war she did nothing to pursue a rigorous investigation of intelligence gathering.

Now over the last week surprise! Nancy Pelosi is waking up! She is also appearing just as wimpy and flip flopping as before! If she had lead the charge against Bush and Cheney the focus would be now on them rather than her!

A key strategy of the Republicans is to appear decisive and attack flip flopping! She has fallen into their trap and may hurt the Democratic Party because she was not decisive over the last two years in going after former President Bush and Cheney! Republicans know that Americans like ACTION FIGURES! Bush was an action figure by kicking Iraqi butt and initially Americans liked him for that. President Obama got elected because when the issue turned to the economy he was perceived as an ACTION FIGURE while McCain was an advocate of Laissez-faire capitalism!

Republicans know that Americans hate the image of a indecisive person! They cannot hang that on Obama but they can on Pelosi. They have successfully reversed the investigation from Bush, Cheney and the CIA to focusing on her instead. Many Democrats, like myself, felt she was indecisive but now are protecting one of our own. I question if that is right! (See the video below)

The time has come to take FORCEFULL DYNAMIC ACTION to:

  • Investigate Cheney and his fellow travelers as they steered from a “STRICT CONSTRUCTIONALIST” interpretation of the Constitution that they swore to defend!
  • Bring to America’s attention how the Republicans are not bothered by Insurance Companies standing between doctor and patient while they profit from it and attempt to side track the issue by saying we Democrats want the government in between the Doctor and Patient!
  • Challenge the vast salary and compensation gaps between the top 5% and the Silent Majority while the President, with much higher responsibility earns only 400K

We Democrats have been keeping our gloves on far to long. Let Obama play “good Democrat” but we need some nasty boys like Vice President Biden to sock it to them! Did the Republicans care when they made a big stink over Bill Clinton’s sexual problems? No they tied our nation down. We must have the same guts else we will not be perceived as “action figures”. We must be like a broken record, yes even attacking the news media! Hell we allowed the Republicans to get away with making the news media seem they favored us when they did not!

Time to stand up for the Silent Majority!