Perky Pelosi: Where Have All The Values Gone – Long Time A Passing?

Well let me start this post with some humor.

The new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was so upset that fellow Democrats where not sticking to their stated goal of working five days per week in Congress that she called for an immediate “Retreat” to rest and recuperate! The Democrats will be flown on Air force One, at taxpayer expense, to American Samoa where they can regain their bearing and charter tactics to attack the dastardly Republicans for not working full five day work weeks, getting corporate perks and not supporting the Democratic initiative for the minimum wage!

Well frankly as a Democrat I was surprised at her recent attempt to get free Air Force Flights. I also don’t know why she wanted American Samoa excluded from the minimum wage hike. I have promised my readers of this blog, that while I am a Democrat, I will examine issues from a middle class perspective and be anti-politically correct! Please understand this is NOT a defense of the actions of Nancy Pelosi. Many Americans love to throw up their hands and point to politicians as if they are inherently evil. They point out the amount of money they raise for campaigns. Americans frequently support campaign financing laws that correctly limit the funds from big contributors but also want to limit the amount that can be spent on campaigns regardless of what the source of funding. I firmly disagree.

Remember Ross Perot? You may like him or hate him. My point is that with his 30 minute infomercials he raised politics to a new level. What I get a laugh at is the ENDLESS WHINING by people of all political persuasions concerning (1) negative ads and (2) politicians living a good life. Lets take each of these one at a time.

Excuse me folks but when your campaign chest only has funds for 30 second ads rather than 30 minute infomercials then negative ads are what you are going to get! Research has shown two things about the 30 second negative ads. First the public hates them! Second is that they WORK! I believe the public DESERVES THEM!

For God’s sake let’s stop this endless game of “Ain’t it Awful”! I suggest we need to find some way to give politicians MORE MONEY for their campaigns! This will protect our nation’s ELECTION PROCESS and it is worth any cost. Excuse me folks if we did this we would solve two problems:

  1. Negative ads.
  2. Politicians being dependant on “special interests”.

We need to clamp down on K-Street funding. But we don’t want to short circuit the political life of our Republic! We need more “public” money spent on campaign financing not less for all substantial candidates including third party candidates!

Let’s deal with the lifestyle of politicians: When they are not at Congressional meeting that does NOT mean they are not working! What happens to a Congresspersons if they don’t attend events in their home district and meet with constituents? Then they are accused of being “distant” and part of the wicked evil “Washington Establishment”. Congresspersons must also maintain DUAL residencies! Furthermore their responsibilities entitle them to the same lifestyle as high level corporate officers at both residences. Excuse me don’t you believe America needs decision makers who enjoy a good superior lifestyle that is independent of corporate good will? When people whine and play the Transactional Analysis Game of “Ain’t it Awful” they are not seeking solutions only helplessness!

I want America’s “Decision Makers” to have a good lifestyle so they will be DEPENDANT on the public good for it’s continuation rather than the good will of Corporations! To achieve this they should be CHEERFULLY paid a high salary and compensation package. All political campaigns should receive hefty funding, both for incumbents and challengers, even from (substantial) minority third parties! K-Street contributions must be greatly curtailed or even ended!

Now back to Nancy Pelosi. I would have preferred if she had not taken the steps she took for Air Force flights just yet. Both Republicans and Democrats were guilty of taking from K-Street. But can you blame them? Look at the contingencies of reinforcement! If you don’t take money from K Street then you will not make it to re-election!

The time has come for the Silent Majority – America’s Middle Class and those who aspire to be, to take back our county from K – Street and the effete snobs who serve the corporate collectivist interests! These very same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who don’t even consider themselves “American” corporations but rather “Multi-national”!