Please Bernie Sanders The Image Of Social Democrats Is At Stake

Senator Bernie Sanders has waged a glorious campaign against Hillary Clinton. I believe he must continue to keep his organization intact to keep watch over Hillary Clinton when she defeats Donald Trump in the fall.

But super-delegates must never overrule the will of the people.

I propose two solutions for Bernie Sanders in this post! The image of Democratic Socialism is at stake and transcends the current fight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton!

The values Senator Bernie Sanders has, is now and will continue to stand for must not be forsaken. Instead the method of warfare must now be changed.

Below is a quick video that illustrates why I voted and contributed to Senator Bernie Sanders.  (Note you may be hit by a Google ad for a few seconds. I do not have control over that.)

The video above also demonstrates why the fight must NOT be tarnished by appealing to super-delegates.. The people, not the super-delegates must be the decision makers! Even if polls show Senator Sanders has a better chance against Trump then Hillary Clinton!

Senator Sanders Do Not Tarnish The Future Of Democratic Socialism By Appealing To Super-Delegates


The issue is not who is best to beat Donald Trump. The issue is the will of the Democratic Party voters! We can stay inside the Democratic Party and maintain the Sanders organizational grass roots and national structure as a watchdog, or Senator Sanders can attempt to take his organizational structure and use it to build a nationwide third party. I would support him either way!

Ideally, Hillary Clinton would choose Bernie or Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. None the less we must NOT dissolve as a Social Democratic organization but continue to push as an ally to Hillary Clinton and a THREAT!

But the battle for the Democratic Party leadership must be decided ONLY by popular vote not by super-delegates. Doing anything else would tarnish the future of Democratic Socialism! If we cannot secure enough concessions from Hillary Clinton it would be better to leave the Party to her and form a new party!  I would hope that would not be necessary.

The Bernie Sanders Organization Must Be Maintained

The organization Senator Bernie Sanders has built must be maintained and lead by him regardless if we stay in the Democratic Party or leave. But the will of the Democratic voter must be accepted, Appealing to super-delegates is out of the question – period!

We Progressives can continue our struggle on two conditions:

  1. The will of the primary and caucus voters MUST be accepted as the decision of the Democratic Party.
  2. Bernie’s organization MUST stay united: either inside the Democratic Party as an organized sub-group party and watchdog or leave now and form a third party even if the price is a Trump victory.

I would urge Senator Bernie Sanders to choose one of the options above but NOT to attempt the over throw of the will of Democratic Party voters. The Future of Democratic Socialism is at stake Senator!

We are the TRUE DEMOCRATS and heirs of FDR. The power of organized money and the economic royalists must come to an end. Not only in the Republican Party but the Democratic Party as well.

If Bernie does back her I hope we all stick together as a group and keep an eye on Hillary Clinton because even with the idiocy of Trump we need an alternative not someone who makes liberalism safe for corporate America or accepts the boundaries of our social betters as our limits!

Barrack Obama has only given us “change corporations can live with“. As I mentioned in a prior article, I blame Obama’s seven-year marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle for the rise of Donald Trump.

Americans want an “ACTION FIGURE” not a “WIMP”! Americans will vote against their own self-interest but not against their self-image! That is why Trump is a danger and must be confronted!

But despite the danger of Trump the will of the people must be accepted. Hillary Clinton has received more votes than Bernie Sanders.

Please Senator Sanders:

  • Form a third party or
  • Accept the will of the Democratic Party voters, in which case lets stay together as a pressure group inside the party.
  • But don’t appeal to the Super-delegates over the will of Democratic Party voters – the image of Social Democrats is at stake! Forming a third party shows respect to the will of the Democratic Party voter as does working inside the party. But trying to appeal to super-delegates is patrician!

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