Poor Birther Donny Trump Fights Fake News

Republicans have this enormous sense of “entitlement”! They then project this character fault on to others. In psychology, this is called “reaction formation and projection.”

Let us examine this charge of “fake news” by Birther Donny Trump and his fellow travelers. I believe Trump gets away with this because of several factors:

  1. Republicans, including Trump, have made this charge so long that it becomes an article of faith by Republicans.
  2. Democrats have practiced the “celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle“. They allow the bully to kick sand in their face.
  3. Americans will vote against their own self-interest but not against their own self-definition. We see ourselves as “action figures” not “wimps“.
  4. Obama sat by while the falsehoods of “birtherism” and “death panels” were made against him. Democrats should be holding Republicans feet to the fire for evidence of death panels yet all we hear is a pathetic “meow”.
  5. Thus if you do not stand up to the bully Americans will admire the liar.
  6. Democrats to this day still find it hard to stand up to the lies. The mixed economy that made American middle-class life possible gets no support from most Democrats as they do not want to anger their corporate and 1% sponsors.

We have seen the normalization of lies and this precedes the election of Donald Trump. It was due to the unchallenged advocacy of Republicans as “people of the lie”.

Birther Donny Trump Attacks CIA On Russian Hacking

When the CIA and FBI informed Trump that Russia tried to hack our elections, Birther Donny Trump refused to say, “thank you for your service”!

Instead, this visitor from an alternative universe demanded a commission investigate his fantasy of 3-5 million illegal aliens voting in our elections.

Birther Donny Trump’s ego is so fragile that he cannot accept that he only won the college of electors, not the popular vote. Meanwhile, a challenge to our internal life as a nation goes unchecked because Birther Donny Trump’s ego gets in the way of his constitutional duty to “protect this nation from all enemies”.

Birther Donny Trump Supplied The Testosterone That Obama Lacked

As I have stated before our nation has been inflicted with this narcissist because the right wing went unchallenged.

  1. Barack Obama did not stand up to the Birthers nor to the idiotic lie that Obama wanted  “death panels”.
  2. Americans saw their blue and white collar jobs offshored. We wanted testosterone from Obama instead we got TPP as his remedy.
  3. Progressives told Obama that health insurance premiums were going to rise and his plan would not be enough to stop it. He would be blamed but Obama refused a “public option“. Obama wanted to pass his bill without the nuclear option to break a filibuster in the Senate. Republicans have no problem using the nuclear option to break a filibuster.
  4. Republicans had no problem denying Obama his nomination a vote in the Senate. Senator McCain even said that should Hillary Clinton win the election then Republicans should deny her Supreme Court nominees a vote for the entire four years of her presidency. They became emboldened because Democrats with their corporate money have become cowards and will not up their rhetoric.

So Where Are The DEATH PANELS?

It was bad enough that this nation had to endure years of FAKE NEWS concerning death panels.


But why isn’t Trump and FoxNews being called out on their lies and fake news?

President Trump runs the government and could now produce evidence that death panels existed. FoxNews and Trump should be exposing these death panels!

Since ObamaCare is still operational:

Why doesn’t Birther Donny Trump and FoxNews expose this secret civil service killing machine of the Obama presidency?

Just imagine the Senate hearings exploring these Civil Service panels with such relevant questions as:

  • What is the pay grade of a death panel member?
  • How were these jobs financed with government funds as all funding must start in the House of Representatives?
  • Where were the civil service exam tests given to become a member of your local death panel?
  • Who made up the qualifications and test questions for this civil service job of “death panel member”?
  • Where are the bodies of those killed by Obama’s death panels?

No doubt we could have Rhodes Scholar and former FoxNews pundit Sara Palin as a star witness before the Senate.  The Senate could also call as a witness FoxNews so they can list their sources on death panels. This would be logical as we can prosecute those murders who manned these civil service death panels?

It Is Night Time In America

We have valued lies if pumped up with testosterone! We have allowed lies such as:

  • Death panels.
  • Birtherism.
  • Austerity as a fix.
  • Trickle down economics.
  • Pollution is just peachy keen if it helps our social betters, the job creators.

I guess this is called “making America great again“!

We have done this because Americans are celebrating stupidity and those who know better lost their testosterone to corporate donations.

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Dear Reader: What is worse?

  1. The pathetic lying by gubernatorial drop-out  Sara Palin and her pals at FoxNews concerning this FAKE NEWS of DEATH PANELS or
  2. The testosterone free, masochistic celebration of total wimphood by Democrats in not standing up to these lies!

Yet you wonder how we got Donald Trump as President?

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