Poor Hillary Clinton: Can You Spare A 225K Speaker Fee?

Are we Democrats going to elect yet another corporate shrill like Hillary Clinton? Haven’t we learned enough by getting all rallied up by Barrack Obama only to learn he is merely playing “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of his donors“?  Recently Hillary Clinton claimed she was poor when she and Bill Clinton left the White House.

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Hillary Clinton does not relate to middle class America any longer.

Those of us who were Computer Science majors had futures back then. That is before NAFTA and H1-b. I resent Indian workers being imported into America to undermine my career by corporate America.

The claim was made that America did not have enough technical graduates!

Wrong!  America did not have enough technical graduates who would be willing to work at Walmart wages! Besides if our glorious free market system is so wonderful then it would take care of the problem. How is that you ask? When a product or skill is in short supply the cost goes up. When salaries would go through the roof that would result in college kids changing their majors to technical fields. Afterwards salaries would be good while the supply of skilled techies would then meet the demand. That is how the market works. But instead we had government intervention at the behest of corporations to alter the market for high tech workers.

Corporations found a new ally. The Clinton’s became their advocate.

Those corporations that scream for the government to keep it’s hands off the market place have no problem with government intervention when it suits them. They altered the market to change the supply of computer professionals to their benefit.

By the way if any of my readers feel I am against Indians or others then you are wrong.  I just don’t want to DONATE my job, career and future to YOUR feeling peechy keen and cool in your self definition as to what a true progressive is at the expense of my job!


Let me explain the difference between a conservative and a liberal and a corporate person.

A conservative thinks wars are just peachy keen unless they are drafted to fight them!

A liberal might think importing H1-b guest workers is fine unless it is their job being destroyed.

A corporation thinks it is just fine to immigrate to the Cayman Islands to have a endless spring break from paying taxes to America that gave it birth, success and profits!

I have no problem with immigration only when it is set up to deliberately undermine American jobs at the behest of corporations! I have no problem with Hillary Clinton being rich.

Being Rich Is Not The Issue, Being A Liar Is!

I have no problem with a rich person running for President. My favorite President was the aristocratic President Franklin Roosevelt. Now there was a true Democrat. He stood up to his own class to defend the middle and working classes. FDR was even the founder of the current middle class. What many Americas do not realize is that President Franklin Roosevelt actually wanted a “Second Bill of Rights“. The Europeans seem to have adapted many of his ideas.

God bless you FDR. We need a great man like you at the helm not the wimp we have today! At the upper right corner of this site you can also hear a short excerpt of an FDR speech. He was not afraid to stand up for the middle class. Even against his own class! Instead today we have a president who celebrates the testosterone free lifestyle.

Yes FDR was rich, white and a male! Oh my God can you believe I said all that? And yet I would vote for him any day over the wimp we have for president today or the corporate shrill Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton Caught Being A Liar Years Ago

The issue today dear reader is not that running for high office and being rich is wrong. The issue is being a liar. Hillary Clinton said she landed in Bosnia as First Lady under sniper fire when no such fire existed. The video below shows what a liar she is.


Notice the way she talks about landing in Bosnia and laughing that her narration is real!

She actually believes her self delusions! If she has those delusions then Hillary Clinton may be self deluded that free trade agreements and the H1-b Visa program actually make life better for American workers!  Well that and the corporate support she has received and will receive helps maintain her delusions but not mine.

Here is a question for my fellow Progressives!

Will you be deluded that Hillary Clinton is actually one of us? Is this what the Democratic Party has degraded to? Support Barrack Obama so we can have TPP which is NAFTA on steroids. Then follow it up with a Hillary Clinton presidency? Hell no! I hope Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders will step forward.

On the funny side below is a MUST SEE  short funny edition of her being under sniper fire. It starts off with a short snippet where she “recalls” her visit to Bosnia as First Lady then the video becomes a comedy.

As funny as that video is today Hillary Clinton wants to play a joke on America by running for President. She does not understand what poverty is and the effects of so called “free trade” have on the lives of real Americans.

Most Americans cannot get a quick shot of money by speaking at a college for $225,000.00.  Recently the student government at the University of Las Vegas asked her to return a $225,000.00 speaking fee that she recieved for giving a speech there.

Yes I understand that famous people do get big fees for speaking. Her fee is NOT the point. Her making believe she was poor is the issue. How would she feel if someone was imported by a foreign corporation to do that $225,000.00 dollar speech instead and collect her fee? But then she could survive while American college students cannot survive without getting the jobs that they trained for.

Furthermore the whole idea of “retraining” blue collar workers who lose their jobs to off shoring is rendered useless due to the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were not poor when they left the White House. They had a wide open road of opportunity. To bad she is trying to close the road of opportunity to America’s college graduates and those who wish to pursue a degree, not to mention blue collar workers who have seen their jobs off shored.