Predictions Concerning Trump, Republicans and Democrats – I Am Psychic

Yes you read correctly ūüôā Well now that I got your attention I want you to do this following experiment:

Take my predictions and view them when the National Enquirer and those other tabloids do their New Years predictions. Plus I want you to compare my predictions against those of MSNBC, CNN, FOXNEWS, ABC, CBS and NBC.

Share these predictions with your friends if you want to depress them. Hopefully it will make them angry to get involved in our nation’s political process and take action!

I could write this post in one year and if Trump has not been impeached both sides would be doing and saying the same old pathetic tunes. Time for my predictions! Stop the presses…..

Middle-Class Populist Website Predictions

Are you ready?

First, some humor that hits it right on the spot with Trump. You can view it in six months and it is still the same krap this nation is facing.

  1. ¬†Trump will continue to serve red meat to his base as dinner on the Titanic. This will occur while his base does not realize they are the “red meat” dinner to his corporate buddies and Trump’s mega-ego.
  2. Republicans will continue to use “freedom rhetoric” to serve their paid base. ¬†Regular Republicans will continue to believe that the subjugation of individual freedom to the COLLECTIVISM of the CORPORATION ¬†= FREEDOM!
  3. Democrats will continue to whine allegiance to their base and claim to be the inheritors of FDR’s legacy, ¬†while they take CASH to continue their ever glorious celebration of the testosterone free political life style! Their motto: “How can we serve the corporation while continuing to play make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their donor class.”
  4. Democrats on the payroll of corporate America will continue to say that jobs were offshored so that they could be automated. ¬†This is bull. ¬†Automation does not require off-shoring. Artificial Intelligence and automation will be the “next” enemy of full employment. But we lost both blue and white collar jobs because the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS numbed the Democratic Party to sleep with campaign contributions. America lost both blue and white collar jobs to off-shoring so corporations could pay lower wages.
  5. Democrats will continue to lie about automation. ¬†No one doubts it will be a problem in the future but real life human beings are committing suicide in China so that Apple can make bigger profits. The factories that produce Apple products have seen their workers commit suicide and jump from their dorm windows. ¬†Back in America, our jobs are being off shored, desperation is rising among our nation’s workforce. Yet Obama and Hillary Clinton would lull us to sleep with talk about higher education.
  6. I predict corporate Democrats will continue to fill their campaign coffers with money from these blood sucking corporations. They talk about higher education but white collar jobs are being off-shored and those high tech jobs that remain are being undermined by the H1-B Visa program that Hillary Clinton supported. The bottom line is a bigger profit for corporations and more campaign contributions to corporate Democrats.
  7. Democrats will try to keep budget cuts to social programs to a minimum. But the idea of raising taxes on the rich and imposing a tariff to bring our jobs back is not even on their corporate paid radar.

Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton: Making Liberalism Safe For Corporations

I am fed up with these “make-believe liberals” like Obama and Hillary Clinton. In the Democratic Party primary, I voted for Bernie Sanders. You know that old, middle-class, white guy. Oh dear I did not help to break any glass ceilings but then

Oh dear, I did not help to break any glass ceilings!  But how could Hillary Clinton break any glass ceilings when she shut the rest of us out with her secret speeches to Goldman Sachs that she never disclosed. She even gave a speech to rich donors and used white noise machines to block the press.  I know Trump attacks the press but I expected more from Hillary Clinton.

Below is a short video from the liberal Young Turks explaining how Hillary Clinton shut out news media by using “white noise machines” at a garden party thrown by her wealthy donors.

Oh, Hillary Clinton, we Progressives are just not worthy of you. I ended up voting Green in 2016.

I know you think I must feel bad now that Trump won? No I would do it all over again! Furthermore, I will NEVER vote for a corporate Democrat.

Stop making Obama into some sort of FDR – he was no JFK or FDR.

I expect Republicans to be butt kissing corporations. But if Democrats do it then where are we to turn?

No, I will NOT look the other way when white and blue collar jobs get offshored.  I will NOT support the likes of pay day loan shark loving Debbie Wasserman РSchultz. In 2020 the Democratic Party had best give me a candidate who is both a progressive and a populist. If not I will vote Green again.

If Barack Obama did not celebrate the testosterone free political life style than those swing states of the rust belt would not have voted for Trump.

Americans will vote against their own self-interest. But they will never vote against their own self-concept. We can never accept that we can just sit by and do nothing. Americans voted for Trump because they wanted TESTOSTERONE not surrender. We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES – not wimps.

Just imagine if Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton had half the testosterone that Trump has but in the service of progressive values? Imagine if Obama continued to conduct campaign rallies after he was elected to push for reforms? But no all we got was a pathetic meow and even a call for a “grand compromise“.

Yet you wonder why Trump won?  There is one area where I back Trump. That issue is North Korea. But more on that in my next post.