President Barrack Obama Trying To Be A Carl Rogers Facilitator?

Most of you do not know who Dr. Carl Rogers was. He was recognized by the American Psychological Association as one of the leading psychologists in America. President Barrack Obama is in my opinion trying to follow the leadership philosophy of the late Dr. Carl Rogers.

Dr. Rogers believed a leader should not be a “pontifex maximus” but rather a “facilitator“. The latter style of leadership advances a trust in the organization as a living entity and strives to advance humanistic values. The organization can be a classroom, a community organization, corporation or even a nation! The leader does not lead but provides a safe climate for the various factions to come together.


President Obama in his last state of the union speech called for a better climate in politics. I voted for Obama in 2008 being that I am a Euro-Social Democrat. In 2012 I voted Green. I like Dr. Carl Rogers but I don’t believe you can govern a nation with his philosophy when you have corporate bullies.

President Obama Has Run A 7 Year Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Political Lifestyle


In my opinion, his presidency has been almost a complete failure.

  • Our economy is in a shambles, not because of the national debt but because his much-touted increase in employment has not resulted in a higher aggregate income. If we had an aggregate higher income, then the tax revenue base would correct our national debt that George Bush brought about with his two wars on the credit card and lower taxes for the rich.
  • He has advanced on his own initiative The TransPacific Partnership (NAFTA on Steriods) which will make our nation subject to the greed of multinational corporations that can overturn environmental laws while increasing offshoring.
  • His complete surrender on a public option or even better a single payer universal heath insurance was a sell-out to the insurance industry. He did this while he fought the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.
  • Many self-respecting union members had their health insurance labeled “Cadillac Insurance” while any self-respecting European who label that just regular insurance.
  • The very concept of a TARIFF was never even in the vocabulary of this so-called Progressive. Obama’s surrender to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs, wealth and technology off-shore has enabled China’s military growth. Furthermore, by not calling for a stiff tariff he has denied our federal government a viable tool to pay down the national debt and given fuel to the Republicans.
  • By his failure to act as the national PONTIFEX MAXIMUS, Barrack Obama has allowed the question to be changed from “how much should we raise the tariff and penalties for CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS keeping their money in off-shore havens” to instead “how to best humanly implement austerity!
  • Obama along with Hillary Clinton have refused to stop the H1-b Visa program that undermines the future of America’s college graduates. This program allows corporations to import foreign tech workers to work at lower wages in American computer jobs. Well that is for those high tech jobs that have not been off-shored.  All this while Obama preaches the value of a high-tech education as a substitute for the manufacturing base he allowed to leave. Hillary Clinton is a liar, H1-B visa holders are not Einsteins just high-tech scabs! But we would not want to stop the flow of corporate money to the campaign coffers of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama and Wall Street Chuckie Schumer!


But Those Mean Nasty Republicans Never Gave Obama A Chance

Barrack Obama singlehandedly gave away the Democratic Party controlled Congress to the Republicans. First we lost the House then the Senate.


Because this WIMP we have as a President would not up the rhetoric. In an era of corporate money infusion into issue ads and political ads, we need a President, who uses his office’s bully pulpit to advance Progressive Ideals.

Americans will vote against their own self-interest by electing Republicans but they will NEVER vote against their own SELF CONCEPT! We see ourselves as “action figure” not defeatists. This is why Donald Trump is doing well. I confess that if Bernie Sanders does not get the Democratic nomination I could actually vote for Donald Trump because if he would tone down his anti-Mexican rhetoric he does have some good points. But that is for another post. Barrack Obama lost both Houses of Congress because he refused to rise to the occasion and use his gift of rhetoric.

Instead, Barrack Obama pig-headedly did the opposite.

  1. Why is the word “stimulus” a bad word when the economy is crap?
  2. Why is the very concept of raising a TARIFF foreign to this President while CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS off-shore our jobs for their profit.
  3. Why did Barrack Obama and his fellow travelers in the Democratic Party agree to “turn the page” on the crimes committed by the BANKSTERS?
  4. Why hasn’t Barrack Obama mounted a day and night campaign to advance a Constitutional Amendment that would separate corporation and state. Instead, he allows this licentious age of permissiveness to continue whereby CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS can stack their money in tax shelters in the Cayman Islands – all the while they preach patriotism. China grows from their enablement.
  5. But when China does become a military threat these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will be there to profit from a war industry. Naturally their sons will not serve!
  6. Barrack Obama has been a loser from day one!

But what about those mean, nasty Republicans?

What about them? When the birthers did their thing Obama should have ridiculed them night and day. ObamaCare has been the law of the land for years.

  • So where are the death panels?
  • What’s more is why isn’t Obama attacking Republicans for those lies?
  • Why didn’t this wimp stand up to the GOP and call for a return to the days of Republican President Dwight Eisenhower when we had a 91% Progressive Income Tax and a robust inheritance tax. Instead, Obama and Hillary Clinton pamper these effete snobs of privilege. How can they do anything else as they have been purchased!

As Obama’s term nears an end, I celebrate. I would love to believe he was merely a follower of Dr. Carl Rogers whose ideas were good for personal therapy but not when you are dealing with corporations.

Barrack Obama’s legacy is that of a WIMP plain and simple. Stop making believe otherwise.

We need Senator Bernie Sanders In 2016!