President Obama Calls For Mandatory Voting: Good Idea

Hey President Obama finally did something to really push for the Progressive Agenda. In a recent speech he advocated  mandatory voting. This is an excellent idea. And as you know I have been critical of Obama for not pushing the Progressive agenda but always playing

“make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of his corporate donors.”

Ok I now salute President Obama for a VERY good idea that could really help this nation.

So what’s the problem you ask?

Well President Obama. We don’t know if he was just testing the wind or will actually throw the weight of his office behind the idea for mandatory voting. Also President Obama has a track record of sprouting some idea then just leaving it to grow by itself.

Many nations have mandatory voting. Exceptions can be made for the sick and incapacitated. Among the nations that have mandatory voting are Australia and Luxembourg.  I believe it is important that the voter have the option of voting for a third party or simply listing “none of the above”.

In America we have compulsory taxes. We used to have compulsory military service. So why not compulsory voting?

The advantages of mandatory voting are many:

  • People would be more likely to get involved in learning the issues.
  • While this would not kill the power of organized money it would set them back.
  • This would open the door to third and fourth party participation. I believe that would benefit all of us.

Some have countered that many Americans don’t see the point in going to the polls.

I agree if it is to vote for the Republicans or the Democrats. But once people are at the polls politicians will realize this is a huge pool that could hurt them. Hence it will encourage responsibility from candidates to the people rather than corporations.

President Obama Are You Going To Pursue Mandatory Voting?

That is the big question. This nation needs leadership not a Rogerian facilitator. Barrack Obama has been a gallant role model of the celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle. And yes I say that even with ObamaCare. Without a public option insurance prices will continue their rise. This rise was predicted before ObamaCare. But since the public is not aware of that, and God forbid Obama should alert the nation to that trend, his reforms will be blamed. Perhaps ObamaCare should be blamed because we need a public option and Obama was too busy kissing Joe Lieberman’s butt.

So Mr. President even this blogger finds your idea good. But now will you fight for it’s implimentation President Obama? – I know the answer and so do you dear reader —– “MEOW”!

President Obama’s legacy is going to be “how to take a huge election mandate and flush it down the toilet”!

Dear Reader you can help. Write to your:

Senator and


Most important: Write President Obama!

But we still need Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in 2016!