President Obama Smeared As "Angel Of Death"

Once again President Obama is being smeared by the right wing. This time as the “Angel of Death” in a Republican ad. For over 18 months this nation has had to endure the degradation of our political processes by these idiots on the right wing.

But let me be clear what I find even more annoying is the pathetic wimpy response of Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party!

I can understand that Barrack Obama wanting to play “Presidential”. It worked for him in the primaries but now he is facing Republicans not Democrats. He could have unleashed Vice President Biden to do a tag team good cop –  bad cop attack against the Republicans where the rest of the Democratic Party elites would then join in constant attacks against the Republicans. But we did not see that occur. Instead we saw a party with commanding leads in both houses of Congress allow Republicans to roll them over. Ed Schultz below just does not get it! See the recent video below.

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Barrack Obama: Angel Of Death Or Super-Wimp?

I would like to present a question to my fellow liberal progressives!

Are Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid:

  1. The Troika Of Impotence.
  2. More informationally challenged then the Tea Party idiots who oppose them.
  3. So over loaded with the campaign contributions they received from Goldman Sachs, the Banks and the Pharmaceutical Industry that they cannot break out of the corporate sandbox their keepers have placed them in.
  4. All of the above!

You see in my opinion Obama, Pelosi and Reid are the biggest idiots we Democrats have ever elected. I chose #4 or “all of the above”!  They DESERVE to be ridiculed.

Why do I say this? Excuse me but where are all the “Death Panels” that the Republicans have been screaming about? If Obama, Reid and Pelosi had any self respect and guts they would have countered these fruit cakes last year and not wait till now!

Let me list some of their great accomplishments!

  • They should have broken up the big banks. Instead these banks are repaying their debt to the Federal Government by engaging in the practice of usury! Where is Senator Charles Schumer and the Troika of Impotence? Guess the money they got from the big banks is clogging their throats and they cannot speak out for the middle class and their progressive base except to call us “whiners”!
  • What about this great job creation campaign? Don’t give me this krap that it is all Bush’s fault. Yes Bush caused it but the reaction is Obama’s fault. What is that response –  a pathetic “meow”!
  • Where are all the eco-jobs and the the shovel ready projects? Sure there are some but we gave over 180 Billion to AIG and somewhere around 45 billion to infrastructure repair. –  WIMPS!
  • Why did they block the importation of cheaper Canadian Pharmaceuticals? They sided with pharmaceutical corporations! Obama, Reid and Pelosi are pathetic cowards and deserve the ridicule they are getting. –  Wimps!
  • Where is Universal Heath Care? Corporations are already side stepping the requirements and even with a reduction in cost for those who are unemployed, how can the unemployed afford it? Also where is the Public Option? Ask Harry Reid? He got large campaign contributions from the Health Care Industry! But don’t worry this is only a “starter house” after the next election the Democrats will have 150 Senators in a Senate of 100! But even if they did they would still not stand up to the Republicans! –  WIMPS!
  • Why hasn’t the casino behavior of giant corporations been outlawed? Instead we have them having to contribute to a 50 billion insurance pool. Great 50 billion how long will that last if we repeat this crises again!
  • Where is the push for a Constitutional Amendment to declare corporations are not people! We need to out law corporate funding of political ads and any involvement in making campaign contributions! We need to tax corporations to fund a pool that will amplify individual campaign contributions by a factor of ten! Democrats have become corpocrats! Obama is a wimp face it!
  • Not Protecting American Blue Collar and White collar jobs! Sure they did some work on this but where is the “tariff”? Instead they are more concerned with those who open the door to collect their dividend check in the mail rather than those who walk out the door to go to work! It is not just blue collar jobs but high tech jobs as well! Yes they have finally responded to the off shoring of American jobs but where is the “tariff”?

What The Troika Of Impotence, Obama, Reid and Pelosi could have done!

The issue is not the Republicans being the “Party of No” but the Democrats being the “Party of MEOW”!

I don’t care if Obama did not get one law passed. That is not the issue. The issue is his pathetic lack of attack on Republicans and not holding the Democratic Party together to fight. Instead individual Congresspersons have been left alone. What laws that were passed were far to weak. Americans like to see ACTION! If you cannot pass a law with teeth then give the masses RED MEAT! The Troika of Impotence should have been attacking the income gap between the rich and the middle class! They should have returned to FDR’s waging war against “ORGANIZED MONEY” instead of being the lackeys of organized money!

Again and again Republicans will use fear. They do it with the race card or with fear of Gays. Instead of being on the defensive liberals should be attacking the upper 1% for their styling themselves as “The Producers” while the middle class families work two jobs!

Instead of toying with keeping the Bush Tax Cuts we should return to the days of President Eisenhower when we had a progressive income tax of 91%!  We need a return to economic patriotism and a return of American capital to the nation that created it instead of financing China’s employment goals!

We will never have this if corporations can control the decision making processes of our society! What has Obama, Reid and Pelosi done to address this issue! –  MEOW! I hope Republican John Boehner  does become Speaker Of The House. We can expect he will obstruct and use the House’s “power of the purse” to defund Obama’s Health Care and launch endless investigations of Obama. Maybe this will serve as a “teaching moment” to Obama and the “Troika Of Impotence” on how to wage psychological warfare against Republicans!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why didn’t Pelosi defund the Iraq War while Bush was still President?
  • Why didn’t Democrats launch endless investigations into how we got into Iraq and the contractors who made money?
  • Why didn’t Pelosi investigate how President Bush sent young men and women to die in Iraq and Afghanistan yet we have evidence he never finished his National Guard commitment! He did not show up for several years!  I believe Bush would term that “Don’t Ask –  Don’t Show”!

Can you hear the pathetic “meow” of this “Troika of Impotence”? What Ed Schultz and others fear is that deep down in their hearts they know that if the Republicans did try to remove social security then Obama, being the wimp that he is, would likely say:

“Can we compromise on this? Maybe meet half way on removing social security?”

Deep down I believe Ed Schultz fears Obama’s response! However the Republicans cannot overturn social security as they need to overcome a Presidential veto!  We should welcome them trying as it would set them up and expose their elitist agenda.

But then again, Democrats being the wimps that they have become, will stand by while Republicans call us “elitists” and the friends of big banks!

Democrats will stand by with attacks against their patriotism! Democrats will stand by while Republicans use fear and gay bashing then deem class warfare as to extreme…….MEOW!- Pathetic losers and corporate lackies!

Oh let’s not talk about “class warfare” and the income gap between the middle class and the top 1% as that will generate bad karma! I just cannot take all this conflict.  Oh dear I have to meditate. Repeat after me the Obama mantra …. “meow”..”Meow” …. “MEOW”!

What pathetic wimps Obama, Reid and Pelosi have become. Don’t look to the progressive base for help Obama. Why not go to Goldman Sachs, the banks or the pharmaceutical industry as you and the “Troika Of Impotence” have become their lackeys!

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