President Spock And The Science Of Losing

Let’s see now how can we Democrats go out of our way to loose! Well first we had Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gaining the leadership of the Senate and House then pig headily letting the Republicans just roll over them! We could have refused to fund the war in Iraq but Nancy Pelosi would not have any of it!

We could have held the nation spell bound with endless TV newscasts of Congressional committees investigating:

  • Halliburton
  • George Bush and his failure to complete his National Guard service requirements.
  • Corporate selling of our technology to the enemies of America!
  • Corporations avoiding taxes by setting up off shore head quarters!
  • How we got into Iraq and endless gleeful days of news cycle coverage concerning the Iraqi War’s contribution to our economic mess.
  • Corporate off shoring of both white collar technical jobs and blue collar jobs.

But no having such hearings and fighting the agenda of the corporate collectivists would take some testosterone and we would not want to do that! Is it any wonder the Republicans got away with disrupting our town hall meetings? With such wimps in leadership positions what else could you expect?

But wait now we have “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! We have Barrack Obama as “President Spock”! What’s that get mad at the Republicans? Oh gee what would Dale Carnegie say? So the Troika of “Wimpydom”, Obama, Reid and Pelosi just take out their ever handy copies of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and try to sing “Kum by ya”!

Mean while the Republicans:

  • Disrupt our Town Hall meetings
  • Lie and scare Americans about “Death Panels”
  • Scream and yell, “Drill Baby Drill” yet coat President Spock and his Troika of Impotence with the Oil spill mess!
  • Whine to the American people about creating jobs yet oppose the stimulus and stronger future stimulus!
  • Actually steal the “Populist Anti-Wall Street” image right from under our faces!

This past weekend I actually heard some British politicians saying Barrack Obama is too emotional! – WHAT? It seems that many Brits have their retirement accounts invested in BP or mutual funds that strongly invested in BP. The same is true in America!

Once again we have the same scenario of corporations being to big to fail and Democrat politicians to weak to lead! What we need is a nationalization of British Petroleum, then replace their Board and executives before releasing them back to their shareholders! While I don’t want to penalize the shareholders to severely this lack of accountability cannot go on forever. Watch the video below. It was made before Obama became President and Frank predicts what will happen. He was right!

Why do Republicans have the taste for blood and Democrats only want to drink “latte”? The Republicans screamed “Drill Baby Drill” and yet this oil spill is becoming President Spock’s Katrina! But then again when you don’t answer months of nonsense about “death panels” what the hell do you expect?

As a Democrat and Progressive I am sick of the Democratic Party and their mantra of “MEOW!”

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