Pro-Conservative News Media Biases: Wall Street Protest Cover Up

The myth of the news media being liberally biased started during the Vietnam War when then Vice President Spiro Agnew acting as the attack dog for Richard Nixon tried to make Americans believe the news media had a liberal biases! The truth of the matter was quite different. But I will go into that in this post as I don’t want to bore my younger readers who were not around in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Some Recent Examples Of pro-conservative news media biases:

  1. George Bush Jr. seems to have a lapse of memory when it comes to his mandatory requirement to finish his service in the National Guard! The news media have decided to not keep this issue in the public’s eye while he sent troops to die in Iraq and Afghanistan!  Yet patriotism is always an issue for Republican voters so why the lapse?
  2. Sweet Sarah Palin from Alaska is our second example. It seems she and her hubby loved Alaska so much they flirted with secession for their state! Sarah Palin even attended Alaskan Independence Party meetings with her hubby who was a formal member. Apparently talking patriotism while flirting with secession is just “peachy kean” with Sarah Palin!
  3. Michelle Bachmann and her rants about watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots! God if we liberals ever said something like that durning the Vietnam War we would have the flag waving pseudo patriots all over us calling for “Law and Order”!
  4. Governor Rick Perry also a secessionist! Where is the condemnation?
  5. Howard Dean’s candidacy was killed because the mighty lords of the news media did not like that he did a motivation boasting yell while addressing his campaign workers! The result was that we Democrats were “blessed” with the energetic John Kerry as our nominee. John Kerry almost put Sominex out of business as just watching him give a speech could put you to sleep!

However in all of the examples above you can also blame our beloved Democratic Party for being the wimps that they always seem to be. God forbid they should talk up and attack the news media for their pro-conservative biases!

New Media Black Out On Wall Street Protests

Can you imagine if the Tea Party had a demonstration and the news media did not cover them? Well the news media is not covering the demonstrations on Wall Street! What does it take to get these corporate sponsored effete snobs to do their jobs and cover these news events? Below Keith Olbermann discusses what is going on!

You can also view the protest group’s website. It is:

When will Democrats stop being wimps and challenge the conservative notion that the news media has a liberal biases? Sure there are some instances but I believe the case can be made even more forcefully for the opposite view that our news media has a pro-conservative tilt!

Imagine if this were a Tea Party crowd in the video below? FoxNews would be screaming news media biases and demand coverage of the protests!

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What is amazing is that this video reminds me of the hippie era! But there is a difference.  While there is no draft many young people cannot find a job and they are up to their ears in debt because they believed in the dream of a higher education! This issue of off shoring is not just about blue collar jobs but white collar jobs also!

The next time you hear of the bromide that lost blue collar jobs can replaced with education and training I suggest you look around and witness the state of our economy!

We have a Social Contract in this society and the effete snobs of privilege have broken that contract so they could turn our economy into a  casino for their elitist hedge fund speculations while the middle class suffers!

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